Maker Update: E-Paper Movie Player

This week on Maker Update, the slowest video player ever made, a 5-axis 3D printer, a flip-digit clock, an NFC music player for kids, an internet controlled drawbot, NeoPixel optocouplers, gesture controlled LEDs, and the joys of gaffer tape. Keep Maker Update independent! Become a Patron. Get Maker Update weekly emails (w/bonus links!) Music: nervous_testpilot ++Show Notes [Maker Update #107]++ -=Project of the Week=- Very Slow Movie Player by Bryan Boyer GitHub: -=News=- 5 Axis 3D Printing Brings New Possibilities -=More Projects=- Electromechanical Flip Clock Assembled PCB by Coyt Barringer Glayer a kitty mp3 player for kiddos. The Plotti Botti: An Internet-Controlled Drawing Robot! by 8bitsandabyte Arduino with NeoPixel Optocouplers Controlling Many Relays by Pedro52 NeoPixel Animation with Gestures by Dan Ionescu -=Tools/Tips=- Maker Case The 3D Printable Braille Typeface Project by aaskedall OpenRNDR Cool Tool Review: Gaffer Tape Gaffer Power Gaffer Tape 2 Inch X 30 Yards Gaffer Power Gaffer Tape 3 Inch X 30 Yards – Black -=Maker Faires Coming Up=- January 19 + 20, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand
January 26, 2019 Nurnberg, Germany ——— Maker Update is a weekly video series that comes out every Wednesday morning, covering news, projects, tips, and events that will interest the maker and DIY community. Find more online:
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