Maker Update: Cardboard Plywood

This week on Maker Update, cardboard trees for cats, an LED pixel clock, a pocket disco, Molecules for your neck, a light river for your kitchen, a solar heart, and an 8-player NES. Keep Maker Update independent! Become a Patron. Get Maker Update weekly emails (w/bonus links!) ++Show Notes++ -=Project of the Week=- How to Make a Christmas Tree for Cats -=News=- MakerBot Method -=More Projects=- Lazy Grid Clock by parallyze Pocket Disco by lonesoulsurfer Molecule Necklaces by Penolopy Bulnick Ornament version Designing And Building An 8 Foot Long River of Light by Caleb Kraft Solar LED Heart Ornament by Antalife Hackaday writeup Octopad by Patrick Lemieux

The Octopad -=Tools/Tips=- Maker Spaces: Kinetic Sculpture Artist Nemo Gould Gareths Tips of the Week Thingiverse Holiday Prints Collection Reindeer card kit by shink Hackaday Circuit Sculpture Contest ElectroMage Pixelblaze V2 – WiFi LED Controller The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide (free PDF) Cool Tool Review: Makey Makey Makey Makey on Amazon ——— Maker Update is a weekly video series that comes out every Wednesday morning, covering news, projects, tips, and events that will interest the maker and DIY community. Find more online:
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