Maker Update: Boards, Bots & Ghosts

This week on Maker Update, Ghost Rider, Prop-Maker, Particle Mesh, Simone’s Calendar, defeating DRM, MIT’s Fiberbots, an open source cat, and a library of printable Lego bricks. Keep Maker Update independent. Support it on Patreon. Get Maker Update weekly emails (w/bonus links!) Music: nervous_testpilot ++Show Notes++ -=Project of the Week=- Ghost Rider Costume by mikeasaurus Fire effect flame simulation LED light kit -=News=- Seeed Drops New ESP32-Audio Dev Kit for Audio-Related IoT Projects Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing Particle MESH is Shipping Introducing the Every Day Calendar by Simone Giertz Hacking DRM to fix your electronics is legal Fiberbots – Framework for cooperative (swarm) robotic manufacturing by Filip Visnjic -=More Projects=- Robot Cat by Rongzhong Li -=Tools/Tips=- Tips of the Week Print a Brick Arduino vs Pi by Bob Clagett Picking the Right Arduino by James Lewis MagPi 75 LED Calc -=Maker Faires This Weekend=- Taipei City, Zhongzheng District Taiwan
Rio de Janeiro, Gávea Brazil
Cleveland, Ohio USA
Wellington New Zealand Find a faire near you: ————
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