Learning Executive Confidence Index (LXCI)

LXCI December 2008: The ASTD Learning Executives Confidence Index (LXCI) for December 2008 was 52.1 based on responses from 115 LXs to an online invitation-only survey, demonstrating that collectively LXs expect their learning functions to remain the same or marginally improve over the next six months (for those unfamiliar with the LXCI, a detailed explanation appears at the end of this report). The outlook for LXs’ own organizational performance has declined, with only 39% reporting their industry will remain the same or improve over the next six months, down from 52% in November. Those LXs who anticipate their own organization to have moderately to substantially worse profits in 12 months compared to today had an LXCI of 33.1, while those who expect their organization’s profits to be moderately to substantially better had an LXCI of 80.3.

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