Help Manage Priorities

Do You Help Your Sales Team Manage Priorities? The added structure, processes, and tools you create can sometimes backfire. How? It can make each team member aware of how much time is being wasted. They can begin to focus on the wrong things instead of the right things. You have to be able to help your sales team members begin to respond to communication within the appropriate time frame, without even needing the clock in front of them. You work should help them build tools and systems that will become a part of their daily routine, so more time can then be spent on making sales calls. Time management considerations: Depending upon your sales force, and whether or not they are in the office or out in the field, each has their own technique in business to utilize their time more efficiently. Holding monthly meetings and asking your sales team for input will help provide you with a guideline and offer additional training and time-saving techniques for the whole team.

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