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You can’t manage time. You can’t save time. No one has more or less time in an hour, a day, a week, or a year than anyone else. And yet, some people seem to manage to accomplish more with the time they have than others. Some people seem to be more satisfied with their lives and less stressed than others. What’s the secret? Cyndi Maxey and Kevin E. O’Connor provide some answers in their new book 10 Steps to Successful Time Management. Right from the start they say “Our goal is not to save you time. Rather, it is to save your life-the life you want to live while everything else is getting in your way.” The key to doing this is identifying what is important to you and learning to self-regulate your behavior so you can use your time well. In 10 steps, Maxey and O’Connor outline some ideas, strategies, tools, and techniques for making the most of your time: Learn more about the book and get a free sample chapter here. To purchase the book, click here.

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