Execute Your Plan with Precision!

Executing Plans is a World Class Selling Core Competency and is an essential part of strategic planning. It allows you to focus on your priorities, assign responsibility, address current needs, communicate effectively, measure your progress and provides an opportunity to celebrate your success and make adjustments for future success. Follow these principle guidelines when executing sales action plans. Vision Vision should be a compelling, visual statement that is concise and empowering to your business goals. It should be read everyday and used as a constant reference point before making any decisions. Measurable Results Understand the two or three results that define true purpose of your business. They will be related to your vision, and will include profitability, performance, evaluation and customer value propositions. Key results Clear outcomes or differences in your business. Three to five of the key business processes that drive success. Focus will be on: marketing, selling, delivering, developing and managing. Be laser focused on what matters most and top priorities to achieve. Key Performance Indicators One or Two Measures and Evaluations showing quantitative business values that track targeted results. Improvement actions Projects, initiatives, investments and opportunities that help make the changes in your business. Celebrate your Success – Celebrate every step in your plan everyday. According to the book “World Class Selling – New Sales Competencies”, Executing Plans has several key actions: Definition: Organizes tasks and resources in a manner that coordinates resources effectively, maximizes productivity, and communicates expectations and results to stakeholders. Key Actions:

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