Enter the New Generation of Workers: Generation C

(From Human Resource Executive) — As a new generation emerges that is connected socially and technologically like never before, organizations must adapt their talent-management strategies in order to engage with these workers on their terms and leverage their next-generation skills and know-how. As each new generation enters the workforce, organizations have learned to adapt their recruiting, hiring and development strategies to account for the newest additions to the candidate pool. Just when companies think they have mastered talent-management techniques for the latest generation, a new classification of worker, such as the latest known as Generation C, emerges. Unlike previous generations, such as Generation X and Y, this new generation encompasses more than just a new batch of college graduates. It is also a psychographic group comprised of people of different ages who are more connected, both socially and technologically, than ever before. Although there may be some talent-management challenges for this new group, hiring them is integral to the success of any organization. To prepare for the impending mass retirement of baby boomers, Generation C will have to be brought on to fill the ensuing talent gaps and eventually take over key management positions. While hiring Generation C will be a necessity in the future, companies that can engage and recruit this group in the present will benefit from the strengths they offer. When brought on board, a member of Generation C isn’t just contributing their own individual skills and experience. They also bring along the value of their networks, to which they are constantly connected, resulting in real-time productivity through collaboration. Read more.

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