ELW in China

Another blog post from Wei Wang, international relations manager: At the April Member Workshops, we acknowledged the participation of four ASTD Employee Learning Week (ELW) participants from China-Baosteel Group Corporation, IBM China Global Delivery, Siemens Ltd., China, and Motorola University Asia Pacific. Here’s a short description of what these companies did for ELW 2008: Siemens Management Institute sponsored a PM Alumni Day of 2008 to allow Siemens’ project managers to share experiences and network with the senior management in China and program representatives from Germany. Best practices and live project sharing from both internal Siemens groups and external project management practitioners were highlighted. Baosteel Group posted impressive training statistics: 215 programs and 881 hours of training were provided. Almost 24,000 Baosteel employees were involved in formal training during ELW, including C-Level leaders. Motorola University celebrated 15 years of teaching best practices in quality management and business development in China with a ceremony and celebration for 300 guests, held last November. The anniversary celebration included recognizing many partners and instructors who have contributed to MU’s success, as well as presentations on various topics. The learning champions shared their best practices in training and development, which were greatly appreciated by the workshop attendees. They also received the Champion of Learning Certificate from ASTD. To learn more about the best practices from the learning champions, please visit http://www.employeelearningweek.org/. Want to become a learning champion as well? It’s never too early to start to plan! ASTD Employee Learning Week (ELW) will take place December 7-11, 2009.

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