Do Learning-Related Factors Boost Engagement?

In 2008, ASTD partnered with Dale Carnegie Training and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) to evaluate employee engagement. The study leaves little doubt that learning influences engagement to a significant extent. When survey respondents were asked about the extent to which certain factors positively influence engagement, nearly two-thirds said that the quality of training/learning opportunities positively influences engagement to a high or very high extent. [more]This was, in fact, the most highly reported response for this survey. But the sheer breadth and frequency of learning opportunities are also significant drivers of engagement, the survey suggests, with more than half of respondents saying this drives engagement to a high or very high degree in their organizations. Moreover, when responding organizations were broken into two groups – those reporting relatively high proportions of engaged employees and those reporting relatively low proportions of such employees – the data shows a correlation between the degree to which respondents say these learning-related factors influence engagement and the overall engagement levels in their organizations. In other words, on average, organizations with high engagement levels are more likely than those with low engagement levels to say learning-related factors boost engagement. Source: Learning’s Role in Employee Engagement (ASTD/Dale Carnegie Training/i4cp) Click here to learn more about ASTD Research.

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