Department of Education Ruling Favors Training Which Leads to “Gainful Employment”

(From MONTREAL | The Canadian Tactical Training Academy (CTTA) (Pink Sheets:CTTG) is pleased to announce that discussions have started with potential training partners in the United States. CTTA has been negotiating with potential partners in Florida for the past several months. The goal is to establish a for-profit educational institution with a curriculum which addresses the staffing needs of the security industry. Today’s decision by the Department of Education is quite clear. They want graduating students to have access to “gainful employment” once their course of study is complete. CTTA and its partners are confident that they can provide a sturdy and effective curriculum to train professionals for the security industry. The timing of this project would encompass several steps and CTTA will advise its investors of their progress in a timely manner. The goal of the program is to train students in fields as diverse as crisis intervention and counter terrorism.

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