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Four Factors for Flawless Leadership Development

From the ATD 2015 International Conference & EXPO: Leadership remains the top talent challenge around the world. With a looming leadership shortage upon us, developing leaders is our most urgent talent development need.

Brain Fitness Exercises to Combat Fatigue

From the ATD 2014 International Conference & EXPO: Brain fitness exercises are physical and mental exercises to switch on your neurological system for learning and thinking, which improves performance on the job and minimizes human error.

Developing Careers With a Purpose

From the ATD 2015 International Conference & EXPO: Leaders not only need to think about their own career development like that of an individual contributor, they must provide counsel to the very people that help them accomplish objectives.

Write Activities to Make Boring Lectures Disappear

From the ATD 2015 International Conference & EXPO: You know them. You’ve sat through them. You’ve felt the pain. Training is so lecture laden that you wish you had a magic wand to make it all go away! Well, now you can!

The Power of Strengths-Based Coaching

From the ATD 2015 International Conference & EXPO: This session is for coaches, team leaders, and HR professionals who want to develop or enhance their coaching skills.

Why You Need a PLN and How to Develop One

From the ATD 2014 International Conference & EXPO: People do not learn exclusively from conventional sources like courses and classrooms. There’s a growing awareness of learning that comes from formal means as compared to informal means.

Transform Your Future: Building Tactical and Strategic Business Bridges (M210)

Technology tools are invaluable to training professionals, but they do not replace the power of relationships and human interaction. Unless you find ways to connect with the business or clients you serve and show the value that you personally add, you can be replaced by apps and avatars. Attend this session to explore ways to solidify your relationships and increase the influence of training in your organization. Using the New World Kirkpatrick Model as a guide, the speaker will identify four…

Transforming Sales Performance and Accelerating Business Impact (W117)

This session will provide tremendous value to sales training organizations that wish to use a more performance consulting approach, or new sales enablement organizations that are trying to best understand how to align with the business and build a strategy around wanted business outcomes. Sales enablement optimization is built on organization business alignment (strategy, priorities, and initiatives) and having a robust methodology and process to integrate performance, activities, capabilities,…

Transform the Patient Experience by Transforming the Employee Experience (W118)

Is your organization struggling to provide the right patient experience? Suffering from low patient satisfaction scores? Have you tried multiple initiatives to remedy this, but nothing is getting traction with staff or leadership? You are not alone. The constantly shifting healthcare environment can make it tough for any measure to get movement. However, there is a solution! In this session, the speakers will explore the journey of how one health system implemented a change management approach…

Transforming Culture, Collaboration, and Employee Engagement (M312)

Healthcare technology and trends evolve quickly. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs developed an online collaboration and innovation platform that is changing more than just communications for clinicians and staff. It is transforming the way employees work together and share information, helping to reshape the VA’s entire culture, and ultimately supporting the care and service provided to veteran patients. By connecting employees with the tools and resources they need, and facilitating…

Training vs. Performance Consulting (Part 2): The Analysis Focus

Description: The types of analysis and assessments that trainers and performance consultants use have many differences. In part two of this four-part podcast series, Joe Willmore expands upon those differences and helps us understand why a performanc

Training Managers on Budgeting Basics

This webcast will discuss how to structure a training program to bridge the knowledge gap, leveraging the use of technology, live instruction, and mentoring to increase the ability of managers to prepare and monitor their budgets more effectively.

Training Internationally: Effective Design and Delivery (SU102)

Are you ready for global cultural differences? Do you know how to read your international participants? An audience with no questions might be very engaged, and an audience with side conversations might be very engaged, too. In this session, you will learn key differences that make a difference in training design and facilitation, and how to adjust to be a successful global trainer. We will primarily look at cultural differences using culture general approach, but we’ll also introduce a culture…

Training Doesn’t Work if Impact Is the Goal (TU218)

In the old days, students attended full week workshops. Time was given to learn and apply back on the job. Training looks very differently today. A quick YouTube video is enough to teach you what you need in the moment, but not all performance change can be improved by a little video, workshop or e-learning module. It’s imperative to help our learners make more impact at work, and training metrics clearly show that this is not happening. Given the constant distractions, multi-tasking and…

Total Recall: Evidence That Film Improves Learning (W312)

Talent development leaders face two primary challenges: measuring the impact of workplace development and demonstrating its value to other leaders within the organization. Information retention is one measurable method to assess the effectiveness of a program. Using film in training is an effective method to maximize information retention. This session will focus on research that found that information retention is significantly increased with the use of film. You will learn the key elements of…

Top 17 Storyline Tips, Secrets, and Time-Savers

Articulate Storyline is a feature-rich tool that is simple to use. However, some of the most powerful features are the easiest to miss. In this session, you will learn the best tips, secrets, and time-savers from two of the top Storyline experts: an Articulate Super Hero, and the author of the popular E-Learning Uncovered: Storyline book. The speakers use these tools every day and have found plenty of tricks and workarounds that they’ll share with you.

Tony Bingham 2016 Summer Update for Chapter Leaders

ATD President and CEO Tony Bingham shares his summer update with chapter leaders, recaps Chapter Leader Day and the International Conference, and provides an overview of exciting, upcoming events including ATD & Chapter Regional Conferences and ALC.

Tony Bingham Update for Chapter Leaders

ATD President and CEO Tony Bingham shares his summer update with chapter leaders, recaps Chapter Leader Day and the International Conference, and provides an overview of upcoming events including the ATD & SoCal Chapters Regional Conference and ALC.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Memory

Have you ever had trouble remembering a name or something you recently read? A widely held belief is that the more often information is repeated, the better it will be remembered. However, past research has shown that the use of good learning strategies is the key to effective learning. In the last 20 years, there has been an explosion of research on cognitive functioning and memory. In this webinar, Alice Kim will present some of the main findings, and share some tips and tricks to improve…

Three Ways to Drive Innovation

Holly Burkett, author of the upcoming book Learning for the Long Run, knows how critical innovation is to sustaining learning in any organization. Watch this video for three tips to drive learning at your company.

Think Like an Extraordinary Leader

As a leader, your thinking has a greater impact on your team and your business results than any other factor. This is why examining and sharpening your thinking is vital for attaining outstanding levels of success. The process requires you to understand how your thinking has both propelled you forward and held you back, and to build the muscle that keeps pushing you toward your goals. In this webcast, you will begin to realize how your thinking affects your outcomes and learn how to stretch…

The Tools You Need for the Learning Culture You Want (SU213)

Organizations are tasked with building a learning culture, but what does that mean and what’s the process? The diverse and dispersed workforce of today means people are working anytime, anywhere, and their learning isn’t limited to structured, formal courses or training. In this session, you’ll learn what a human-centered approach can teach us about developing a learning culture. You’ll gain insight into today’s ecosystem of learning solutions — systems, content, and people — and receive…

The Space Between Us: Putting Human Connections to Work (W219)

Are you training individuals but finding it hard to teach effective collaboration and connection? Engage your colleagues to read and discuss literature in properly facilitated sessions, share stories and life experience, and build sustainable connections across hierarchies and functions. In this session, the speakers will share company experience and relevant research to demonstrate that this seemingly unorthodox approach fosters authentic reflection, respect, empathy, communication, and…

The State of Healthcare Training

Developing the skills and knowledge of workers is front of mind for many healthcare employers as they face talent shortages and high turnover. And skills development is increasingly important as the critical services and responsibilities of healthcare teams expand in volume and scope. ATD and Relias Learning, the leader in online training and compliance solutions for the healthcare market, conducted a survey of 123 facilities that provide healthcare services in the United States (including both…

The Role of Learning & Development in Talent Management

The emerging discipline of talent management is an important issue for organizations all over the world. The talent management functions of workforce planning, talent acquisition, development, deployment, engagement, and retention are important issues for any organization in any industry. The learning and development function has played a vital role in talent development, but the rest of the talent management functions are typically handled by other parts of the organization. In this session,…

The Science of Behavior Change

From the ATD 2015 International Conference & EXPO: Frequently, learning design is about showing people how to do the right things, but actually getting them to change behavior can be another challenge.

The ROI Lie: Why It?s Undermining E-Learning and Training Credibility

For management, training and e-learning is simply another business function. So why isn’t treated as a business? Internally, your leaders view e-learning as a training function and as a ‘quick fix’ to skill employees. Training and e-learning’s credibility is fragile, and attempting to prove validity is always in question. In the last few years, concepts such as training return-on-investment and return-on-expectations came into play and are touted as the solution to T&D’s credibility gap. With…

The Psychology of 3Q High-Performance Methodology

3Q, known as spiritual intelligence, is an innate dimension of intelligence to which everyone has access. It depends not on belief but direct personal experience. As the intelligence of the true self, beyond the ego, 3Q has many benefits that exceed the scope of intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence.Freedom from ego grants wisdom and clarity of vision, combined with more empathy and compassion, which increases creativity and intuition, and results in greater personal fulfillment and better performance on critical life skills and work skills. 3Q intelligence, therefore, represents the most powerful resource for personal and professional growth and satisfaction. In this webcast, you will: – Learn about different dimensions of intelligence. – Use the power of neuroscience to activate a higher dimension of intelligence beyond ego. – Discover the basic operating system of human awareness. – Learn how to upgrade your operating system. – Use a scientific methodology to realize your full potential in life and leadership.

The Practice of Empathy: Flip the Energy When Things Get Hot! (TU420)

We hear a lot about empathy these days, and many of us consider ourselves highly empathetic people, especially individuals working in healthcare. But what about the times you’re overextended, bone-tired, or just aren’t feeling it? In this session, we’ll focus on empathy as a skill, not just a feeling. We’ll practice simple, yet highly effective techniques to authentically demonstrate empathy to patients, customers, co-workers, trainees, direct reports, and even family members. Participants will…

The Next Frontier: Unleashing the Learner (TU106)

It’s time to put more energy into developing and unleashing the learning skills and confidence of every individual in your business. Based on the speaker’s newest book, this session proposes that the learner holds the keys to getting significant return on investment from learning. This session is about letting learners in on what we know about the brain, human development, and learning, and how to structure and manage the learning process. Then they can learn wherever they are-and they will be…

The New ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model

TD recently completed a comprehensive research project to revise its World-Class Sales Competency ModelTM (originaly developed in 2008). This research project started with a comprehensive literature review to identify trends that are shaping the sales profession.

The Neuroscience of Learning

Leaders at all levels are being required to learn more than ever, in less time and with increasing demands on their attention. In this environment, we need real breakthroughs in our capacity to embed new behaviors at scale. New discoveries from neuroscience about the nature of memory, how we learn, and how we can make learning stick more effectively, are beginning to provide some of these breakthroughs. Join the speaker for an interactive session that is designed to help change agents…

The Neuroscience of Teams (M104)

Much of today’s work is powered by teams. In fact, nearly 90 percent of today’s workers say that they spend a third to half of each day working in teams. Yet 86 percent of employees and executives cite a lack of effective teamwork and collaboration as the source of workplace failures. Add the challenge of remote teams and cross cultural communication, and it’s no surprise that teams can make or break the competitive advantage of any organization. Recent discoveries in neuroscience illuminate…

The Neuroscience of Creating High Performance Cultures

‘Culture’ is a hot topic in organizations, but what is culture? And, how does one change culture? This session will share new research about how to measure and change a key aspect of an effective company culture: Trust. It is based on 10 years of neuroscience research in the laboratory and in businesses. If leaders do not manage culture, it will manage them. This session presents organizational research data that establishes a link between the trust hormone oxytocin and team and organizational…