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Do You Ever Stand Down?

The recent firestorm involving ACORN prompts us to ask: Are you willing to stop everything else you are doing to address a critical problem in your workplace?

Do no Harm

Improved communication skills can make a substantial difference in preventing medical errors.

Doing Good While Doing Well

This At C Level article on PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi explains why talent helps PepsiCo remain a force in the world economy and a force for good through three pillars of human sustainability, environmental sustainability, and talent sustainability.

DIY Design

Empowering frontline stakeholders to develop their own workplace curriculum can lead to greater adoption of the solution.

DNA of a Global Leader

Senior leaders who can operate globally are the essential piece of a global talent strategy, but many companies don’t yet understand how to identify and develop this new generation of managers.

Diversity: The Business Case

High-performance companies are more likely to emphasize diversity practices and policies as a result of a business case, according to a new survey.

Dinner Is Served

Daisy Ng, senior vice president of talent management at Darden Restaurants, talks about building organizational capability, capacity, and engagement at Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52.

Developing High Impact Teams

Coaching business teams is gaining momentum as the new way to improve the performance of individuals who must achieve results working together.

Developing an Innovative Culture

Leadership development has evolved with the times. Today, engaging a workforce and grooming young employees for future leadership positions requires a focus on innovation, creativity, and open communication.

Determining What Is Necessary

June: Learning executives need to take certain variables into play when determining the degree of executive support for learning initiatives. This podcast was sponsored by CPP, the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs instrument and a group of people committed to improving the performance of individuals and organizations around the world through team building, leadership and coaching, conflict management, career development, selection, and retention;

Designing Outside the Box

In many ways, designing e-learning is a nearly impossible task. Any ineffective solution is expensive, but poorly designed e-learning ups the ante in wastefulness.

Demystifying the EI Quick Fix

There is a great deal of disagreement as to whether a workshop alone can upgrade emotional intelligence competencies. Here are the facts.

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Defense Transition and Employee Engagement

In this episode of The Public Manager podcast, Teresa Preston and Jon Wolper discuss a recent report from the Defense Business Board and Robert Lavigna’s December Public Manager article on employee engagement.

Deep Specialization for Competitive Advantage

Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong stay on top of their games with a continuous focus on deliberate practice, coaching, and learning. Today’s high-impact organizations are using the same approaches.

Decision Science

Predictive talent analytics tells us whom to hire and how we should manage them.

Curing the Ills of Organizations

Karl Albrecht, the author of the international bestseller, Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success, spoke with Learning Executives Briefing about the Social Intelligence Business Code and other issues involving social intelligence in the workplace.

Culture as a Competitive Advantage

In its quest to become the most recommended company in the markets it serves, TELUS puts its focus on customer experience and employee engagement.

Culture Seasons the Learning at Johnsonville Sausage

Johnsonville Sausage has a big reputation with sausage lovers around the country. Established in 1945, the company has always put a big emphasis on learning. On its website it tells job seekers: “At Johnsonville we believe very strongly in lifelong learning. We are leaders in our industry, and to build from this position, we must constantly learn, improve and grow.” Learning Executives Briefing spoke with Don McAdams, director of organizational development and learning.

Culturally Accessible E Learning

E-learning has become an important tool for training a dispersed workforce because of its relatively low cost, variety of content, and pervasive formats. However, how effective is e-learning as a solution when unprecedented numbers of employees are from different cultures or countries, and at least 25 percent of multinational companies have employees speaking 10 or more different primary languages?

Cultural Competence

Borders are quickly blurring, so cross-cultural training must become an integral part of all management programs.

Critical Self Reflection

Using seven CSR techniques, leadership coaches can encourage leaders to build the confidence and perspective crucial for personal and organizational well-being.

Crisis Management

At Pierce Transit, a strong learning team and active executive support merge to drive initiatives that spur innovation, change, and strategy during a financial crisis.

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Credentials for Success

In today’s competitive market, a combination of online authority and ongoing skill development through certification is necessary to demonstrate expertise and increase professional value beyond formal education.

Creating a New Mindset

Mentorship looks very different now than it did 10 years ago. Understanding these changes will help you communicate the value of mentoring in today’s workplace.

Creating a Culture of Motivation

Helping your managers become better motivators is the first step to creating a culture of motivation. It is up to learning professionals to ensure that motivation is given more than just lip service.

Converting Organizational Cynicism

It’s time to step up and realize that change must come from your ability to serve as the healer of the wounds that have been inflicted upon those within the business you serve.

Controlling the Perils of Change

Effectively navigating through change is essential to surviving it, but successfully managing organizational change is not easy. Roughly 70 percent of change efforts fail or are derailed, and the consequences are significant in both the short- and long-term.

Conversations With Mentoring Leaders

Three companies have three different mentoring approaches, but all believe that mentoring shares knowledge and builds skills competency while increasing employee engagement and developing connectivity.

Contradiction or Paradox

Although clearly important, informal workplace learning is generally beyond the pale. Only 8 percent of chief learning officers surveyed had any comprehensive strategy in place to manage such workforce learning. Of equal or even greater importance, 11 percent were not convinced that it could be managed at all. Only 2 percent linked in-formal learning to informal organizational structures.

Connect to Engage

Employee engagement is dismal today because we have many managers but few leaders.

Confronting CEO Expectations About the Value of Learning

Top-level support is vital to maintaining any organizational learning function. Survey data provide some clear directions for how, and how not, to provide executives with the appropriate evidence of learning success.

Competency Management

Competency management is central to talent management initiatives, which have become critical in light of the impending skills shortage.

Committed to Innovation

Dedication to lifelong learning, training, and employee development has helped CaridianBCT excel. ASTD interviews president and CEO David B. Perez.

College in the Call Center

An innovative “competency-based” degree program partners with large employers to close the skills gap and help frontline workers attain college degrees.

Collaborating on Metrics and an 18F Update

In this preview of the November issue of The Public Manager, Jon Wolper interviews Steve Brockelman about an effort among government leaders to create shared metrics. Jon Wolper and Teresa Preston also discuss a recent report on 18F’s effectiveness.

Coaching Real Leaders

The current economic difficulties bring with them an intriguing quandary for senior leaders. These are times when leaders must make a choice between opting for safe leadership or stepping up to be real leaders.

CLO in 2009: Chief Change Officer

2009 brings an array of new challenges for corporate learning and development executives: do more with fewer resources, identify new cost efficiencies, and align more closely with talent management.

Channeling Aristotle

BB&T creates a culture in which learning is everybody’s responsibility.

Changing Leadership

As the world gradually moves into economic recovery, it will behoove leaders to recall lessons from the past years’ turmoil, and to make personal, organizational, and team changes that drive future success.

Certified Excellence

After undergoing a cultural transformation, UL now trains employees and clients alike on how to adopt a winning entrepreneurial mindset.

Certificate or Certification That Is the Question

There are some pretty important differences between earning certificates versus certifications. Professionals need to begin asking themselves which is needed to accomplish their performance and business goals.

This podcast is sponsored by, the knowledge platform. puts knowledge to work for organizations of all sizes around the globe with its cloud-based learning management platform. dramatically improves the way businesses capture and share knowledge, communicate and align their goals and objectives, and evaluate and develop their most precious asset: their people. Learn more at

Career Crossroads

Making a late-in-life career change can be a frightening thought, but learn to allay your fears and take the plunge.

Campbell Soup Company

CEO Doug Conant makes nourishing the lives of customers and employees a top priority, and training and developing all employees, regardless of level, is the key.

Capitalizing on Coaching Challenges

In many cases, challenges in a coaching relationship are inevitable, but these seemingly insurmountable odds can reveal hidden opportunities to turn a negative into a positive.

Bye-Bye Boomers?

Baby boomers may be hanging around in the workplace longer than imagined, which gives learning executives time to mine their brains for critical knowledge.

Call to Action for Learning Professionals

The updated ASTD competency model reflects social learning’s place in the work environment and its dramatic effects on professional learning and development.

The August 2011 T+D podcasts are sponsored by MHS, predicting and improving human performance.

Built to Learn

In this Q&A, human capital expert Mary Slaughter discusses the current state of talent development and what might be in store for the future.

Building Higher-Skilled Employees

Accenture takes a different approach from many organizations with a career path that creates employees with deep expertise in specific content domains. Chief Learning Officer Don Vanthournout spoke with Learning Executives Briefing about Accenture’s unique learning approaches.

Building a Learning Infrastructure

Reaching a global audience of more than 100,000 learners in 40 different countries requires a robust learning infrastructure that comprises three major elements: governance, a learning technology infrastructure, and an alignment process. Caterpillar University is responsible for that infrastructure.

Building a Better Learning Organization

The internal currency of today’s companies is knowledge. The mandate of the modern learning organization must be to stand as a center of excellence for the creation, acquisition, and flow of knowledge in all of its forms.

Bringing Talent Into Focus

October: uxottica Retail, a global leader in eye care and eyewear, has locked in on providing employees with training that makes sense and makes an impact.

Bring Your Best Every Day

The qualities that set apart a champion from a great player are what future leaders should adopt if they want to stand out.

Bright Ideas

In addition to idea generation, sustainable innovation is the science and discipline of aligning innovative thinking and leadership to people capabilities and business goals.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Long-term benefits are possible when organizations obtain a big-picture understanding of the skills gap and what it means in today’s global business environment.

Brewing Up a New Tradition

The urgent need to compete against an industry Goliath prompted two established brewing companies to join forces. Then they had to jump-start a culture of learning.