How Does Social Learning Measure up

January: Social doesn’t have to mean unmeasurable. Seven methods can help learning leaders put hard numbers to soft investments.

Help Wanted

As employers clamor for versatile workers possessing deep and wide skill sets, businesses are partnering with academic institutions to develop them.

Head & Heart

Learning becomes a community-wide idea at DaVita where each team member creates his personal credo and determines what’s important to him. Learning Executives Briefing spoke with the leader of learning efforts at DaVita, Steve Priest. The company’s efforts extend to 43 states and the District of Columbia, and its teammates care for approximately 117,000 patients.

Game-Based Learning: Worth the Hype?

Convincing upper management to use simulation-based learning is part of the battle. It’s understandable for senior executives to be dubious about the new era of 3-D games and immersive worlds now making their entrance onto the corporate learning stage. Although ubiquitous within Generation Y as an entertainment option, 3-D games and virtual universes like Second Life are being utilized by a relative handful of organizations as learning tools.