Head & Heart

Learning becomes a community-wide idea at DaVita where each team member creates his personal credo and determines what’s important to him. Learning Executives Briefing spoke with the leader of learning efforts at DaVita, Steve Priest. The company’s efforts extend to 43 states and the District of Columbia, and its teammates care for approximately 117,000 patients.

Game-Based Learning: Worth the Hype?

Convincing upper management to use simulation-based learning is part of the battle. It’s understandable for senior executives to be dubious about the new era of 3-D games and immersive worlds now making their entrance onto the corporate learning stage. Although ubiquitous within Generation Y as an entertainment option, 3-D games and virtual universes like Second Life are being utilized by a relative handful of organizations as learning tools.

Filling in the Blanks

Informal mentoring is about being in the right place at the right time and fostering boundless professional support and guidance within organizations.

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Engage Me Please

Two questions that plague trainers are, “When should I involve my audience?” and “What kinds of activities might they be ready to engage in?” Those of us who are out there in the trenches, either teaching face to face or in a teleconference environment know that the more we engage our audience, the more they learn.

E Learning No How

It would be nice to think that a well-designed e-learning lesson will break through any obstacle in its way and will illuminate the light bulbs of all learners who touch it. The reality, however, is that many perfectly good e-learning lessons have wilted and died for reasons that are completely unrelated to the design and content.

Editor’s Note: Take Charge of Your Career

Two feature articles in this issue of TD are all about helping you, the talent development professional, develop career resiliency and find the strength to make a late-in-life change if one is necessary.
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