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The Connected Employee

In our plugged-in world, it might seem that the need for face-to-face networking skills is obsolete. Not so. Designing an enterprise-wide strategy for teaching these skills and helping employees manage their social capital can and does benefit the bottom line.

The Case for Telepresence

The systems don’t come cheap, but they may ultimately save serious money for a learning organization while improving the quality of the communications, according to a recent report.

The Case for Measuring Intangibles

Beyond the standard business metrics of revenue and margin lay a spate of organizational intangibles, which must be measured before they can be managed.

The August 2011 T+D podcasts are sponsored by MHS, predicting and improving human performance.

The Big Pitch

Have a new concept to present? First, grab a napkin.

The Best of Three Worlds

Based on her experience in the corporate, government, and nonprofit worlds, Kathy Calvin leads the UN Foundation to do work that matters while being efficient and accountable for results.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

The ARRA has presented countless opportunities for organizational, business, education, and community renewal nationwide. The experience of Yuma Private Industry Council highlights notable opportunities for creating organizational renewal and growing a skilled workforce.

This podcast was sponsored by RWD, a leading provider of human and operational performance improvement solutions that help employers maximize the return on their investments in people, processes, technology, knowledge, and customers;

The Adobe Leadership Experience

Talent development at Adobe is a highly tailored effort that thrives on innovation as much as it encourages it in employees. Donna Morris, Adobe’s senior vice president of HR, explains what makes the difference.

The ABCDEs of Learning and Developments Next Paradigm

Moving in the direction of an evidence-based practice paradigm has been illustrated in many other fields of practice. Taking learning to that next level requires a more solid appreciation for the numbers, and remembering a few key letters.

The 90 Percent Solution

Become more adept at supporting and enhancing the 90 percent of learning that occurs beyond the classroom.

TELUS Reveals Its Secret to Success

Darren Entwistle, president and CEO of the telecommunications company, identifies culture and leadership philosophy among its key attributes.

Tech Support

Providing proper training will prevent expensive mistakes when implementing an IT change initiative.

Tech-Infused Mentoring

Online mentoring technology can offer an efficient solution for the challenges of implementing and managing a successful program.

Tangible ROI

Bachrach & Associates Inc. (BAI), a professional development firm for financial professionals, recently took a close look at the business results of their advisor clients. Those results revealed statistical confirmation of tangible ROI attributable to the design of its blended learning and reinforcement approach.

Talk Me Through It

Performance management is a process, not an event. It’s time to take a new look at the broader context of the performance review and the interaction between employee and manager.

Talent Management Up for Grabs

Four learning executives from Verint, Allstate, Krempl International, and Rollins discussed myriad topics at the Learning@LearnShare conference in Atlanta, including should own talent management, the hazards of using too much technology, and what to do about a CEO who doesn’t want to teach.

Talent Management, Disrupted

New, innovative, and agile approaches to talent management are urgently needed to keep up with future business needs.

Taking the Burn Out of the 360 Degree Hot Seat

Conveying 360-degree feedback is a great opportunity to help leaders build meaningful plans for future development. This podcast is sponsored by Bloomberg Businessweek. Develop Your EDGE with Bloomberg Businessweek. Bloomberg Businessweek EDGE is a robust, fully-developed, weekly training solution focusing on 6 key leadership competencies.  EDGE is a powerful, cost-effective program that combines the global, insightful content of Bloomberg Businessweek with interactive and self-assessment activities to develop the next generation of leaders. Learn more at

Take the Sting Out of Feedback

Research reveals that feedback really may be dangerous to your health. Learn how to make it less painful for your employees.

Take Politics Seriously

According to author Steve Gladis, the adaptive leader must know when to deal with the heat of change in an organization.

Sweet Success

The recipe for success at Just Born contains equal parts of executive commitment and reinforcement of a unique company culture. Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu, Just Born’s senior manager of organizational effectiveness and talent management, spoke with Learning Executives Briefing about the challenges of maintaining the unique company culture, while helping the company and its associates grow and achieve success.

Surviving a Meltdown

Corporate crises have been in the news far too much in the 21st century, but the tale of Satyam Computer Services and its CEO sent shivers through the IT world. Ed Cohen spoke to Learning Executives Briefing on the role his Satyam Learning Team played in first communicating the crisis, then helping the workforce deal with its unexpected ramifications.

Succession Planning: A Fresh Look

New research from ASTD and i4cp indicates that companies are taking succession planning deeper down the org chart, but many indicate they need to improve the process.

Studying Up

The training profession and higher education have a long history of being intertwined. Both play major roles in workforce development as well as economic development. Each provides a unique perspective that the other does not. While academics may debate the differences between education and training, there is no doubt that both are needed in today’s competitive global economy. The need for well-trained and well-educated employees is clearly an important issue.

Stuck in Neutral

Changing times call for leaving old approaches to talent management behind.

Strategic Intent

At Agilent Technologies, creating a sustainable competitive advantage drives learning and development.

Strategic and Relevant

Northrup Grumman Vice President of Learning and Development Kathy Thomas must focus on learning and development on an enterprise scale while developing leaders, managing leadership, and leveraging learning technology.

Story Time

A case for storytelling beyond the classroom.

Storytelling: Old Concept Gets a Fresh Look

The notion of storytelling as a workplace learning tool is neither new, nor particularly mind-boggling, but we have seen a noticeable increase in the subject on conference agendas and in blog posts. Is something driving this renewed interest?

Stop the Gen Y Revolving Door

Your company might know how to attract Millennials, but the challenge now is to retain them. Career development is the answer.

Step by Step

Think about a training event as three phases that, when combined, contribute to success and greater impact.

Still Committed to Training

In the past several years, we have continued to see an increase in direct learning expenditures per employee and the average number of learning hours used by employee.

Stemming the Outward Flow in the Workforce

Will the improving economy mean a loss of key talent? A new survey shows that organizations have been planning for an exodus as they improve efforts to keep the best and ditch the worst.

Spirited Learning

Initiatives focusing on responsibility, brand education, and meaningful sales force training take a strategic front seat.

Sphere of Influence

Every day, training on a global stage becomes less and less intimidating thanks to what we know about how we affect each other in the business world.

So Whats in It for the Sales Team

According to recent ASTD market research conducted with sales team members (sales managers and sales people), most sales training doesn’t adequately meet their needs.

Some IT Training Remains Traditional

Online training, blended learning, and other up-start methods may be the rage as organizations move away from traditional classroom instruction, but in the IT field, instructor-led training remains the preferred method for many applications.

Soft Skills for Leaders

Although organizations always have been searching for the right way to develop future leaders, leadership development seems to be more complex than it has ever been.

Social Networking

In today’s economy, organizations are searching for ways to do more with less. Combined with the rapid pace of change and complexity in organizations, there is an increased need for just-in-time learning solutions that cannot wait for the discipline and rigor required by traditional instructional design.

Sinking Fast

A high-impact sales enablement mentoring program was developed after managers reported trouble staying afloat.

Significant Organizational Changes Lead to New Talent Strategy

Toni Handler, chief talent officer at MetLife, discusses how the organization is making great strides to understand the capabilities of our talent, further grow and develop that talent to meet the changing needs of the organization and the industry, and acquire talent where needed.

Showstopping Learning

Nevada’s largest public employer takes a unique approach to developing employees and improving the guest experience.

Short Can Be Oh, So Sweet

A new training program at Tata Consultancy Services builds on real-life experiences, which increases employee knowledge and loyalty.

Shining Stars

Constellation Energy harnesses online resources and leadership guidance to light the path for employee learning and engagement.

Shifting the Shape of Mentoring

Rockwell Collins creates a global mentoring culture by listening to employees’ needs and embracing cutting-edge technology.

Shifting but Changing Little

A new study from the Wharton School suggests that the role of HR, while supposedly undergoing huge shifts the past decade, has not seen all that much change.

Setting the GOLD Standard

It took a few setbacks and subsequent tweaks, but the resulting global leadership development program has led to measurable success.

Serving Your Most Important Customer

Alex Moore interviews Eric Keller of the Partnership for Public Service about the recent report, The Most Important Customer: Improving the Citizen Experience With Government.

Serving Up Innovation

Hilton Worldwide University relies increasingly on mobile and social learning to maximize performance and meet strategic goals.

Serving Up Capability

Rob Lauber, vice president of Yum! University and global learning, spoke with LX Briefing about the growth strategy that ensures the company’s leadership, workforce, and culture are as diverse as its customers.

Service Masters

Investing in people keeps the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on mission.

See How They Learn

Learning opportunities are everywhere, it seems. All it takes is a little imagination to connect the dots. Indeed, these scenarios serve as reminders that in today’s era of instant computer access to training, some of the best avenues for creating learning and modifying behavior can still be decidedly low tech.

Second That

Joe Miller, vice president of platform and technology at Linden Lab, which operates Second Life, talks about how this 3-D virtual world gives learning a new delivery mechanism.

Scouting for Leaders

There is a major transformation taking place at Girls Scouts of the USA and it has nothing to do with cookies.

This 95-year-old not-for-profit organization’s sweeping efforts to increase its appeal and relevance to 21st-century girls focus on leadership development and provable outcomes that benefit girls, families, and communities. Historically known as a premier leadership development organization, Girls Scouts is remaking itself with a revamped business developmental strategy.

Say Good Bye to the Blame Game

Initially, human performance improvement (HPI) professionals were viewed as trainers, and many professionals new to the field are still viewed through that same lens. But the field is broader now since experts can opt to analyze the entire operation instead of observing work flow on the shop floor or in the back office.

Sales Training Takes Center Stage

August: The results of the most recent ASTD research study reveal the absence of a clear, comprehensive definition of many sales training topics that may be contributing to the sales skills gap facing many organizations.

ROEs Rising Star

Return on expectations is rapidly gaining popularity in many organizations thanks to its efficient capability to demonstrate the value of learning for the most crucial stakeholders. This podcast is sponsored by Bloomberg Businessweek. Develop Your EDGE with Bloomberg Businessweek. Bloomberg Businessweek EDGE is a robust, fully-developed, weekly training solution focusing on 6 key leadership competencies.  EDGE is a powerful, cost-effective program that combines the global, insightful content of Bloomberg Businessweek with interactive and self-assessment activities to develop the next generation of leaders. Learn more at

Riding Along the Dragon

In China, talent development leaders are learning to make their function a powerful business partner.

Rethinking Diversity

Maintain a competitive edge by designing development programs that value diversity and multiculturalism.

Renewing the Vision

The future of jobs, talent creation, and what the “cyber-mental age” will mean to everyone.

Relying on Street Smarts

To grow its emerging market business, this bottling company relies on its agile and competent training organization, an aggressive business plan, and an ingrained willingness to roll with the punches.