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Four Ways to Use Stories to Energize Your Training

Storytelling is a powerful communication method that makes your presentations and training more compelling and coaching more effective. Here are four instances when using stories can be particularly effective.

Four Ways to Facilitate Informal Learning

When it comes to informal learning, a primary role for the learning professional is learning promoter and facilitator. That role entails massively promoting all of the informal learning tools available, as well as their advantages.

Four Tips for Managing Conflict

Conflict always will be present around a great leader. Unchecked, the emotions surrounding conflict can keep you from coming up with good solutions for those parties involved

Four Courses of Training

A restaurant chain in China was preparing to open 600 stores. Its first step? Build a training academy for new hires.

Four Concepts to Develop Your People

A tough economy is the best time to develop your people. So what is your people development strategy? Notice that I did not write professional development but people development. Professional development sees a person in only one dimension – her job. People development looks at that same person as a whole – a…

For Teleworkers, Less Is Definitely More

Fewer interruptions, less company politics, and less face-to-face communication add up to good work-life balance and happier employees, according to newly released data on telework. Researchers Kathryn Fonner, assistant professor of communication at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and Michael Roloff,…

Formalizing Informal Learning

Data from a 2008 Bersin & Associates study of more than 800 HR and learning professionals supports the need for informal learning strategies in today’s challenging business climate. The study reports that 80 percent of all corporate learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts, and managers….

Forget Icebreakers

The Creative Group recently surveyed 400 U.S. professionals to ask about the most fun, creative, or just plain unusual team building activities that they had heard of or participated in.

Fons Trompenaars

An interview with Fons Trompenaars, Founder and CEO Trompenaars Hampden-Turner (THT Consulting)

Focusing on Talent Trends

Executives consider which leadership development strategies will work best for today’s uncertain talent market.

FM Global

At FM Global, a provider of commercial property insurance and risk management solutions, the learning function is as much a part of executive strategy-setting as other departmental functions in the organization.

Florida Blue

Florida Blue works to create a self-developing organization by fostering a culture of learning.

Flexible Learning

One health insurance company develops executive training ideal for its busy leaders.

First-Time Leaders: Are They Prepared?

Promoting an employee into a leadership position can be an exciting time, both for the employee and the organization. But as a talent development professional, your job is only beginning with that employee.

Finding Your Career Sweet Spot

Donna McNamara describes an ideal consulting career as the intersection of client needs, professional expertise, and enjoyment.

Fighting the Good Fight

This book explains how to protect a good idea and win support for it. The authors welcome naysayers, nitpickers, and handwringers into the room during the discussion, because they show you in this book how to respond to the unfair attacks to find success. Readers learn about the four attack strategies – death by…

Fierce Communication

A publishing company transforms its culture of agreeability into one of candor and collaboration.

Few Managers Get Kudos for Helping Develop Employees

According to a recent online poll of more than 450 individuals throughout the United States, less than one-fourth of employees reported feeling that their managers were interested in helping them grow professionally.

Feedback Hijacks

A review of Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen

Feedback as a Gift

Viewing feedback as a type of gift–something that will make other peoples lives better or help them improve–is a perspective that makes it more valuable and acceptable for giver and receiver. Are you feeling greater stress and finding that you are sick more often? Do you long for a week, or even a weekend, where work does not interfere with y…

Fear Not, Change Makers

A review of
Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty by Scott Steinberg

Facilitation Skills: Using Training Games

Training games are a form of experiential learning typically used to facilitate dynamic group processes. They encourage participant involvement and interest in training content. Facilitators can customize published games to suit their specific training needs, and when off-the-shelf games are not suitable, they can create…

Facilitating Learning for Life

As a skilled facilitator, Taihyun Park uses effective questioning, communication, and team building for individual and organization transformation.

Expanding Opportunities

Combining its learning programs after a merger, one firm finds a way to streamline a formal training session while extending its benefits beyond the original pool of participants.

Executive Support Is Not Enough

In this volatile business environment, developing the next generation of leaders is vital to the success of any organization. That makes successful leadership development initiatives must-haves in all workplaces.

Executives Jump the Leader Ship

A staggering proportion of workers are currently unemployed, and former senior leaders are no exception. One hundred twenty-five CEOs departed from their jobs in May 2010, up 24 percent from 101 departures in April, according to a report from global outplacement and executive coaching firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas…

Evidence-Based Training Methods: Toward a Professional Level of Practice

Ruth Colvin Clark is a specialist in instructional design and technical training with a focus on bridging academic research and practitioner application in instructional methods. She holds a doctorate in the field and is president of her own company, Clark Training & Consulting. Her most recent book, Evidence-Based…

Everything You Wanted to Know About Leadership

When you see a new book by two of the biggest names in leadership, Kouzes and Posner, you can’t help but open up the pages to find out about what’s new in leadership. The authors of the bestselling book, The Leadership Challenge, pull no punches in revealing the enduring truths about leadership, the real-world issues t…

Etienne Wenger

An interview with Etienne Wenger, a pioneer, thought leader, and consultant in the social learning theory of communities of practice.

ESL Federal Credit Union

ESL Federal Credit Union wants its employees to stick around for the long haul, and its learning function endeavors to make that happen.

Erik Wahl

An interview with Erik Wahl, Founder, The Wahl Group

Erica Ariel Fox

In this Q&A, Erica Ariel Fox, Founding Partner of Mobius Executive Leadership, discusses leadership development, negotiation, and tips on giving feedback.

EQ Boost

Traditionally, the office is seen as a place where employees leave their emotions at the door. While it is now accepted that our emotions are part of who we are and that we cannot think or act without them, many organizations still expect employees to ignore their emotions at work. Unexpected scenarios happen…

Entrepreneurial Learning: Secret Ingredients for Business Success

In 1954, a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc negotiated a deal with the McDonald brothers to take their restaurant concept national. In the first franchise, opened near Kroc’s home in Chicago, he and partner Art Jacobs attempted to perfect important aspects of the McDonald brothers’ operation. Although the rest…

Entering the Mobile Zone

This is the story of one global Fortune 500 company that bravely went where few have gone before: the mobile zone. To date, MetaMedia Training International has supplied one major hotel chain with more than 900 handheld Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) devices to deliver customer service training to the employees of its mos…

Enhance Training’s Worth With Learning Processes

Here are the building blocks for learning processes, which deliver better, more lasting results than classic instructor-led training. One of the constant trends in the training world is a consistent desire of training professionals to prove training’s worth to the organization. Measurable performance improvement as a result of a learning ini…

Engaging the Learner: Gamification Strives to Keep the Users Interest

Contextual game design must put the player experience first. To some, gamification is the Next Great Hope for deep user engagement. Sure, gamification does feedback really welland insight into personal use of a system, site, or service is invaluable for understanding progress toward goals. But too often gamification is a grafted solut…

Engaging Online Learners

How can a virtual trainer capture the attention of learners? It’s just a matter of following four simple guidelines for success.

Engage, Empower, Build Loyalty

If there is one thing that this tough economy has taught us, it’s the importance of paying attention to employees and customers. The only way to truly drive business results and customer satisfaction is through engaged employees. Just ask Lowe’s. “True business success doesn’t stop with customer satisfaction,”…

Energizing Employee Engagement at PECO

While many may think the utility industry is protected from economic turbulence, it, too, is affected by issues surrounding the economy. Customers’ ability to pay their utility bills and fluctuating gas prices are among the factors that affect a utility’s financial standing. From a training and development pe…

Enabling Employee Success

A computer manufacturer finds out that transitioning talent into unfamiliar high-level roles requires a full arsenal of the right tools.

Employment and Benefits Outlook

In a recent survey of human resources professionals and managers conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, the majority of respondents agreed that turnover will rise significantly once the job market improves, which they predict will occur within the next year.

Employee Trust Still Questionable Despite Economic Upturn

According to a recent poll conducted by Maritz Research, a leader in employee satisfaction research, poor communication, lack of perceived caring, inconsistent behavior, and perceptions of favoritism in the workplace have left employees more skeptical of management than they were in 2010.

Employees Skeptical of Change Efforts Look to Influential Peers

Senior leaders worldwide aren’t getting the employee support they need for change initiatives. Employees in the United States and abroad are skeptical of corporate change efforts and are reluctant to give senior leaders buy-in, according to a recent survey on global change management practices….

Employee Resource Groups Still Going Strong

Although employee resource groups (ERGs) may have originally formed to provide support and community for employees from minority or other special interest groups, today many are just as focused on helping the company advance the business, according to “ERGs Come of Age,” a recent study of employee networks in 64 organizati…

Emotional Notions

Every manager who abruptly halts a conversation to race off to the next meeting should be advised to brush up on emotional intelligence. Adele Lynn, a Pennsylvania-based author and consultant, advises clients that if they feel rushed during a particular day they are more than likely to sound rushed in their c…

Emotional Intelligence: Can It Be Taught?

Emotional intelligence (EI) has generated a great deal of attention in recent years. Many researchers and practitioners feel that EI supersedes other forms of intelligence in determining success or failure in jobs requiring high levels of interaction with others (management, leadership, teamwork, sales, or customer service…

Embrace Change

The end of the year is a time for all of us to reflect upon the happenings of the past 12 months. It is a time when T+D examines the trends and hot topics that emerged or became a driving force in the workplace and development industry.

Embedding Quality Systems Into the Training Cycle

There are numerous quality standards and instruments available to measure training quality, including ISO 9000, ANSI/ASQC Z1.11, ISO 10015, or some form of the Total Quality Management system. The implementation of quality systems is bureaucratic in nature, time consuming, and involves a large amoun…