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Trimming the Fat: Using a Practical Eye for an Academic Process

What makes good training? It’s a question that is literally as old as training itself and one that has never been given a truly concrete answer. So often we are flooded with the things that we must do to design effective training. In my 10 years of training experience, however, “must dos” and “good training”…

Transforming Leaders

A premier health and well-being company offers a transformational leadership development experience to high-potential leaders.

Transforming Informal Learning Into a Competitive Advantage

For U.S. businesses, maintaining a competitive edge (or even just staying in business at all) is as complex as the rush of economic news stories bombarding us each day. Faced with keeping up with shorter information and product cycles, businesses require more effective, less traditional ways to stay ahead of this ever-…

Transforming HRD Into an Economic Value Add

How much economic value does your HRD function generate for your organization? If you do not know the answer, here’s help to determine whether you are a cost center or an economic value add (EVA), as well as what you can do to increase your strategic value to your organization. Keep in mind that there are only two ways to…

Train Local, Hire Local

The Tampa Bay Technology Forum shows how a nationwide technical skills gap problem can be addressed through a local solution: Grow Tampa Bay.

Training With the Punches

A food service and transportation company is forced to revamp a training initiative when the declining economy deals an unexpected blow.

Training With a Worldview

In his role with the United Nations, Berin McKenzie trains those who seek to make a difference in the world.

Training Turn-Offs

Training delivery can go sadly awry with these surprisingly common facilitator flaws.

Training Stimulates Economic Recovery

The bill invests heavily in new technologies, infrastructure projects, and healthcare. It also calls for investments to help individuals who have been laid off get back to work. An important part of the legislation allocates $3.9 billion to the Department of Labor, and $2.95 billion of that money will be used for training…

Training on the Cyber-Security Frontlines

Cyber security continues to be on the top of the agenda for CEOs and high-ranking government officials because they know that online security can no longer be partially addressed or uncomfortably ignored. However, according to a Booz Allen Hamilton survey, the nation’s cyber defense is seriously challenged by shortages of…

Training in the New Administration

Although he has yet to name a Department of Labor secretary, President-elect Obama pledged to spend up to $700 billion to create 2.5 million jobs to advance the next generation of green energy technology and infrastructure, provide job training and transition programs to help train workers for employment in the green econo…

Training in SPADES

Infuse instructional design methods with practical project management principles.

Training Incentives Stimulate Employee Growth

When companies struggle with human resource issues arising from a shrinking pool of highly skilled and talented workers, they will often resort to acquisition strategies that may run counter to employee retention plans and may prove to be less cost effective. These strategies also often ignore employee surveys th…

Training for What’s Next

A hands-on training program is designed to fill automotive technician jobs in the United States with qualified Army veterans.

Training for Promotion

One organization engages new hires from day one, with a training program that gives them the opportunity to compete for an immediate promotion.

Training for Agility: Building the Skills Employees Need to Zig and Zag

With the pace of change increasing and with no end in sight, teams and organizations need to learn how to work nimbly on a daily basis. Agility is not simply a state of mind; it is a way of working. Learning professionals have the opportunity to help leaders, teams, and individual performers become more flexible and re…

Training at Full Throttle

Downsizing requirements and the ever-changing needs of the fleet are placing severe demands on the U.S. Navy’s Education and Training Command. Through it all, the command is maintaining a steady course.

Training as a Change Agent

The American Cancer Society begins its second century by centralizing all business services, including job training. One challenge: how to maintain its essential grassroots appeal.

Train for the Future: Invest in Learning

In today’s marketplace, resources must be cut to meet profit goals. Companies often turn to training budgets first. Before automatically decreasing training budgets, companies may want to consider some top global trends, which, according to the “SHRM Workplace Forecast,” are most likely to have a major strategic impact…

Trainers As Mediators: Facilitating Team Collaboration

Trainers have a perspective in the workplace that very few professionals do: They are aware of team dynamics when they work with various groups. While conducting seminars, training professionals directly observe how work groups function. Because trainers work across organizations, they also see how much bette…

Tracking Training

An e-learning solution helps a global not-for-profit organization track and bring consistency to its employee and volunteer training.

Top Suite in Corporate America Still Eludes Women

Recently released statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor show that for the first time in history, women have begun to outnumber men on the nations payroll. Yet, according to a key finding in Calvert Investments Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling: A Survey of Corporate Diversity Practices of the S&P 100, women continue to be significantly…

Top Staffing Challenges

The top staffing challenges in 2014 based on a survey of about 2,200 hiring managers and HR professionals by Harris Poll, on behalf of CareerBuilder.

Tools of the Trade

The Ultimate Development Toolbox will help any training and development team to design effective learning programs.

Tony Karrer: SoCal CTO

In his blog, SoCal CTO, Karrer offers news and insights into the field of learning technologies and e-learning, focusing on startups and midlevel organizations. He also provides weekly updates on topics such as web  development and Minimum Viable Product.

Tom Rath

An interview with Tom Rath, Global Practice Leader, Gallup

To Be or Not to Be: E-Learning

On September 30, 2009, Oxford Union hosted an e-learning debate that centered around one question: “Is the e-learning of today essential to teach the important skills of tomorrow?” It’s an intriguing question that continues to spark emotions on both sides of the issue. One side laments that “e-learning is not…

To Be Continued: Using Social Media for Training Conversations

Let’s be honest. The days of giving a sheepish grin when someone asks if you’re “on Facebook” are long gone. This is a new era, and social media is the new telephone. Like it or not, welcome to the age of cyber communities. Welcome, not merely to lounges or coffee shops, but to school – a school where everyon…

Thriving Through Change,Cultivating Growth

In 2009, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies acquired AIG’s Personal Auto Group, which included 21st Century Insurance Company. This acquisition expanded Farmers’s reach into the auto insurance marketplace. Farmers customers can now choose between working directly with the company through its local agents, or as some…

Three Keys to Designing Good Scenarios

Experience is still the best teacher when learning a new process, and even more so when facilitating a change in behavior or skills. A proven approach to experiential learning is using scenario-based simulations.

Those Who Lead, Mentor

The first decade of the century is behind us, and we are on the threshold of a new one, having learned many lessons about mentoring and leadership during the last 10 years. Perhaps the most significant is that study after study has shown that the majority of leaders attribute their success, in whole or in part, to the…

Thomas Perez

An interview with Thomas E. Perez, the U.S. Secretary of Labor

They’re Experts But Can They Be Trainers

Some subject matter experts will take to training delivery like a fish to water, others will need a bit more coaching and polishing, but all can be effective if trained properly.

The Yin and Yang of Formal + Informal Learning

An intentional mix of formal and informal learning strategies might be just what your company needs. In the East, it is said that people who are yin are creative, passive, and easygoing. When they tend to lethargy, they are encouraged to become more yang. On the other hand, those who are yang are seen as active, precise, and controlle…

They All Shine On

“You never have enough money to do all the training you want to do,” says Karie Willyerd, vice president and chief learning officer at Sun Microsystems. Sun releases a product or an update every day around which training could be built; but putting out a new program or module daily – even with a learning staf…

The Work Cheerleader

Positive psychology expert Beth Cabrera shares a little of her own psychology. The proud author of a new book, Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-being, Cabrera is enjoying the fruits of her research on positive psychology and individual well-being.

The Web 2.0 Police

There may be a little irony in the fact that training and development professionals have taken so long to progress along the Web 2.0 learning curve. Even as other experts look beyond these technologies to the next stage, most learning professionals are still trying to catch up. It could be that some simply think it’s t…

The Weary Middle

After a recent survey of 2,001 midlevel leaders worldwide, combined with additional contemporary data, Development Dimensions International (DDI) offers suggestions for organizations to prepare their midlevel talent to ensure business success in todays postrecession workplace. DDIs report, Put Your Money in the Middle, defines a midlevel le…

The War for Talent

Changes to its onboarding and career development plans helped one bank with its recruitment and retention efforts.

The Walking Meeting

Walking meetings are not only beneficial to employees’ health, they could inspire fresh ideas.

The Value of Veterans

Will common misconceptions about veterans prevent your organization from capitalizing on valuable talent?

The Value-Add of Learning

As drugstore chain Walgreens goes through a transformation, it looks to its new corporate university to help propel the change and sustain its business strategy.

The United States and China: Western Power and Eastern Ascendancy

United States and China relations have grown increasingly strained during recent years due to this economic power play and related international conflicts involving jobs, trade, and currency. Yet the two countries share many similarities regarding their workforces and labor rights.

The Trusted Leader

The defining word for leaders is trust. With trust, there is nothing leaders can’t get done; without trust, nothing gets done without lots of pain, cost, and time. I studied leadership researchers (Goleman, Tichy, Kouzes and Posner, Goldsmith, and others) and finally was able to hang their collective research onto a si…

The Trainer as Curator

Trainers now must learn to wade through the continuous stream of information to present the most relevant content to learners.

The Tardy Party

Employees admit to strolling in late to work on more than one occasion.