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Foundational Trainer Competencies Assessment (An Infoline Job Aid)

Use this job aid to measure your strengths in the foundational competencies for trainers. The competencies include business/management skills, interpersonal skills, and personal skills. Rate your level of expertise in those areas and decide which skills are of the highest priority to you. [PDF Download]

Evaluate Data Integrity (An Infoline Job Aid)

This job aid can help you decide if you are being presented with accurate or skewed data and determine the validity of a research study by focusing on five factors: the problem, method, conclusions, criteria, and implications of the study. [PDF Download]

Assessing Training Delivery (An Infoline Job Aid)

Evaluate your training practices with this job aid. Have a trusted friend or colleague monitor one of your training sessions using this checklist, or videotape a session and review yourself. The completed checklist will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. [PDF Download]

The Great Generation Shift

This white paper discusses the post-Baby Boomer shift that demographers and workforce planners have been anticipating for decades.

Science of Learning Glossary Job Aid

This glossary will help you learn some of the most important science of learning terms. Read the terms and consider how they relate to the instruction you build. The learning sciences, like other sciences, is the foundation for good outcomes in organizational learning and other educational fields.

Sales Coaching Process

Follow this step-by-step process to coach your sales staff. The sales coaching process works as a cycle, so keep checking in on your salespeople and observing their performance. Once the cycle is complete, begin the process again.

Sales Coaching Plan Template

This template includes an assessment of current objectives and status for the player, as well as a post-observation session assessment for coaching.This is a PDF form. You can fill it out in Adobe Acrobat.

Resume Template

This editable resume template, designed specifically for ATD members, will help you to stand out from other candidates. The ATD resume template is in WORD format and includes guidance on the types of information to include in various sections of the document.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Client

You might consider asking your client some of the following questions at the very start of your engagement. Reiterate that you are asking them to ensure there is mutual understanding (and no surprises) among all parties.

Positive Performance Checklist

The Infoline job aid, Positive Performance Checklist, can be used in several ways: to make changes in how you approach your work space and time, as a conversation starter, or as a gauge of how colleagues feel about the work environment.

Planning Your Development

Self-awareness is vital to your success. Take the time to ask for feedback about your middle management acumen. This job aid will help you plan your professional development.

Mobile Readiness Checklist

Is your team mobile ready? Use this checklist to determine whether you have the support and preparation you need to begin a mobile learning initiative.

Measuring Internal Leadership Team Effectiveness

The Measuring Internal Leadership Team Effectiveness job aid from the “Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams” TD at Work gauges how effective one’s leadership team operates on outcomes such as charter and vision, goals, and teamwork.