Category: Courses

Religion and Conflict – Online Course

Understand and analyse the role of religion in conflicts and peacebuilding in present-day societies, with this free online course.

Spanish for Beginners 2 – Online Course

Learn how to describe people and what they wear, and talk about your family and home in the second Spanish for Beginners course.

Why We Post – Online Course

Discover the varying uses of social media around the world and its consequences for politics, relationships and everyday life.

Nutrition and Wellbeing – Online Course

Demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about nutrition, health and lifestyle today, with this free online course.

Process Mining in Healthcare – Online Course

Learn how process mining can be used to turn healthcare data into valuable insights to improve patient care while reducing costs, with this online course.

Inside IELTS – Online Course

Learn about the skills you need for IELTS Academic on this free course from Cambridge Assessment English, the makers of the test.

Virtual Hong Kong – Online Course

Discover Hong Kong, its people, culture and customs with this free online course using 360° video and virtual reality.

Empire – Online Course

The British Empire continues to cause enormous disagreement among historians. Find out why and join the debate.

Explore Filmmaking- Online Course

Explore Filmmaking will deepen your understanding of the filmmaking process and show you how to take it further.

Dysphagia – Online Course

This course will enhance the knowledge of any person involved in the administration of medicines to patients with dysphagia.

International Affairs: Globalisation

Explore globalisation’s impact on economics, politics and society. Join the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies’ online course.

Food as Medicine – Online Course

Explore the role of food in health. Apply nutrition science to guide you on using food as medicine for you and your family.

Copyright – Online Course

Entiende la importancia del copyright y conoce su historia, del Renacimiento a Internet.

Early Career Academics – Online Course

Discover the skills you need as an academic, explore career options and reflect on your career with an online course for early career academic researchers.

Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

Understand key programming concepts and apply them using Scratch, with this introductory course for primary or K-5 teachers.

The Self-aware Coach – Online Course

Find out why self-awareness is so important in coaching and leadership, with this online course from Deakin University.

Multilingual Practices – Online Course

Learn about central aspects of multilingualism in today’s globalised societies, such as cognition, policies and education.

Making Education Inclusive – Online Course

Learn practical strategies for making education more inclusive for children with disabilities with this online course from the University of Cape Town.

Leading and Managing People-Centred Change

Learn how to effectively manage change that affects people in your organisation with this online course from Durham University Business School.