Transferring Learning to Behavior

Transferring Learning to Behavior addresses today’s most difficult training challenge: transferring what’s taught to actual employee performance. Donald Kirkpatrick’s famous four level model has become the model for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. In Transferring Learning to Behavior, Donald and his son James show how this model can be used to confront what has always been the most difficult training challenge: getting people to apply what they learn.

Training Triage

This book offers you emergency remedies for the real training challenges and situations training professionals face every day on the front lines of most organizations. As the author notes in Chapter 1, this book is designed for trainers with some battle scars who get calls asking for the impossible to be delivered the next day, without budget or staff to accomplish the feat. This fast-paced, entertaining book presents real-life situations in dialogue format to allow you to listen in on conversations between an executive or client requesting training; or some other performance intervention and the training professional interpreting and acting on the request. Not only does this book offer advice on finding the right solution, it offers step-by-step guidance as it walks the reader through the building and implementing of an effective solution. Use this book to build your skills as a trainer or performance improvement specialist, or to implement and adapt the detailed interventions to solve your most pressing training and performance need. The book includes accompanying electronic material, available via download from ASTD, with handouts, assessments, and tools to help you triage your next training emergency.

Training on the Job

An essential guide for developing a successful on-the-job training program. Training on the Job includes an eight-step model for setting up a team-driven, on-the-job training program along with easy-to-understand templates, instructions, checklists, and case studies. Whether you want to train individuals on specifics or retrain an entire workforce, use Training on the Job to ensure your on-the-job training program empowers employees and gets results.

Training From The Heart

Look within to uncover your training passion and create an amazing, effective environment for learners. Training from the Heart reveals the two traits that the most effective, influential trainers share: 1. they know why they are trainers, and 2. they understand that training is a partnership. Self-assessments, checklists, and other tools for self-discovery demonstrate why training from the heart really works and will help you ensure that learners apply their lessons from the classroom to the job.

Training for Results

Design training that engages participants, makes an impact, and changes behaviors. Training for Results guides you through the preparation and instruction process of implementing a new training course. Self-assessments, planning sheets, and additional learning exercises have been effective planning tools for thousands of instructors in more than 400 author-conducted train-the-trainer workshops.

Trainer Basics

Answers the three key questions for new trainers: What does a trainer do and why? How can the skills be developed quickly? How does a trainer apply knowledge? Trainer Basics provides a clear, concise explanation of the training function. Veteran trainer, George M. Piskurich, explains the basics of instructional design, adult learning, needs analysis, evaluation, presenting, and facilitation. It is a great tool for training beginning practitioners and subject matter experts new to the training field.

Thiagi’s Interactive Lectures

Seven time-tested presentation methods for turning a lecture into a two-way communication medium. Although the juxtaposition of the words lecture and interactive may seem like an unlikely duo, Thiagi’s Interactive Lectures proves how the unusual pairing can successfully co-exist. Lectures become interactive when you incorporate Thiagi’s featured games and exercises. Learn how and when to employ interactive activities with step-by-step instructions for their application and blending in the classroom.

The Intervention Selector, Designer & Developer Implementor

The role of the intervention selector is to choose appropriate learning and performance interventions, both in and out of the workplace, to address the causes of performance gaps. This text will help the intervention designer and developer to formulate learning and performance interventions that address these causes and complement similarly targeted interventions and to ensure that the interventions that have been selected are carried out in an effective and appropriate way and complement similarly targeted interventions.

The Credible Trainer

Become a valued strategic partner in your organization. The Credible Trainer shows how to analyze your organization and your career strategically, articulate the trainer’s strategic role, and develop the skills to demonstrate bottom-line value. Each chapter features comprehensive self-assessments to help you assess your own path to organizational credibility.

The Connect Effect

Offers a systematic approach to developing your networking skills including an NQ test to help you quantify your networking ability. Few of us are born networkers, but anyone introvert, extrovert, or in-between can learn to master this important skill. And as you build your networks and the connections between members multiply, you’ll find that the benefits you gain grow exponentially. This extraordinary return on your networking investment is what Dulworth terms The Connect Effect and in this book he shows how it can enrich every aspect of your life.

The Complete Guide to Building and Growing a Talent Development Firm

Position your consultancy for longevity and growth. “How do I position a talent development business for lasting success?” is a question Stephen L. Cohen fields regularly. In his practice, he hears it posed countless times in countless ways by independent consultants, corporate executives, and training suppliers alike. Cohen fills The Complete Guide to Building and Growing a Talent Development Firm with answers. And it is why he has organized this guidebook by key milestones for establishing a successful consultancy—one specifically focused on content, delivery, and instruction. Whether you want to start your own firm or take the next steps to grow, Cohen has been in your shoes. In his 40-year career in talent development, a deep understanding of industry best practices—and their nuances—has guided his many efforts to found, expand, merge, and even sell thriving talent development firms. Delve into timeless lessons for getting your talent development firm off the ground and start moving your business forward. You’ll find sage advice on overcoming barriers to success and tips for handling potential industry disruptions. Learn to: Build a consultancy that survives and thrives the tests of time.

The Art of Modern Sales Management

Learn everything you need to know to be a top sales manager! Sales management has changed dramatically in the past decade. With increasing globalization and many companies adding more virtual workers, the task of managing these diverse sales teams has become increasingly complicated. In a connected and evolving world it is hard to offer a definitive guide, but this book strives to sketch out a blueprint for managing performance in a changing sales landscape. Each chapter is written by a sales professional and thought leader, many with experience as both a salesperson and as a sales manager. Learn from their experience and utilize the action plans at the end of each chapter to grow into a better leader for your team, whether they are down the hall or across the world.

The 2005 ASTD Training & Performance Sourcebook

The 2005 edition of the ASTD Training and Performance Sourcebook draws on the knowledge and expertise of 42 top-flight trainers and consultants to present a comprehensive toolkit of the best training activities, group learning exercises, assessment instruments, handouts, and other essential guides for todays busy training and performance professional. The tools presented here cover a wide range of topics from e-learning, communication skills, diversity, and management development. The field-tested guide offers fully reproducible tools contained on the accompanying CD-ROM that will enable you to implement the most up-to-date training programs for your clients quickly and efficiently.

The 2005 ASTD Team & Organization Development Sourcebook

The 2005 edition of the ASTD Team and Organization Development Sourcebook draws on the knowledge and expertise 46 top-flight consultants, team developers, and training facilitators. The book presents a comprehensive toolkit of the most important topics facing organizations today, including managing change, launching organizational initiatives, facilitating teams, goal setting and planning, creative problem solving, building cooperation and trust, and team development. The 40 games, exercises, learning activities, assessment instruments, handouts, tip sheets, and implementation guides are all field-tested and available for use on the accompanying CD-ROM to enable you to implement the most up-to-date training programs for your clients quickly and efficiently.

Teach With Style

The Teach With Style methodology is a dynamic model built around four “instructor styles,” each supported by strategies and tactics that you can use in the classroom. This book will help you improve certain facilitation techniques and skills while enhancing your natural strengths, for a balanced, fresh approach to adult instruction that will accelerate your students’ learning.

Targeted Evaluation Process

A flexible, six-step process to determine the success of any performance solution. The Targeted Evaluation Process offers six steps including communicating with stakeholders, understanding the organizational context, asking the right questions, choosing the right tools to carry out the analysis, and reporting the results, and a simple project management frame work for conducting an accurate, concise evaluation.

Succession Planning Basics

An explanation of the trainers role in implementing strategic succession planning tactics to ensure the future prosperity of your organization. Succession Planning Basics will equip you with the background and implementation tools to devise and execute a forward-thinking succession planning program. It will guide you through creating a workforce profile and conducting analysis, building individual job profiles, and implementing an employee development strategy.

Stories Trainers Tell

Make challenging concepts more memorable, even unforgettable! Telling stories is a powerful way to make a point, especially when the stories are compelling, well-constructed, and poignant. This book captures thought-provoking stories contributed by trainers, nationally known speakers, consultants, business leaders, educators, and professional storytellers that help make challenging ideas and abstract concepts stick.The stories are organized around major organizational development and training themes, such as leadership, diversity, teamwork, performance and coaching, and customer service. Accompanying each story are tips, debriefing questions, key points, and a follow-up activity to maximize its impact and learning potential.

Selling E-Learning

Sell the concept of e-learning to management and bring technology-based learning tools to your organization. Learn the risks and benefits of e-learning and present a realistic analysis that leaves nothing to chance. Selling E-Learning explains how to present an e-learning strategy to management, create a cost-benefit analysis, and calculate projected ROI. Selling E-Learning features a series of success stories from major organizations that have effectively incorporated e-learning into their learning programs.

Sales Chaos

It doesn’t matter if you are new to sales or a seasoned professional; Sales Chaos provides the key information any seller should know to turn the scientific theory of Agility Selling into more relevant sales conversations and bottom-line sales results.

ROI at Work

Explains the complexities of return on investment (ROI) and details the benefits of ROI assessment.ROI at Work features examples of ROI application in the government sector along with a variety of other industries, including telecommunications, financial services, technology, and automotive. Analyze real-world case studies and use ROI principles to ensure your programs contribute to the strategic goals of your organization.

Return on Investment (ROI) Basics

Return on Investment (ROI) Basics provides a baseline exploration of ROI for both novice and experienced WLP practitioners. Additionally, it includes a review of two essential, often overlooked, steps in the ROI process: communicating results and integrating ROI into an organizations learning programs.Part of the ASTD TRAINING BASICS series.

Retaining Your Best Employees (In Action Case Study Series)

Keeping and retaining your best, high-performing employees is tough. But here’s a resource that helps you take the best retention strategies from other organizations and apply them to your own situation. Explore what others are doing about managing retention, and learn about retention’s impact on the individual employee who has chosen to leave or has been forced to leave an organization. This book includes 10 case studies on important topics, such as using recognition to manage retention, reinvigorating a mature company and using an internal degree program to reduce turnover.

Recruiting and Retaining Call Center Employees (In Action Case Study Series)

What’s your strategy to remain competitive? Trainers realize that recruiting the right people with the right skills and providing them with great training is key to creating a great business. With the arrival of measurement and return-on-investment calculations for these key business activities comes the realization from business professionals that performance management does make a difference in profits, sales, and customer satisfaction. With a company’s need to recruit and keep the best talent, performance management is its best strategy for remaining competitive in the global marketplace in which employees have more choices than ever before. Performance management is used to improve both personal and organizational skills . Recruiting and Retaining Call Center Employees illustrates the various ways employees can reach their potential and thereby contribute to the bottom line, made all the more profitable by creating stronger and more stable companies that can offer higher wages and excellent benefit packages. Combining theory with practical advice on training, recruiting, and evaluating programs, this book provides the trainer with practical models and guides. Plus, cases on process and technology provide a full range of solutions in creating a call center that is well ahead of the competition.

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace

This new book by trust thought leaders Dennis and Michelle Reina tackles how to rebuild trust in the workplace after it has been betrayed and broken. Their proven 7-step process provides a compassionate, practical approach to help you reframe the experience, take responsibility, forgive, let go, and move on so that everyone can once again be effective and creative agents in the organization.

Rapid Video Development for Trainers

Rapid Video Development for Trainers meets the needs of companies and individuals who are thinking about or have dabbled in video production. Written specifically for trainers by a 20-year media industry veteran who has worked in Europe, America, and Asia, Rapid Video Development for Trainers explains in clear, nontechnical language everything you need to know to create exceptionally instructive, cost-effective video yourself.

Rapid Needs Analysis

Avoid a time-consuming needs analysis process and learn how to quickly analyze a performance problem. You can use the dozens of tools, worksheets, and job aids included in this book to rapidly analyze a request for a performance solution and recommend the best method to meet your business needs. Case studies, which illustrate how companies have succeeded using the process described in the book, are included in every chapter.

Quick! Show Me Your Value

Quick! Show Me Your Value is the first book specifically designed to help you confidently communicate your true value at the most senior levels of an organization. By understanding how financial leaders think, you are liberated from your fear of interacting with these leaders. Discover new avenues for respect and inclusion in organizational decision making.

Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

Offers the tools to sell and implement emotional intelligence training in your organization. Emotional intelligence matters more than ever. Personal qualities such as resilience, optimism, and initiative have become crucial survival traits necessary for enduring the many changes affecting the American and global marketplaces. Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Organizations offers the tools to sell and implement emotional intelligence training within your organization.

Presenting Learning (hardcover)

Offers a powerful set of methods, tools, and strategies that will help you effectively present a convincing business case for learning. Written by two leading authorities on learning and presentations, Presenting Learning reveals how to communicate with C-level decision makers in a language these executives understand and respect. An easily applicable communication model, along with instructions for creating a compelling value story, will ensure stakeholder support for your next learning initiative.

Presenting Learning

Convincing those in top leadership positions that workplace learning is a key strategic organizational driver is often difficult. Presenting Learning offers a set of powerful yet simple methods, tools, and strategies that will help any learning professional effectively present a convincing business case for learning. Written by two leading authorities on learning and presentations, this book will show you how to communicate with C-Level decision makers in language these executives understand and respect.

Presentation Basics

A step-by-step trainers guide for navigating presentation planning, delivery, and follow-up. Presentation Basics eases readers through the presentation development process. Providing 20 essential tips for success, it addresses everything from preparation, using aids, and creating the right environment; to improving delivery and recovering control when things go wrong. Part of the ASTD TRAINING BASICS series.

Play to Learn

When trainers use games, learners win big. As a trainer interested in game design, you know that games are more effective than lectures. You’ve seen firsthand how immersive games hold learners’ interest, helping them explore new skills and experience different points of view.But how do you become the Milton Bradley of learning games? Play to Learn is here to help.This book bridges the gap between instructional design and game design; it’s written to grow your game literacy and strengthen crucial game design skills. Experts Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp share real examples of in-person and online games, and offer an online game for you to try as you read. They walk you through evaluating entertainment and learning games, so you can apply the best to your own designs. Play to Learn will also show you how to:So don’t just play around. Think big, design well, and use Play to Learn as your guide.

Performance Intervention Maps (2nd Edition)

The 39 strategies offered by Performance Intervention Maps allow users to understand the benefits and limitations of various performance approaches. The book features nearly two dozen performance improvement experts and practitioners who demonstrate that the principles in this book have been applied successfully in the field. In addition, this updated version of the original includes downloads of the intervention maps so you can add new interventions and solutions as you discover them.

Outsourcing Training and Education

A detailed examination of the successful training outsourcing practices of leading organizations. Outsourcing Training & Education reviews the benefits of outsourcing and reveals how to develop workable outsourcing processes. Providing a base of experience, benchmarks, and processes, Outsourcing Training & Education also includes an appendix with contract templates, instructor agreements, outsourcing checklists, and customer satisfaction scorecards.

Organization Development Basics

A primer on the broad field of organization development (OD) and a foundation for understanding of the tools, practices, and core skills of the OD practitioner. Organizational Development Basics will help trainers, training managers, and beginning OD practitioners learn the fundamentals of influencing organizational strategy and direction. Learn the basics for managing change and aligning people, processes, and practices for success.

Organizational Coaching

Written by a team of three behavioral practitioners, Organizational Coaching is based on the best practices of a wide range of private sector, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The authors provide a complete systems approach to enable any workplace learning professional to develop an integrated coaching model.