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57 Tips for Writing Your Term Paper

What does it take to concentrate and complete your term paper with high quality? It is usually a difficult task for many of us – we waited until the deadli

How to train for a happy life in 7 easy tips

It’s time to get serious about what kind of life you really want to live, but if you really want to be the best at being everything you can be and living every life happy, then you will never have a regret following these tips — especially number 4.

10 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

Want to make your home safer for yourself, your family and your possessions? Then try implementing these 10 great tips for home security.

Even More Running Resources

The second best post I ever did for (from YOUR perspective, links, Digg responses, etc), was my Running for Beginners post a short while back.

Do People Really Want Birthday Gifts?

This article explain the reasons some people don’t like birthday gifts and suggests how to deal with them, providing tips on choosing better birthday gifts.

How to pull an all-nighter

For your work project or school assignment, you may sometimes need to work through the night. Frankly, partying all night is fine, but doing productive wor

Photo Hacks: Make a Photo Block

PhotoJojo has all kinds of interesting DIY projects for photos. I could’ve listed any of about a dozen, but here’s a neat one on turning a photo into a pho

Make phone calls from your browser

The Web site Gizmo Call lets make phone calls (to cell phones or land lines) for free from directly in your browser. The Web site is very simple to use, ho

How Fast Is Your Feed Reading?

RSS feed readers themselves as well as subscription trimming and keyboard shortcuts are great ways to get your news and information quickly and easily. But

Review: Undress for Success

Kate Lister and Tom Harnish have been working at home for years. For sixteen years, they operated a home business. They’ve codified the advice they’ve gene

What You Need To Know About Fasting

Fasting is trending, and for good reason. Unlike dieting, fasting is easy, cheap, short, effective, and lifestyle friendly. Here’s how to start.

Happy New Year!

Everyone at Lifehack and its parent company Stepcase would like to wish you the best of years in 2010, filled with joy, companionship, and achievement. May

7 Life Lessons I Learned From My Son

Sometimes the greatest gift of parenthood is the unexpected lessons your children teach you. Here are 7 life lessons that I have learned from my son.

101 Common Sense Management Tips

The blog Business Intelligence Lowdown argues that to be an effective manager, you don’t need a shiny MBA degree, but just some common sense. They recap 10

5 Simple Steps To Be Happy — Finally

Happiness — the often elusive, but always desired state of being. The reason why we’re not always happy is simply because we aren’t always present to the

Don’t Pay to Manage Your Money

Bank fees, software, tax preparation: if you aren’t careful, your money can wind up costing you a pretty penny. I’m of the opinion that in most cases, you

Is Time Your Friend or Your Enemy?

Many people conclude that time is their enemy but let me give you a different way to look at things. Partner with time to get the most out of life.

Make Time Management a Lifestyle

Most of us would like to accomplish more than what we are able to in a day. How many times have you felt that it would be so much easier if you only had a

My Garage is Dead to Me

Spring may be here, but why does my garage keep getting in the way of my attempts to keep my house organized?