BrightLoop – Tool for tracking interactions, progress, and lesson ideas for individual learners


Brightloop is a free tool that helps teachers track student comprehension according to the CCSS, add notes and lesson ideas for individual students based on their needs, and organize their planners to actually incorporate those personalized lessons into their classroom. Teachers can access Brightloop in a browser on their computer or tablet for free and immediately start adding notes on their students. As of July 9, 2014, Brightloop has beta tested their product with around five schools in New Orleans.

Simplify Parent Conferences & Report Cards
Simplify this hectic time of year with BrightLoop’s tips and tricks for having a no-stress parent conferences, collaborating with families and simplifying tracking towards report cards.

Conferring with BrightLoop: 
Perhaps you are new to Writers Workshop, or a seasoned veteran. Many of their teachers are using BrightLoop to simplify and enhance their ability to run the Writer’s Workshop in their classroom by using BrightLoop for conferring.

Reading Workshop
Learn how four BrightLoop teachers use the product during reading workshop in order to:
– Set and Track Learning Objectives
– Identify Strategy Groups
– Use Assessment Data
– Document for Conferences and Grades …

Quickly Assess Math Benchmarks
In the words of BrightLoop user Mary, “Math is more cut and dry and BrightLoop helps me to ensure that each of my students are getting what they need.” I walk around the classroom with BrightLoop open. As my students are working on the concept I just taught I open the standard I want to assess and I am able to assess them using the rubric view or writing a note on how they understand the concept.”

Create a Digital Student Portfolio – Ready for Conferences or Any Meeting
Take photos of student work on the fly and say goodbye to filing papers. Document student projects, take a photo of group work and add your comments… the ideas are endless for how you can visually bring to life a student’s day. This notes are printable in PDF form below, or you can pull them up on your tablet ready for meetings.

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