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Wisdom Leap – Combination LMS, ePortfolio, and automation system

WisdomLeap is a holistic learning solution for schools. It handles all the learning needs of the school on a single platform.

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Content creation and management.
  • Assessment creation and management.
  • Assignments and activities management.
  • Collaboration tools (chats, blogs, wikis, forums and more.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Automation System

  • Capture anecdotal records.
  • Add Marks for SA and FA.
  • Online auto graded FA assessments.
  • Rubrics for FA assessments.
  • Grade Co-scholastic areas and activities.
  • Automated CCE report card generation.
  • Multiple MIS reports.


  • A student portfolio of all his work maintained online.
  • Tool to capture student reflections.
  • Upload wide range of portfolio artefacts.
  • Share portfolio artefacts with teachers and classmates.


CarveNiche Technologies is on the mission to bring world class personalized learning to every child.
They  are working on revolutionizing the world of education by using the latest innovations in the field of technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics to overcome all the difficulties a child faces in the learning process. They are on the mission to bring quality,personalized education to every child

Versal – Create captivating learning experiences


Versal – Create captivating learning experiences – Free for teachers and educators

Create Fun and interactive lessons

From complete courses to quick homework assignments and student-led projects, create interactive online learning experiences.

Interactive gadgets

Gadgets are the building blocks of a lesson. Create, curate, and customize content to inspire students like never before.

Create the best content

Add the basics (text, video, and images), then get creative with customizable interactive exercises and assessments. Learning is more effective when it’s fun.

Browse the gadget market

Discover course-ready content in our teacher-powered Gadget Market. Search 1,000+ gadgets covering virtually any topic imaginable. It’s the fastest way to get started.

Curate the web

Import existing materials and display virtually anything found on the Web. Because there’s a wealth of knowledge out there.


Invite students to Versal, or embed courses directly into blogs, websites, and popular LMS platforms (LTI and SCORM compliant). Check out our Chrome App, and Google Classroom and Schoology integration.

How to create a course with Versal

1.Start in the course creator with a blank canvas ready for your ideas and content

2.Drag gadgets to the canvas to create your first lesson

What are gadgets?: Gadgets are the building blocks of a course. Add content, import existing materials, embed content from around the Web, and customize interactive exercises. With gadgets, the sky’s the limit for creativity and interactivity.

3.Add lessons to organize a course

Structure lessons: Use the table of contents at the left to create a learning flow for your course. Edit the course title, add and edit lessons, move lessons around and easily navigate between different sections of the course.

4. When it’s just right, publishand share a link to Versal, or embed directly in an LMS, blog, website and more.

Children’s Progress Academic Assessment – Provides a personalized assessment experience


Measure early childhood learning with CPAA

Help your youngest learners leap ahead—track early childhood learning with CPAA
Prekindergarten and early primary students aren’t just small versions of bigger kids—that’s why Children’s Progress Academic Assessment™ (CPAA™) provides a personalized assessment experience that supports your youngest learners’ unique developmental needs. Designed by Columbia University and MIT researchers, our adaptive skills assessment offers educators a reliable tool to guide targeted instruction for early childhood learning. In addition, CPAA offers easy-to-understand parent reports and instructional activities for the home.

  • Set skill acquisition on the right path from day one
  • Quickly identify fully and partially developed skills
  • Identify skills under development with responses to scaffolding (targeted support)
  • Benchmark against end-of-year grade level expectations
  • Dig into skill level data for native English speakers and Spanish-speaking English language learners
  • Move directly from assessment to instruction with recommended activities for the classroom
  • Extend classroom learning via parent reports and at-home activities

Discover how CPAA helps accelerate academic success

  • Mirrors 1:1 student-teacher interactions through targeted support for struggling students
  • Aligns to state and Common Core Standards, allowing you to pinpoint intervention needs
  • Provides skill-specific next steps for each child and classroom
  • Includes built-in parent reports and activities to extend classroom learning
  • Supports English Language Learners via Spanish-language version

Identify students’ needs and support their success by using CPAA as an RTI screening tool

Looking for an RTI screener for your early learners? Choose from CPAA or MAP® for Primary Grades interim assessment, a universal screener that provides the added benefit of stable growth measurement. Use CPAA up to once per month to help you target instruction for all your students.

  • Offers a unique approach to progress monitoring with built-in instructional next steps
  • Supports a highly responsive approach, even in Tier 1
  • Provides criterion-referenced performance classifications
  • 3 seasonal item banks increase in difficulty; repeated administrations use same form within season

Boost early learners’ achievement even more: pair CPAA with MPG

Amplify efforts to get all your pre-K – 3 students on the right track for third grade and beyond by pairing our two early learning assessments. MAP for Primary Grades (MPG), our interim assessment for kindergarten – grade 2 students, helps you measure growth, personalize instruction, inform your programmatic decisions, and more.


Visual Learning Tools – Marketing and communication tools for schools


Educate. Motivate. Communicate. Fundraise.

Spinitar is one of the few audiovisual companies dedicated to providing and maintaining top-class educational systems. To that end, we offer the very highest quality personalized learning experiences and resources commercially available.

The VariQuest Visual Learning Tools provide innovative instructional support, giving students with diverse learning capabilities the tools to succeed. The specialized instructional solutions combine visual and kinesthetic learning experiences, helping to facilitate information retention, student interest, and lateral thinking. VariQuest Tools allow for a superior interactive classroom experience for both students and educators.

Additional VariQuest Resources


  • Online Training
  • Funding Sources


The VariQuest Visual Learning Tools suite includes:

  • Design Center 2300™The nucleus of the entire suite of VariQuest Visual Learning Tools. This is a touch screen command center that allows for the customization and utilization of over 2,000 curriculum modules and 5,000 graphics. Access and personalize lesson plan templates, posters, awards, and much more.
  • Perfecta Plus Design System™A poster design tool especially fabricated for the academic environment. Design specialized posters, graphs, and more in vibrant, full color.
  • Poster Maker 3600™Allows schools to create striking visual aids for everything from classroom activities to school banners.
  • Cutout Maker 1800™A scalable die cutter, which creates interactive visual learning cutouts.
  • Awards Maker 400™Creates customized recognition certificates, as well as parking permits, name tags, bumper stickers, and more.
  • Trifecta™ 800 3D PrinterEngage students with whole-brain experiences that combine left-brained analysis tasks with right-brained visual perception learning. Also this 3D printer amplifies the value of makerspaces by connecting curiosity with curriculum.
  • Media Maker Supply™Inks, banners, coated paper, and photographic paper for optimal printed resolution and durability.
  • Cold LaminatorsA scalable cold laminating system that accommodates banners up to 38″ wide, and 300 feet long.
  • Poster Printer PaperWhen using any Poster-Printer ™ or VariQuest Poster Maker™ Paper, items like color ribbons, inks, and toners are not needed. You only need a roll of poster paper and an original document.


BRIM – Report and track bullying incidents throughout a school


From Reporting Through to Resolution and Prevention

BRIM helps you manage and track the entire process at each of your schools.

Their mission is to bring about a world where everyone can go to school without fear of being bullied.

BRIM truly can help schools better handle cases of bullying which can only lead to more happy kids.

The hardest thing for victims of bullying to do is report it.

No kid wants to be labeled a “tattle tale”, and so most victims of bullying stay silent. When they finally come forward to get help, the physical or psychological damage is already done.

Kids need to report bullying sooner, and so this is why it’s critical that reporting bullying be made as simple and confidential as possible and that both victims and bullies receive consistent, timely help.

BRIM is designed to do exactly those things: enable students to confidentially report bullying online and help schools keep track of incidents once reported.

What Happens Too Often …

  • the situation is dealt with once but little or no follow-up is done in the following weeks or months;
  • school policies for handling cases of bullying are not consistently followed;
  • immediate consequences for aggressive behaviors are not enforced;
  • all the staff needed to address the situation aren’t notified and so future incidents go unnoticed.

But with BRIM …

  • Incidents are recorded and the appropriate staff instantly notified.
  • Follow-up reminders and weekly summary emails ensure consistent, timely interventions.
  • School discipline policies can be loaded into BRIM and checked off for each reported incident ensuring consistent treatment of all incidents (checklists aren’t just for pilots and doctors anymore!)
  • Staff and teachers can login and collaborate on incidents, and BRIM keeps everybody in the loop.

How BRIM works?

  1. Reporting with BRIM
  2. Investigating with BRIM
  3. Communicate with BRIM
  4. Resolve with BRIM
  5. Prevent with BRIM

Remind – The end of unread printouts, sticky notes, and emails.


At Remind, teachers are the heart and soul of what they do. That’s because they believe that by making teachers’ lives easier, they empower them to personally connect with students and bring communities together to improve education.

Their vision is to connect every teacher, student, and parent in the world to improve education.

  • Teacher obsessed

Understand, empower, and delight teachers; our work starts with them.

  • Simplicity wins

Make things easy to understand and useful.

  • Find a way

Take ownership and focus on impact.

  • Be direct, considerate, and receptive

Challenge each other to be our best selves.

The end of unread printouts, sticky notes, and emails.

  • Flexible messaging

Personalize communication for all classes, small groups, and individuals.

  • Accessible communication

Send messages to any device, including SMS-only phones.

  • Safety controls

Keep contact information private and access your message history any time.

  • Simple, rich messages

Attach photos, videos, voice clips, and other files to any message.

  • Language support

Translate messages into more than 70 languages to reach every family.

  • Collaborative tools
Share class management with your colleagues.

How it work?

  • Scheduled announcements

Set reminders in advance—they’ll send automatically.

  • File attachments

Send home class photos, homework handouts, and other files.

  • Office hours

Show students and parents the best times to reach you.

  • Co-teacher support

Add other owners to your class to send announcements and manage settings.

  • Read receipts

See who’s received and read each message you send.

  • Activity planning

Coordinate field trips, t-shirt sales, and fundraisers—and collect funds online.

Educreations -Engage students with video – teach anything to anyone from anywhere.


Educreations is now even easier to use and more powerful than ever. We carefully reconsidered every detail to create the essential tool for teaching and learning on the go.

Engage Students With Video

Capture Your Ideas

Record your voice and iPad® screen to create dynamic video lessons that students and colleagues can access any time, as needed.

Share Instantly

Post your videos to Educreations and share them with anyone. You can even share videos via email, Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo or YouTube, or download and store them in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Replay Anytime

All of your videos are stored safely in the cloud and are accessible everywhere you need them. You control who can see what.

Educreations Benefits

Teach anything from anywhere.

Explain any concept and instantly share your thoughts with others.

Enable self-paced learning.

Help students take control of their learning and master each new concept.

See what students know.

Replay student work to pinpoint misconceptions, and celebrate their successes.

Save time in class.

Spend more time engaging students one-on-one. Create


Capture Your Ideas

Record your voice and iPad® screen to create dynamic video tutorials that students and colleagues can access any time, as needed.

Use Your Content

Import documents and pictures from your Photo Library, Dropbox and Google Drive. Display a custom map. Insert any webpage. Snap a photo or search the web for the perfect image, right within the app.

Share Instantly

In addition to sharing your videos with other Educreations users, you can also send videos over email, post to YouTube, Edmodo and Twitter, embed on your website, or save to your Camera Roll, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Cloud Sync

Finished videos are automatically saved to your Educreations account and are instantly ready to be viewed online and shared with others. You control who can see what.

Built for the Digital Classroom

Share video lessons with students in a safe and private classroom environment. Have students show what they know by creating their own videos. Provide rich feedback on student work.

TeacherMatch – Uses analytics as a hiring and professional development tool


TeacherMatch was founded by a group of dedicated, passionate educators with a wealth of experience who understand that teachers are the most critical factor in:

  • Fostering whole student development
  • Increasing measurable student academic growth and achievement
  • Advancing district/school performance and reputation

Their four co-founders worked together in the K-12 public education system — where they spearheaded the design and implementation of a comprehensive hiring and professional development plan involving thousands of teachers. The model was such a success that the U.S. Department of Education used it to shape their multi-billion-dollar school improvement program.

In collaboration with their skilled technology group and renowned research partners,TeacherMatch offers a data-driven, people-powered formula for success for K-12 education talent management.

At TeacherMatch, they’ve taken a groundbreaking step forward in advancing the analytical or scientific aspects of assessing teaching candidates. But they know that every school has established criteria and standards that address the art of hiring — fine-tuned and developed over years of experience and practice.

TeacherMatch fosters a collaborative partnership that integrates their predictive analytics and technological innovations with your hands-on professional judgment and HR software. They work together to develop a custom-designed system that supports all aspects of your hiring and onboarding process. Their goal is to enhancewhat you do best with what they do best.

Their Mission

To measurably increase student achievement and elevate the teaching profession by placing more effective, high-quality teachers in all classrooms through the use of predictive analytics.

Their Vision

A nation where every school employs an efficient, equitable, and effective hiring process dedicated to giving students the best chance to succeed in the classroom today — and the workplace tomorrow.


QwertyTown – Web-based keyboarding app, uses gamification and social learning elements


QwertyTown is a modern keyboarding web app. It provides a safe, teacher-controlled environment where students can communicate with their classmates, teachers, and friends. While becoming fluent with a keyboard, students are learning how to interact in a digital environment. This environment prepares them with a fundamental skill set essential for academic and professional success in the 21st century.


The QwertyTown homepage is their public face. QwertyTown is web based and requires no installation. Updates will simply appear on the site with no inconvenience to users.  Any visitor to QwertyTown can explore some of the features in QwertyTown, read about their News & Updates and sign up for a free 30 day trial account.

The Dashboard

Your QwertyTown dashboard is your home base. You can edit your avatar, communicate with other users and get a summary of your progress through lessons and level challenges.

Progress Widget

Your Progress widget will keep track of where you are in QwertyTown and how well you’re doing in the lessons. QwertyCoins are earned as your typing gets better and faster.

The Lesson Player

The lesson player is where students learn and practice their keyboarding. In each of the lessons students are engaged in a demo and guided practice where they learn correct hand positioning. In the independent practice portion of each lesson they can earn QwertyCoins, which they can spend on upgrading. Successful completion of a Level Challenge unlocks special communication features.

Profile Widget

Your profile widget is where you can customize your avatar and update your status for other users to see.

Avatar Customizer

Every student in QwertyTown has an avatar identity. As they succeed in lessons, students earn QwertyCoins with which they can enhance their avatars.


The Chatterbox is the communication hub. As students successfully move through the levels in QwertyTown, they will unlock the ability to see their classmates’ online status, avatars, and profiles, instant message, email and group chat with classmates and teachers.

Teacher Controls

QwertyTown equips teachers, administrators, and parents with tools that make it easy to monitor users’ communications and overall experience. They have the ability to differentiate instruction by adding, removing, and customizing individual communication features such as instant messaging and emailing.

Student Reporting

QwertyTown understands the importance of delivering detailed data about users’ performance in a fast and easy format. Teachers and administrator can access individual or whole class progress reports that indicate how students are performing and how active they are in the QwertyTown lessons.

SyncPad – Digital devices facilitates real-time sharing


Take your students  into the future

Make your classes more engaging with the help of SyncPad

  • Easy setup
  • Works on iPad and computers
  • Room moderation
  • Import your images or PDF files

Collaboration 1-to-1

Make your classes truly interactive and fun with SyncPad. Many schools are already using SyncPad as a key application in their 1-to-1 iPad programs. Imagine bringing the whiteboard or class presentation right to the students’ desks in the classroom or at home.

A better interactive whiteboard

Use SyncPad to interact directly with your students. Let them answer your questions on the whiteboard from their seats. With the new room moderation controls, you’ll be able to assign writing permissions to anyone at any time.

Remote classes

SyncPad is the best companion for your remote class tool (e.g. Skype, Blackboard, Moodle). Share your presentation and whiteboard from anywhere to everywhere. And say goodbye to writing with a mouse or a trackpad. Now you’ll be able to comfortably use your fingers or a stylus.

SyncPad is also a very popular tool for all those tutors that aren’t always available to meet in person, unlocking huge earning potentials.

No more messing with complicated network settings

Since SyncPad doesn’t require all the devices to be on the same WiFi network, you just need an Internet connection to join the desired room. Just enter the name of the room and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

My Student Survey – Are you ready to learn how student surveys can help your teachers grow?


My Student Survey – Web-based, interactive teacher feedback reports

Why Choose My Student Survey?

  • Their surveys were developed by expert researchers at Vanderbilt University. They were created using an established validation framework so you can have full confidence acting on the results.
  • They are all former teachers and have worked in district offices. This experience is critical to providing the best service because they have been in our clients’ shoes.
  • They provide web-based, user friendly feedback reports and employ the highest levels of data quality and security. Your data will be actionable, accurate and protected.
  • Valid and reliable measure of teacher practice
  • Cost and time effective (survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes)
  • Allows feedback to be more frequent and from multiple stakeholders
  • Engages students in their educational experience and promotes student voice

A Partnership in Survey Administration

High-quality survey administration is not an off-the-shelf product.  At My Student Survey, we believe in a ‘Whatever It Takes’ approach to ensuring that your survey administration is successful and that survey data helps your teachers grow.  Having worked in districts ourselves, we know the challenges of implementing a new initiative and we work hand in hand to guide you through the process.  Below is a look at a typical survey administration and the supports that we provide at each step of the way.

Phase I – Planning

They collaborate with your school or district to develop timelines, milestones, and action steps so that you start with a clear plan.  It is important to ensure that your plan matches the specific goals for your district.

Phase II – Communication

They believe that transparency and early communication builds a foundation of support for student surveys.  They use this phase to develop a communication plan for outreach to relevant district staff, principals, teachers, parents, union officials, and students.
Teacher engagement is a critical piece for high quality student survey administration. Receiving feedback from students can be unfamiliar for many teachers, so they use proven strategies for building teacher engagement.
For each communication they provide support for content that is tailored to the unique context of your district.

Phase III – Training

They provide both in-person and webinar trainings to principals and school-based survey coordinators.  They also have an extensive suite of support materials such as guidebooks, FAQ’s, and webinars that staff can draw upon to understand the details of survey administration at the school level.

Phase IV – Survey Administration

Survey administration windows can be customized to meet the needs of your district whether that means a 1 day administration or a two month window.
They provide both paper and online surveys (as well as a hybrid of the two) depending on what works best for the district.
During administration, they provide extensive technical assistance via both their technical assistance hotline as well as a dedicated support email.  All questions are addressed and responded to within 24 hours.

Phase V – Feedback Reports and Professional Development

For online surveys, they provide feedback reports within 1 week following the end of survey administration.  They know that timely feedback is critical (just like it is for students) so it is important that they have a short turnaround while still ensuring all reports have gone through an extensive quality control process.
They use our extensive set of materials for professional development to help teachers and school leaders translate student survey data into action.

Blue Ribbon – Create or adapt assessments using multiple question types


What is Blue Ribbon Testing?

An online assessment engine, with over 20 question types, providing baseline assessments tied to Common Core Standards for K-12. Don’t settle for multiple-choice assessments. Use Blue Ribbon to experience many interactive question types, like those on the high stakes tests.However, every district is unique, so why accept a “one size fits all” approach to assessment?Partner with Blue Ribbon Testing to create a customized approach for your district. Assess your students using your formative and summative assessments. Import items, and assessments, or access our item banks to create meaningful assessments that test your students following your district curriculum, in a timely manner. Store, edit and deliver relevant assessments that you trust on-line or on paper.

Why limit yourself to just Math and ELA? Blue Ribbon supports assessments in any subject.

How Can Blue Ribbon Help You?

  • Timely, relevant data to drive your instruction.
  • Flexibility to assess exactly what you are teaching in the classroom.
  • More time teaching, less time grading.
  • A place to digitize, share and store your paper assessments.
  • Customized approach to address individual student needs.

Feature for Teacher:

  • Blue Ribbon give control back to the educators! You can assess what you want, how and when you want to!
  • Results, Analysis, and Proficiency reports, generated to the skill level.
  • Individual student reports provide teachers with detailed information about student performance on a particular assessment.
  • Bar graphs and whisker plots can be used to quickly assist teachers and principals in making appropriate programmatic changes throughout the school year to address the specific needs of their students.
  • The reporting system is an essential key in helping teachers and administrators determine in which areas students need improvement. The data collected from each test taken facilitates in tracking the progress of students and classes.
  • School reports allow principals to view all classes within the grade at their school. Reports can pinpoint trends in learning and help principals focus on the professional development needs of the teaching staff.
  • A number of one-page summary reports are available to show the student’s areas of focus in each of the three subjects for each completed assessment, together with information on that particular student’s performance relative to the group as a whole, or to all students that have completed that particular assessment in the same school year.
  • Portfolio can be used to see all Blue Ribbon activity for the entire year, for a district, school, class or student in one place.
  • Data can be reported test by test, or can report side by side by creating bundles of tests, which can be shared between colleagues.

PlayPosit – Deeply engage learners and accountably measure understanding


Why school leaders choose PlayPosit

Among the changes in education, there are two particularly pressing forces: Blended learning and Common Core testing.

The Blended model–individualized, differentiated video instruction to complement in-person learning opportunities–has never had more game-changing potential with the ubiquity of tablets and computers, but it is not standardized in implementation, efficacy, and alignment to school needs.

The Common Core State Standards–computer-based summative assessment designed to standardize learning progress across states–are rolling out in most US states this year. They are rigorous and require teachers to deliver new content and students to master a new assessment environment.

Existing Challenges

It’s no surprise that implementing a whole-school, Common Core solution is hard:

  1. 1. School leaders spend a disproportionate amount of time and resources aligning whole-school blended learning approaches with new demanding Common Core criteria.
  2. 2. Teachers have varying degrees of technical comfort and necessitate access to powerful and high-quality resources for building and delivering blended content.
  3. 3. Students require a differentiated learning path with tailored feedback and preparation for Common Core testing.

PlayPosit’s Impact

They support school leaders in adopting a cost-effective, impactful blended learning model:

  1. School leaders saved time and money using PlayPosit to serve as a quick-win and accelerate whole-school alignment of blended learning with Common Core.
  2.  Teachers receive development training within and throughout PlayPosit, making our platform accessible to all technical levels. PlayPosit empowers teachers to improve their instruction and assessment skills, build on existing Common Core-aligned resources, and further save time with actionable student insights.
  3.  Students benefit from an engaging and differentiated, computer-based experience, more meaningful time with their teachers, and informed, personalized feedback.

End-to-end blended learning platform

They support school leaders in implementing a cost-effective, impactful blended learning solution.

Reporting & Support

School leaders receive monthly reports digesting teacher usage, measuring student engagement, and monitoring blended efficacy. Staff receives professional development training on Blended Learning and Common Core as well as benefit from on-call support. All of their human effort is aligned with accelerating whole-school alignment.

Create & Collaborate

The creation process is straight-forward and familiar, designed to mirror a teacher’s existing workflow. Either customize one of 30,000 existing plug-n-play PlayPosit lessons or build your own aligned to Common Core. Learn more about the creation process

Assess & Plan

Teachers monitor progress in real-time so that they can quickly identify next steps for each students’ learning path: what concepts need reteaching? how will I group students in the next active learning experience? who was confused and who needs remediation?

Training & Development

PlayPosit is committed to providing teacher support. They help teachers effectively utilize PlayPosit to fit within their existing workflow and focus their energy more efficiently toward student interactions. PlayPosit provides this support via an initial webinar, a unique PlayPosit contact email, and on-going availability in the form of video conferencing or in-person/onsight collaboration.

Engage & Differentiate

Students prepare for the Common Core computer-based environment through their highly interactive learning environment.

Questi – Optimal educational opportunities for every child

Questi - Optimal educational opportunities for every child


The powerful adaptability questi ensures that our software supports your school. Questi is partner of your school. Of each teacher, remedial teacher or board member. With simple, easy to use and powerful solutions to support you in your teaching duties.


The questi formations are a starting point for anyone in education who wants to deepen, further training or inspiration. The carefully selected formations and teachers in questi invite you to look at a fresh way to education, to children, to educate.


The software we create is not an end in itself. Questi to assist teachers and here is a software tool. Discover our vision.



A broad and nuanced understanding of each child is required to achieve targeted follow-up. In a very structured and customizable way questi provides a broad view and an overview of the complete schooling of each child.


Objectively look at the (broad) child development helps to achieve better education. Some schools do prefer standard addressed other purposeful, yet others prefer a combination of both. Whatever your preference is, in questi able to put into use, and you can immediately begin your observations or test results.


The report module questi is perfectly adaptable to your school. As supports reporting evaluate the educational project of your school, with a strong focus on differentiation and wide.


Make lesfiches or activities with a few clicks, and torque teaching methods and curricula in a quick and painless way. Book questi gives you a quick and intuitive overview of your daily or weekly schedule and your lesson plan.


Questi believes in the potential of every child. To exploit the full potential, is a broad understanding is essential.The total development of each child to identify further constructed to be on his or her specific talents.


In questi we believe in lifelong learning. offering targeted educational and didactic content is therefore one of the pillars of questi. This content comes from questi, but just as good knowledge institutions and especially all users of questi.


Including an internal messaging, automated alerts and plenty of opportunities to share with colleagues questi connects people.

Akindi – Grade multiple choice assessments using regular paper and any scanner

Akindi - Grade multiple choice assessments using regular paper and any scanner

What they do

Akindi is a web based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple choice examinations for K-12 teachers and college/university instructors. Unlike Scantron’s system that uses proprietary scanners and paper, Akindi allows users to use any scanner and any sheet of paper. This saves educators and educational institutions thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually currently spent on Scantron scanners, sheets, and maintenance.

Transforming the current system to a web based platform is the first step towards enabling further innovation in the field of class assessments.

Their Philosophy

To help build tools for educators that will help facilitate a better understanding of their students’ performance and mastery level. They believe that an incremental change in an educators performance yields exponential benefit to the students.

They also believe that the best tools are those that are simple to use and require the least amount of effort to learn. That’s why they have focused on creating tools that don’t fall too far from the existing workflow their users are used to.

Your assessment, your sheets

Select a template and customize it including pre-filling student information.

Actionable data

Pinpoint student gaps in understanding and what concepts need to be readdressed.

Immediate Feedback

Provide your students with corrected sheets to show them where they can improve.

Tritone Music Education Systems – Online music instruction platform



The Tritone Music Series is an award-winning Managed Learning Environment (MLE) focused on delivering music education courseware over the Internet to schools and distant learning environments. Created by leading music educators, our integration of curriculum, assessment and course management distinguishes it as one of the top online music programs available to the educational market.

Currently, the Tritone Music Series focuses on courseware designed to teach music and keyboard performance. Future developments will include a broad range of other instruments.

For the teacher, the courseware offers a comprehensive, balanced and sequential program that supports National Music Standards and provides a consistent level of music education, assessment and record maintenance.

For the student, the courseware offers a fun and motivating, interactive multimedia learning experience while teaching them the fundamentals of music through a self-paced, graded, keyboard-based music curriculum.

For the parent, the courseware offers the opportunity to become involved in their child’s music education by enabling them to view their child’s progress report online anytime, anywhere.

Utilizing patented Internet technologies to deliver high quality multimedia content, this subscription-based courseware is ideal for schools and home learning environments as well as for private music teachers. Setup and navigation is user-friendly making it easy to use and because it is online, the courseware is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Challenging interactive multimedia content that covers all the elements of music training and supports National Music Standards.

The Curriculum is:

  • Balanced – covers all elements of music learning (ie. performance, theory, improvising, history, creativity, ear training, sight-reading, etc.).
  • Sequential – based on a proven method of instruction the content is well organized and progresses in a logical method.
  • Comprehensive – teaches concepts with continual reinforcement and testing.

FeaturesAddresses all types of learning

  • Self-paced guided instruction
  • Interactive multimedia content
  • Game learning lessons and activities
  • Promotes development skills
  • Instant feedback
  • Sends marks to a back-end database
  • User friendly navigation
  • Supports the National Music Standards

Bloomz – Teacher-parent communication tool for pre-K to 8th grade classes


What is Bloomz?

Bloomz is the easy to use, secure app that connects parents, teachers, and school administrators to build stronger communities around children.  Bloomz helps teachers save time in their communication with Parents.  Parents stay engaged with their school community, and on top of their child’s world.  And, schools can deeply connect and coordinate with their community, effectively increasing engagement, satisfaction and retention.

A Private and Secure Network for the Classroom

Bloomz is an Invitation only network: New members may gain access to Bloomz only through an invitation from an existing member, a Class Code or by requesting an invitation directly from Bloomz.  Teachers can always control who can join the classroom and can also remove unwanted members.

Verified Parent status: Parents status will be further verified once they have been invited or approved by a Bloomz-recognized school. Measures like this provide members the required level of trust when interacting and connecting with the other members of the network.

Privacy Controls: The ability to set privacy options for your child’s attributes such as Date of Birth and Activities. This enables parents to control what they expose to their contacts.

Secure HTTPS communications: We use standard HTTPS protocols for secure communication over your computer network.

This is how Bloomz works

  • Connect: 

Class Updates:Share class updates about the day’s learnings or send reminders for assignment due dates, registration deadlines, etc.

Photo Sharing:Share special moments from class or a recent field trip so parents can be engaged even when they can’t be there in person.

  • Coordinate.

Reminders & Class Calendar:Plan class activities and organize field trips, or track parent-teacher meetings all in one place.

Manage Events: Send invites, attach permission slips, track RSVPs, request and sign up volunteers and reminders make planning and participating easy.

  • Communicate.

2-way Messaging:No more searching for phone numbers and email addresses. Instantly reach one or more parents, teachers, school staff and PTA leaders, through in-app messaging.

Private and Secure:Share in comfort knowing everything created or shared on Bloomz is protected by our strict measures.

Bloomz Full Feature List!

Here is the full feature list that Bloomz offers.

  • Posts/Announcements/Alerts
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Volunteer Requests
  • Parent Teacher Conference
  • Media
  • Membership management
  • School Hierarchy
  • Invites
  • SMS Signups
  • Translation
  • Notifications
  • Moderation
  • Ease of Use
  • Available everywhere

SurveyMonkey – Get answers with the world’s leading survey platform


SurveyMonkey Create Surveys, Get Answers. The basics are always free. Upgrade for more powerful features.

Create and send surveys with ease

A simple poll? In-depth market research? They’ve got you covered. Create any type of survey—from simple to sophisticated—with their powerful and easy-to-use survey builder.

Make smarter decisions with data

Use our robust analytics to make data-driven decisions. Get responses in real time, slice and dice data to reveal insights, and easily share presentation-ready charts and reports.

Buy a targeted audience

With SurveyMonkey Audience, you can define your target audience, launch your project, and get your answers within days.

Enterprise-grade features built for business

Empower everyone in your organization to collaborate on surveys under one centrally-managed account. Control permissions to ensure data security and business continuity—and access advanced survey features, including:

Expert advice and world-class support

They’ll help you with everything from survey design to getting answers to your product questions. Find out the right questions to ask with their library of expert-certified survey templates. Access 24/7 email support, phone support, and their robust library of tips and tutorials.

Industry leading security

Thousands of businesses and 99% of the Fortune 500 trust SurveyMonkey. They employ the latest technology to protect your sensitive information — and offer HIPAA-compliant features for healthcare organizations

SunGard K-12 – Financial and human resources software for school


About SunGard K-12 Education
SunGard® K-12 offers software solutions and professional services designed to help K-12 schools and school districts support student achievement and operational efficiency. PLUS 360 is a single integrated suite of software solutions for the management of student information, assessment and curriculum, special education, and financial and human resources.

K-12 Financial & Human Resources Management

A Solution for Every District

Finance and human resources management needs vary from district to district. A quick analysis of your needs will identify which SunGard K-12 solution best fits your requirements.

Our eFinancePLUS and BusinessPLUS school software are comprehensive finance and human resources solutions that are fully adaptable to the needs of your district. This K-12 fund accounting and procurement software enables your staff to effectively manage funding and procurement.

SunGard’s K-12 human resources management software allows you to effortlessly recruit and manage personnel. Their powerful and adaptable payroll software even gives you the ability to design a payroll system that fits the intricacies of your district. You can even provide employees with a web-based portal to access their information.

eFinancePLUS | BusinessPLUS

K-12 financial and human resources information management software for school districts that are looking for:

  • 100 % web-based software for easy access
  • A true K-12 fund accounting system
  • Flexibility and configurability
  • Intelligent workflows and notifications
  • A proven K-12 financial and human resources management solution

School and district administrators, staff and board members can now easily access and manage both summary and detailed fiscal and employee information.

Tools for Financial Management

  • Fund Accounting – Employ a true K-12 fund accounting system which adheres to all GAAP, GASB, and GAAFR requirements. The real-time database maintains fiscal, purchasing and budgeting information.
  • Procurement – A workflow enabled requisition, purchase order, receiving, and payables process.
  • Vendor Access – Empower your vendors with convenient, anytime, anywhere access to review purchase order details, update contact information, check invoice status, and more. Reduce paper and printing needs while increasing your service with 24×7 availability.

At SunGard K-12, they focus on developing school finance and human resources software that empowers staff and gives them the information they need. Their software engineers maintain a consistent focus on four core principles:

  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Depth
  • Flexibility

These four principles guide their decisions and developments, so they can always provide you with a high level of efficiency and satisfaction.

Tools for Human Resources Management

  • Recruitment – Hire the best candidate and decentralize recruitment to hiring managers while keeping control over the hiring process and quality.
  • Personnel – Maintain comprehensive employee demographic and benefits information.
  • Payroll – Increase efficiency with a K-12 focused system that is accurate and versatile enough to handle the complexities of school district payrolls.
  • Employee Access – Provide your employees with a convenient website so they can easily access employment information online, such as pay history, benefits, leave, and much more.
  • Professional Development – Manage and track professional development through an online course catalog, registration, and grading system.

They’re dedicated to providing your district with the best school HR software in the industry.They want to give your staff and administrators the management tools they need to be productive.

Their customer support portal allows you to access support information quickly and your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager can answer all of your software questions at any time. Don’t forget our regional and nationwide customer user groups, and the annual SunGard National Users’ Group (SNUG) conference!

Screencastify – Screen video recording for Chrome, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.


Record videos directly in Chrome

Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome. Just press record and the content of your tab, webcam or desktop is recorded. Easily create screencasts for video tutorials, record presentations etc.
Screencastify does not depend on any plugins (like Java, Flash or others), so runs on all platforms that run Chrome (Linux, Windows, OS X) or ChromeOS (Chromebooks and Chromeboxes).

Integrates with Google Drive

Screencastify can store your recordings on Google Drive, so you can access them from anywhere. This also helps to save local storage, especially on Chromebooks.
Prefer to keep your files locally? No problem! Recording happens completely locally. And at your choice, Screencastify will store your files locally.

Easy Sharing

Sharing your recordings on Youtube or Google Drive is very easy with Screencastify. Just hit upload and you will get a link to your recording on Youtube.
If your recording is already stored on Drive, publishing it to Youtube happens directly within Google’s datacenters. So it’s almost instant, even for large files.

And more

Add a webcam feed to give your recordings a personal touch. Connect an external camera or microphone. Configure keyboard shortcuts to start recording with a single keystroke.
Do you miss a feature? They are always open for suggestions.

Modular Management System – Fully featured with native apps & integrated partners


MMS ONLINE – Their full-featured MMS Student Information System made available using the Software-as-a-Service model.


Lower up-front costs than buying the software, and their IT people take care of all the technical issues. The low, annual per-student fee allows you to pay as you grow, and includes access to the complete MMS system, annual support services, software updates, and enhancements.

You simply run MMS OnLine using your computer’s web browser, or even your smart phone. Connect from school, from home, from virtually anywhere you have Internet access. They do the rest!

The MMS Student Information System is powerful, intuitive, and easy to learn. The easy to navigate tabbed interface, pre-defined reports, and ability to bookmark frequently used functions, are just some of the ways MMS will make data management easier for you.

Web portals for Parents, Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Staff offer each stakeholder fast, role-based access to the necessary data, reports, and functions.

Fully centralized school or district database, Teacher Gradebook, Biographical, Attendance, Grade Reporting and Scheduling systems, Discipline, Assessment Reporting, Health, State Reporting, and more!


  • Certified SIF 2 Agent
  • Mass Notification System
  • Cafeteria Management & POS System
  • Visitor Management System

Their IT staff will keep your MMS system up and running smoothly with technical upgrades and continually updated software and hardware at no additional cost. Personalized technical support- with a live technician for troubleshooting, remote desktop sharing capabilities, and monitoring of all systems and resources.

MMS OnLine uses mirrored data storage, state of the art servers, high speed Internet backbone, 128-bit SSL encryption, 24/7 monitoring in a secure data center, to provide reliability, security, and peace of mind.

Use MMS OnLine for your student data management. School administrators everywhere are realizing that this model of deploying software and storing data can provide a significant savings in costs, time, and resources. Teachers, school staff, parents and students appreciate being able to access their student information system from any place on earth with an Internet connection. Whether you are a teacher needing to finish entering grades, a parent checking your child’s progress, or an administrator needing a report, access is easy and convenient with MMS OnLine.

MMS OnLine can reduce your technology and maintenance costs associated with provisioning and maintaining servers and infrastructure to support your student information system. Our technical people take care of your data as part of the MMS OnLine low, per-student annual fee. With MMS OnLine, your student data are located in locked server cabinets on Computer Resources’ servers in a state-of-the-art, secure data center. The staff takes pride in keeping their Internet backbone running with consistent bandwidth and sophisticated routing at 99.999% uptime. The data center uses high capacity fiber optic circuits with redundant pathways to their core Nortel and Cisco switching and routing facilities.

Features that provide you with peace of mind:
• Dedicated Fortinet firewall with Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus/Antispyware, and Data Loss Prevention technology
• Redundant climate control
• Inergen fire suppression & air evacuation fire suppression
• Multiple entrances for diverse fiber optic connectivity
• Separate pathways for Interconnectivity to upstream carriers
• Security system & video monitoring
• 24×7 monitoring of all connections
• 24×7 secure swipe card access
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies
• Back up generator for prolonged outages


VizZle – Web-Based Special Education Software For the Diverse Needs of All Learners


VizZle provides a Library of more than 15,000 lessons and the tools and media to customize them or create your own. The lessons can be tailored to any grade level, assigned to any student, and played on iPad or Android tablets, laptop or desktop computers. Data is tracked automatically. This award-winning Special Education Software is developed collaboratively with educators.

VizZle’s Library is full of ready-to-use lessons

More than 15,000 lessons, to be more specific. They are peer-reviewed, interactive, and include partner-created content including Unique Learning Systems and Star Autism Support. They also give you the tools to edit and customize their lessons, and to create your own! VizZle is perfect for all your classroom settings; group, individual, and even inclusion settings can benefit.

Use their Library to:

  • Functionally increate teacher-student ratio by engaging students and allowing for more individual attention during group work time
  • Find the ideal support for any subject or state standard and assign it to any student
  • Search for scaffolded lessons for every stage of academics including transitioning out of the classroom

Automatic Data tracking is the key!

VizZle will automatically track useful data on each lesson play: date and time the lesson was played, time it took to complete the lesson, number of questions right, and more. Add notes to any data point if more information is needed!

  • Free up teacher’s time by tracking data automatically
  • Filter data by IEP goals and objectives, dates or times, and/or username
  • Export in PDF or CSV for inclusion in IEP reports

VizZle’s Data is securely stored online so you can access from any computer. Reports on teacher usage are also available to administrators.

Based on visual learning research

VizZle was designed in collaboration with educators at The Monarch Center for Autism in Shaker Heights, Ohio and researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. The continued dedication of the Monarch Center staff as well as contributions from countless educators across the country allows ongoing growth of VizZle’s content and a broader solution for special education.

  • VizZle is founded on solid, research based principles
  • VizZle addresses 19 of the 24 evidence-based approaches that have shown to be effective through scientific research
  • Compelling research shows the benefits of visual learning for those with autism and other special needs



AIMSweb – Comprehensive assessment system used for universal screening & progress monitoring


AIMSweb – dentify at-risk students early, monitor and report student progress

Aimsweb is the leading assessment and RTI solution in school today—a complete web-based solution for universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management for Grades K-12. aimsweb provides guidance to administrators and teachers based on accurate, continuous, and direct student assessment.

It helps school administrators demonstrate tangible improvements. It helps teachers become more effective and more efficient in the classroom. Most important of all, aimsweb helps to create better outcomes for students—proven by the thousand of schools that use the system across the United States and Canada today.

Aimsweb is a two-time “Best in Tech” winner from Scholastic Administr@tor magazine and received the highest ratings on eleven measures from theNational Center on Intensive Intervention for Decisions rules for changing instruction and increasing goals.

Student Centric

Aimsweb is designed around the student, giving you all the information you need on one dynamic screen.

Intuitive & Supportive

With an elegant, streamlined user interface, aimsweb gives you the information you need on one screen without moving through multiple pages.


With the data from aimsweb you can make better RTI decisions for your students.

Dynamic & Fun

Slice and dice data to answer specific questions about your class, grade or school, and have fun while doing it!


Tonara- Dynamic sheet music and practice features for piano students


Tonara – transform the teaching, learning, practice and performance of piano through a new digital experience that is interactive, immersive, shareable, engaging and irresistible.


They develop apps that transform music education and  performance by turning it into a 21st century experience. One that wins in a world of digital seductions and distractions.
At Tonara they share a profound mission: ensure music education thrives and performances abound from ordinary living rooms to the world grandest halls. they are supported by those who play, teach, and appreciate music.

Sheet music, the language in which music is created and expressed, hasn’t changed in centuries. Until now. Tonara’s patented technology and unique expertise turn flat pages into a rich, interactive digital experience that elevates the art of playing and teaching music.

They go beyond digitizing sheet music. They create an immersive learning, teaching, and performing sphere. They listen to what being played and understand it, display the location in the score, automatically turn the page, allow for synchronized recording of the pieces, sharing the performances, and introducing a reward and feedback system. Their ever-expanding catalog of thousands of scores is accessible with the tap of a finger, and much more.

Apps created by musicians for everyone who loves music

Enjoy Active Learning

  • Feed Your Passion: Find inspiration in thousands of pieces, composers, and styles in our growing catalog – never stop playing.
  • Tradition Evolved: Play true-and-tested repertoire favorites, or popular hits. Work with the iPad as you would with your paper score, and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology.
  • Skills Honey: With Wolfie’s interactive scores, you’ll notice vast improvements in sight-reading and your sense of tempo and rhythm. You’ll practice more, and get better faster.
  • Try for Free: Start your musical journey with Wolfie’s free interactive scores, play with no limitations and get amazed by your progress!

Your Active Teaching Platform

Wolfie iPad app supports piano teachers with a digital tool-kit that makes students practice better, more often, and for longer.


  • Practice more, learn faster, play better: Wolfie iPad app offers a supportive, active and flexible environment for promoting consistent, high-impact practice. For all ages and levels of piano students.
  • All the Music You Love: Exercises for beginners, methods, courses, arrangements, classical masterpieces, pop and rock hits, for all levels. In one iPad app.

The Answer Pad – Formative & Summative Assessment for the 1:1 & B.Y.O.D. Classroom


The Answer Pad – Multi-platform BYOD student dialogue system that focuses on real-time assessments.


Interactive engages your students like never before, gathering data to pivot instruction. Feedback is the number one factor in increasing student learning.

It’s all about student engagement and timely feedback. Interactive gives you the spontaneity to engage with  your students at the time of instruction, giving them an opportunity to show what they know.

Use any of our select response polling type questions for fast feedback or polling. Use the slider response for self evaluation. Use images from the Template Gallery to take interactivity to a whole new level. Prepare ahead or use this tool spontaneously! Can’t find what you need? Then upload your own. Teachers can pre-draw on images before sending them out to students. The Portfolio tool allows teachers to capture student responses, building up digital portfolios of student work, showing growth over time.


Use your paper quizzes that you know and love but don’t spend time typing your quizzes online. Create answer keys and use The Answer Pad’s time saving solution!

The Answer Pad helps you transition from paper to digital assessment. Save yourself lots of time by using your existing quizzes, but set up The Answer Pad to grade them for you!


Immediate, cloud-based results for teachers, immediate feedback for students. Pre-loaded with Common Core Standards, but can be customized!

As soon as the students turn in their quizzes, you have access to a great selection of instant, standards-based online reports, and students get immediate feedback on their answers.

Results, item analysis, proficiency and the ability to see student work. Data at your fingertips to drive instruction. The Answer Pad reports by Common Core Standards by default, but standards can be customized to meet your needs. Class and individual student reports are available for teachers. The school version also includes school-wide and grade level reports. All reports are easy to export to your LMS.

World Wide Workshop – Edtech Companies Recognized Around the World


The Workshop works with forward thinking leaders, corporations, school systems, universities, foundations and research centers worldwide as providers of vision, strategy and innovation to enrich existing formal and non-formal education with the latest technology and innovative learning opportunities.

1. Workshop Mission
World Wide Workshop develops applications for learning with technology that combine game mechanics and social networking to empower youth to be inventors and leaders in the global knowledge economy. Their programs transform education by connecting youth to learning, community engagement and economic development through game production.

The Workshop is proud to respond to President Obama’s call to action: Educate to Innovate and Change the Equation in STEM Education. Committed to improving quality education opportunities for all youth in USA and the world, they work with forward-thinking leaders, corporations, school systems, universities, and research centers to enrich existing formal and non-formal education systems with the latest technology and innovative learning opportunities.

2. Non-Discrimination Policy:
World Wide Workshop does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the ground of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion or disability in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits of any of its programs and activities or in employment therein, whether carried out by World Wide Workshop directly or through a contractor or any other entity with whom the World Wide Workshop arranges to carry out its programs and activities.

3. Problems Addressed: Closing the Digital Literacy Gap
Today, rural and poor communities throughout the nation face tough challenges in education and economic development. Compounding these challenges is limited access to technological innovations and advances. As the world rockets forward into a so-called “knowledge economy,” poor and underserved communities encounter two digital divides.

4. Philosophy: Learning-by-Doing for Real-World Application
Their programs are based on Constructionist educational philosophy, grounded in decades of research by social scientists Seymour Papert  and (World Wide Workshop founder) Idit Harel Caperton. Unlike top-down teaching styles requiring memorization of facts, Constructionism calls for the creation of public digital entities. Through publicly shared, long-term projects that are complex, computational, immersive, and innovative, children learn how to learn and how to think about thinking. Online open workshop settings facilitate syntonic learning – or learning by doing. Twenty years of research have shown that constructivist programs result in deeper forms of learning, cognitive integration, and improved approaches to learning how to learn.

5. Innovation: Using Social Media Technologies and Gaming for Educational Transformation
Interactive digital communication increasingly defines the way our world works. It’s the way businesses operate, the way they access services, the way they are entertained, and the way they participate as citizens locally, nationally, and globally. Understanding digital communication tools and putting them to work effectively – achieving digital literacy – is essential for success in the 21st Century.

6. Impact: Contemporary Learning Abilities
Through construction, interaction and play their programs empower youth with the highly sophisticated and complex skills required to be productive, successful, 21st Century citizens; what they call the essential contemporary learning abilities inherent in digital literacy.
7. Research: Assessing their impact
World Wide Workshop researchers use a variety of methods to evaluate the cognitive, behavioral, and affective impact of their programs. Researchers implement a complex and eclectic methodology, which they consider to be a pilot in and of itself.

8. Standards-Aligned Curriculum
Globaloria is a standards-aligned STEM and computing curriculum delivered through an innovative blended-learning system. Globaloria is aligned with:

  • ISTE National Educational Technology Standards
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Computer Science Teachers Associations Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • State Standards

Apricot – Communicate student feedback about school to parents and teachers


How Apricot Works

  • Teacher Posts a Question
  • Student Writes a Response
  • Parent Receives an Email

Tada—Everyone’s Communicating!

Teachers discover what students find interesting and challenging. Students feel empowered by giving feedback, and parents gain insight into what their kids are learning.

Apricot is a free, safe, and easy way to help students engage with teachers and parents.

  • Super-Simple: Three steps take 5 minutes: Teacher posts a question, reviews student feedback, and sends parents their child’s response.
  • Totally Free: Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s what it costs to use all of Apricot’s features as much as you need and as much as you want.
  • Parent-Approved: Student responses are stored safely and securely. Apricot doesn’t use cookies and will never show ads or pop-ups.

Everyone Likes Better Grades

Study after study has shown that the involvement of parents and families in the schooling of their children makes a significant difference. Regardless of income and background, students with parents who are involved in their academic careers are more likely to earn high grades and test scores, enroll in higher level programs, and be promoted. These students attend school regularly, show improved behavior, adapt well to school, and have better social skills.


WizIQ – Virtual Classroom Software for live online classes



More and more people are learning online every day. You can reach them all with one easy-to-use platform.


Millennials are increasingly learning via mobile devices. WizIQ provides you with your own native mobile apps for iOS and Android to help you deliver a complete, anytime, anywhere mobile learning experience.


Online learners want more than just static content, they want to learn from live instructors. With audio-video communication and other collaboration tools, Virtual Classroom lets you interact with learners in real time.


Content and curriculum change very rapidly. WizIQ provides you with intuitive and easy to use tools to help you create courses in multiple formats and deliver them at the pace your learners want to learn.


Videos are becoming increasingly popular as learning tools . WizIQ helps you make your video content available while ensuring its security with seamless, HD video streaming.


WizIQ’s comprehensive online testing & assessment capability allows you to measure your learners’ progress holistically with 50+ technology enhanced question types.


Instructors learn from insights as much as learners do. WizIQ provides analytics tools that provide actionable intelligence that instructors need to continually refine their course content and improve learner outcomes.

WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom lets you collaborate in real time during online delivery of classes and training sessions. With their powerful platform’s features and range of useful tools, you can:
  • Increase student engagement with real-time audio-video communication, text chats, and advanced, interactive whiteboards.
  • Integrate smoothly with your existing website or LMS (e.g., Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai) using our APIs & plugins.
  •  Deliver live classes on-the-go from any mobile device using WizIQ Android and iOS apps.
  • Manage your classes and students easily with handy features like Attendance Reporting, Recording, and Notifications.
  • Reuse lectures recorded by using WizIQ’s recording and secure content facility.
  • Acess WizIQ from any internet browser, without downloading any software.

HireVue – The Digital Platform to Build and Coach the Modern Team


HireVue – The Digital Platform to Build and Coach the Modern Team

What Is Team Acceleration?

The workforce of today is a multi-generational, global blend of permanent and contingent workers of all types. Companies are in a race to digitally transform the enterprise: embracing mobile, video and big data – to modernize the way they build and coach such diverse teams.

Team acceleration is digital empowerment for the modern team.


  • Candidates introduce themselves using video instead of resumes
  • Data analytics from audio, video and language analytics help identify the best fit candidates instead of gut-instinct or random sequence
  • Managers watch structured interviews instead of phone screens or premature in-person interviews
  • Candidates demonstrate their work abilities through realistic digital challenges and scenarios that are automatically scored and ranked by our algorithms which are linked to your top performers via our machine learning engine
  • Digital assessments provide the predictive validity of traditional assessments in a modern video experience, and in a fraction of the time
  • The best candidates are automatically scheduled for in-person meetings


  • Capture videos of top performers in action so new hires can learn from the best
  • Team members use digital video to practice their skills, refine delivery, and master the message from anywhere
  • Managers watch their team members’ recorded responses to questions and challenges and provide feedback anytime, through any device
  • “Microlearning” enables team members to rapidly absorb new information and master new skills quickly through deliberate practice
  • Use data on skills and attributes from highest performing team members to build hiring models and inform future hiring decisions, and continue to build and coach high performing teams

Why Team Acceleration?

The workforce of today is a multi-generational, global blend of permanent and contingent workers of all types. Companies have to digitally transform and embrace mobile, video and big data to modernize the way they build and coach such fluid and diverse teams.

Speed is a Matter of Survival

If you’re not fast, your competitors will be. As quickly as every industry is being disrupted, companies have to move fast to stay relevant. In fact, simply being fast isn’t enough. You have to move faster than everyone else. Nowhere is this more relevant than building and activating teams.

The Digital Company

CEOs and other C-level executives across every industry are spearheading digital initiatives to accelerate growth and profitability. 80% say digital transformation is a matter of survival. Being a “digital company” starts with digitizing the workplace, arming team leaders with digital tools to improve the way they build and coach their teams.

The Modern Team

The conventional 9 to 5, office-bound, full-time work structure is history. By 2020, 40% of the workforce will be free agents – freelancers, contractors and consultants. Accenture predicts that within 10 years, we will see a new Global 2000 company with no full-time employees outside of the C-suite. Today’s team leaders need tools to build and engage a fluid and diverse team.

Reflector2 – Allows users to wirelessly display screen on a number of devices

reflector2-allows-users-to-wirelessly-display-screen-on-a-number-of-devicesWIRELESS MIRRORING WHERE YOU WANT IT.

Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works great with Google Cast™, AirPlay™ andAirParrot 2®. Mirror your content to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. Play games, watch movies, demo applications or present from the palm of your hand. Even send your screens directly to YouTubefor others to watch live. Everything you do on your device can be wirelessly sent to Reflector!


Stream your favorite shows and movies to Reflector from your phone, tablet or computer. Reflector can be installed on most popular entertainment devices like Amazon Fire TV™ and Fire TV Stick ™. Easily share videos from your phone or tablet with others, or pair Reflector with AirParrot 2 in your home theater to stream your content to the big screen.


Reflector accepts wireless mirroring and streaming connections from a number of different devices. Because Google Cast and AirPlay Mirroring are built in to the most popular devices, there’s nothing to install on your phone or tablet. Easily mirror or stream from an iPad™, iPhone™ or Android™ device without wires.

Parchment – Request, verify,share educational and professional credentials electronically



Parchment’s mission is to turn credentials into opportunities.  They help learners, educators, associations and employers securely send and receive education credentials online, in simple and insightful ways.

You work hard to earn education credentials such as transcripts, diplomas and certificates. They are critical when you want to take the next step in your education or career.  But when they are filed away as paper, they are hard to access and share when you need them most.

At Parchment, they build a virtual bridge to connect learners, educational institutions, associations and employers who rely on education credentials.  The Parchment platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities to exchange more than 12 million transcripts and other credentials globally.

They make the process simpler, secure and more transparent for everyone.  Registrars at Parchment member institutions issue education credentials electronically and save time and money.  On the other side of credential exchange, Parchment Receive members collect credentials from multiple issuers and individuals, streamline operations and access analytics. Parchment members serve individuals better, smarter, faster.  They put learners’ success at the center of everything they do.

Together with their members, they empower learners to put all their credentials in one place, online, where they can be easily and powerfully shared.  With learners can quickly show what they know, and discover education and career opportunities that put their credentials to work.

Parchment is powered by a team of experienced education and technology professionals who have first-hand experience serving students as registrars, admissions officers, teachers and engineers.  They are passionate about helping people use their education to achieve their full potential.

In a knowledge economy where opportunities are defined by what you know and how well you know it, let Parchment help you turn your credentials into opportunities.


Schools, universities, and other issuers provide verified credentials electronically, instead of paper.

YOU collect and manage your credentials in a central online profile where you can send and share them anytime.

Admissions offices, employers, and licensing boards can more efficiently and securely process credentials.

Whether you’re applying to college, grad school or your dream job, sending your official transcripts and education credentials is simple.

Store your credentials in one place where they can be securely sent and shared online.

Applying to colleges and jobs is made easier with our set of college admission tools.

Transcript sending and receiving solutions for high schools, charter schools, school districts, colleges and universities.

Credential issuing and receiving solutions for associations & licensing boards, employers, GED testing service and more.

AspirEDU – Uses LMS system data to track performance of individual instructors


AspirEDU’s Mission

AspirEDU helps schools help more students graduate. They analyze the data that schools already have. This allows their solutions to identify students that are most at risk of dropping out of or failing courses, and to identify the best practices that instructors use to maximize the performance of their students. Retaining more students is good for schools and even better for the students themselves.

Dropout Detective™ & Instructor Insight™

Your learning management system already contains a great deal of data that you could use to improve your school’s retention and graduation rates. AspirEDU’s solutions retrieve data on a daily basis and help you to identify your at-risk students and your best instructors. They are in the dropout prevention business and we are here to help you!

About Dropout Detective

What if you could increase your retention rate by 5%? Dropout Detective identifies students that are at risk of dropping out of or failing courses – before it’s too late to save them. They tell you which students need immediate outreach and they tell you why they are struggling.

Identify At-Risk Students

Dropout Detective looks into your LMS every night and analyzes data on every student’s performance. They do it automatically – no manual flagging necessary – and they do it every day. Grades, missing assignments, course access dates and other data allow Dropout Detective to calculate a Risk Index Score for each student across ALL courses that student is taking. This gives your advisors and instructors an easy way to find those struggling students and help them succeed.

Pro-active Retention Tools

Most schools have no way to identify struggling students until they fail or withdraw. By then, it’s too late. You need to be ahead of the game. Dropout Detective’s daily dashboards prioritize your at-risk students with red, yellow and green color-coding. Click on a student’s name and they’ll show you exactly why this student is at risk. Low grades? Missing assignments? Lack of course participation? You’ll know immediately. And they provide tools like automated emails and text messages to make you more efficient in your outreach. Instructors, advisors and others can coordinate support efforts using our Call Notes feature.

Reach Institutional Goals & Support Student Success

Strong retention rates help schools increase graduation rates, maintain tuition dollars and support accreditation. And it all starts with the success of your students. Dropout Detective gives school personnel a crystal ball to predict the success of students; today, most schools are managing retention by looking into the rear view mirror. And with more states providing public funding based on graduation rates – not enrollments – institutional success and student success are tied together like never before. Dropout Detective is the right tool to help you achieve success for your school and your students.

Custom Reports

It’s really easy to get data into your LMS – but it can be really hard to get your data out. AspirEDU understands this and can help create the right reports to keep you and your school’s senior leadership well-informed. Their solutions retrieve information every night from your LMS, so they already have most of the data you need. They’ll collaborate with you to build custom reports that give your school the content you want, in a format that works for your team. And you can access them directly from the Reports panel within Dropout Detective.  Get the right data at the right time!

Emma – Email notifications and outreach software with data analytics


EMMA – Email marketing’s smartest toolset . Connect your data, build your audience, and create your most successful email program ever.

Advanced Automation: the right email, right on time

The best email marketing is personal, relevant, and timely. With Emma’s Advanced Automation suite, you can check all three boxes — and in less time.

An easier way to segment

Unlock your data and power more targeted email using Emma Audience and the most intuitive segment builder in the game.

Dynamic Content: one email, countless possibilities

Dynamic Content lets you deliver unique content to each subscriber, all from one email. It’s ultimate personalization at scale.

You’re in the designer’s seat

  • DRAG AND DROP EDITOR: Their creative tools keep you focused on great content, not waist deep in help documentation. And hey, they’re pretty fun to use, too.
  • CODE YOUR OWN HTML: Use their Code Your Own template builder and Litmus Inbox Preview to design, test, and send custom HTML emails that fit your style and look great in any inbox.

Grow a quality email list faster

Lightbox forms let you choose just the right time to ask for an email address. You decide when, where, and after which action you’d like them to display and build your audience.

Unique insights into what’s working

Emma’s one-of-a-kind response results tell you more about your subscribers and give you clear next steps (and they’re easy on the eyes, too).

  • RESPONSE DASHBOARD: Emma’s precise, insightful reporting helps you learn about your audience and use your data to get better results every time you send an email.
  • MAILING SCORE: They created a new metric to make it easier to see email performance at a glance, share your results and benchmark against past mailings.
  • CLICK MAP: They’ll show you where people are clicking within the context of your actual email (on both desktop and mobile) so you can see what content works best.

Studyo – Students prioritize their work, submit assignments, keep track of schedule

Studyo - Students prioritize their work, submit assignments and keep track of their schedule

Studyo – Let’s prepare students for the world.

They all want students to succeed and Studyo was created with that vision in mind. In addition to being an easy to use student planner, it provides tools to help students learn to prioritize, self-manage and simply get things done.

No more dogs eating homework.

Studyo is the central hub for tasks, assignments and exams across all subjects, based on your school’s specific schedule, days and courses. It uses colors and icons to make it easy for students to know exactly what to focus on each day, week or month. And with Studyo’s unique timeline view, students can see tasks over time and plan their work accordingly. No more missed group projects. No More miscommunications with parents.

It’s time to provide students with modern tools.

The world is going digital, but classrooms still rely on existing materials and students must learn to manage both. Whether a task is on the blackboard or textbook or available via a link, Studyo can handle it and display it on it’s unique timeline, making student workload visible.

Studyo for Schools

Studyo shines when teachers use it to publish tasks, projects and exam dates directly to all their students’ planners. All with notes, photos and links to resources to support the work.

Imagine… exams, projects, due dates and more all in one place. Using Studyo for Schools, staying in the loop is much easier for everyone.

Studyo connects teachers to students and parents to their child’s school day: No more missed assignments, dates or deadlines!

How it works

  1.  Contact them: Contact them for a quote based on the number of students, and teachers who will be using Studyo.
  2. Export your data: Send them data from your school’s administrative systems (they’ll help). They will build a custom configuration for your school.
  3. Receive your code: Students enter this code and select the courses they are enrolled in. Teachers are automatically enrolled.
  4. Ask away! All your students and teachers can enjoy using the great planning tools together in the context of your school’s exact calendar and timetables, effortlessly.

ClassTag – Coordinate class activities & events with parents


How ClassTag Empowers

  • It’s Beautifully Simple
    ClassTag is easy-to-use and streamlines all of your parent communications and scheduling.
  • Gets Parents Motivated
    Connect with parents personally and create rewarding opportunities they can’t refuse.
  • Provides Guidance
    Effortlessly share homework, assignment dates and learning best practices with parents.

Teachers: You’re Awesome

You’re passionate, dedicated, committed.You can’t possibly give every child one-on-one support.But with parents as partners it becomes possible.

ClassTag Changes The Game

  • Family Support Is The Key To Success
  • Decades of research say it.
  • Teachers say it.
  • Users say it.

ClassTag Survey Shows Parent/Teacher Disconnect

Recently, the ClassTag team conducted research on the state of parental engagement in classrooms. This research showed that teachers understand the importance of parental engagement, but are often discouraged to encourage it. They complied the full results of our survey, and they are available for you here!

  • A supportive family was noted as more important than teacher skill and school supplies/resources in determining student success.
  • Only 25% of teachers have reported taking significant steps toward improving parental engagement in the past year.
  • Teachers estimated that more than half of their students’ parents were not fully engaged in classroom activities and progress.
  • 70% of responding teachers reported that the biggest factor in their expectations of parent support is experience with parents over the years.

CoreSpring – Problem banks & formative assessment tools for K-12 math, English and science


The CoreSpring Learning Suite – The ultimate toolkit.

The CoreSpring Learning Suite is a comprehensive, scalable, and perfectly priced formative assessment solution that addresses the present and future needs of any application. It brings together an unparalleled collection of open education resources, our WYSISYG authoring tools, and their powerful technology platform.

Content Collections: Designed for and aligned to standards.

With CoreSpring’s advanced question bank, educators have access to handpicked assessment items that are designed for — and organized by — College and Career Readiness Standards. Items are immediately scored and evaluated so data can be used to inform the next lesson, discussion or activity. Because education experts have curated the collections, teachers can spend less time sorting through non-vetted materials, and more time personalizing instruction.

Authoring : Unprecedented ease.

CoreSpring’s authoring tool brings unprecedented ease to building web-based assessments with a WYSIWYG user interface. Using CoreSpring, content publishers can design and deliver Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) to customers with the click of a button.Try It!

Technology Platform: Stress-free integration.

They’ve built an advanced assessment development and delivery platform designed for easy integration with applications and platforms. Their Technology Platform includes a complete package of features for selection, authoring, and delivery. Every element of our platform has been built from the ground-up with flexibility in mind. It is:POWERFUL: Flawless, anywhere delivery of real-time data about student performance.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE: All of our item rendering and authoring components are designed to be highly configurable. Because there are no separate logins to an external system, developers can embed them directly into platform in a way that’s transparent for end- users.
  • SCALABLE : Their SaaS platform is designed from the ground up and for the high capacity needed for quick, consistent delivery to large numbers of students. They use redundant, linearly scalable systems, and promise 24/7 monitoring and data back-up.
  • AFFORDABLE: CoreSpring makes the build/buy decision easy by making components embeddable in any web-based platform.


Cognii – The first virtual assistant designed exclusively for education & training market.


Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant

Cognii’s Virtual Learning Assistant uses powerful natural language processing technology to provide instant assessment of students’ open-response answers, along with qualitative feedback. It acts as “Siri for Education” by engaging students in adaptive tutoring conversations and helping them master concepts and solve problems.

Cognii supports inquiry-based learning and facilitates implementation of Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Students can learn any topic, anytime, anywhere with the help of Cognii’s interactive formative assessment.

Key features and benefits of Cognii:

  • Instant assessment of open-response answers
  • Evaluates conceptual understanding
  • Highly scalable and easy to integrate
  • Significant cost savings
  • Available for K-12, Higher Ed and Corporate Training markets

By applying the most advanced cognitive technology to the pedagogical best practice of one-to-one tutoring, Cognii has demonstrated human-level performance in educational assessment and is enhancing many teachers’ productivity.


Theyt’re excited to be at the forefront of technological developments in education, training, and certification. Today exponentially more people have access to quality education because of the proliferation of online courses and classes being offered by MOOCs, universities, corporate training programs, and other educational platforms. In the classroom, teachers are building customized curriculum to meet their students’ personalized learning needs. Professionals can take online courses at their own pace and time.

While they’re amazed by these innovations, they see that the options for assessment — especially in courses with large enrollments — are very limited. Large online courses frequently only offer automatic multiple choice assessment or peer-review learning, both of which inadequately support development of students’ higher cognitive abilities.

Their essay-type assessment technology can dramatically improve learning experiences. Not only will students have access to knowledge, but they will learn how to apply it. Instructors can focus on designing creative assessments that better address students’ individual needs. They’re excited to provide a solution that will help students learn better on their own and save teachers’ time, both contributing to high quality learning environments.

SlideBean – Make your slide presentations in minutes


SlideBean – Make your slide presentations in minutes

Presentation design with one click

Making a professional slide presentation requires time and design skills that many users lack. Their presentation software separates content from design, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Then, it takes care of the formatting automatically.

In other words, all you do is add your content, they convert it into beautiful slides.

Slide design, no effort

Our technology ensures that every single slide looks as stunning as the next. The Slidebean interface provides the user with key guidelines to ensure their presentations look their best.

A combination of design templates, high-end color palettes and a premium selection of fonts, allows you to define the look of your presentation with a few clicks. Once you’re done, you can change it as many times as you need for a new, fresh visual style.

Sample Presentation

Creating a presentation from scratch is an exhausting, inefficient process.They offer dozens of pre-built templates for your presentations, created by experts like Guy Kawasaki and Dave McClure. Their team has selected and curated the most relevant presentation outlines for your purposes.

Presentation Insights

Track the engagement of your presentations.

Making a professional slide presentation requires time and design skills that many users lack. Our presentation software separates content from design, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Then, it takes care of the formatting automatically.

In other words, all you do is add your content, we convert it into beautiful slides.

Slide design, no effort

Their technology ensures that every single slide looks as stunning as the next. The Slidebean interface provides the user with key guidelines to ensure their presentations look their best.

A combination of design templates, high-end color palettes and a premium selection of fonts, allows you to define the look of your presentation with a few clicks. Once you’re done, you can change it as many times as you need for a new, fresh visual style.

Sample Presentation

Present and share anywhere

No plugins. No Flash. Slidebean works on any browser on any device. Slidebean is a cloud-based platform, which makes it compatible with any modern browser in any operating system. The presentation that you started on your Mac will look the same on the PC you use to present, simply access the URL. You can also share your slides with anyone and rest assured that your deck will look as stunning it is meant to.

Epicor HCM – Human capital management solution for school


Epicor HCM – HR Management Software

Today’s economy demands a more proactive, strategic role for the HR department. As competition for critical resources intensifies, managers, employees and candidates are demanding more from HR and human resource information systems (HRIS), moving beyond self-service to secure  direct access to relevant information and processes whether in the office or on the road. Epicor® Human Capital Management (HCM) provides these capabilities and more, helping you to manage your globally dispersed workforce, improve human resource processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for greater efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise.

Comprehensive HR Management Software

Epicor HCM automates your HR processes, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all your employee data from application to retirement. Robust  Recruitment Management, Benefits, and Absence tracking tools, all within this HRIS application, give you greater control over staffing, time off, and benefits administration, with paperless workflows designed to walk managers and employees through common set up and administration operations for improved efficiency.

Powerful Performance Management,  Reporting, and Analytics functionality helps you align your corporate goals with employee performance, and empowers you with flexible tools to analyze applicant and employee data for better workforce management.

HRIS Deployment Options

Available as on-demand software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premises solution, Epicor HCM is HR software  that can be deployed as a  SaaS HR solution to meet your organizational requirements without compromising functionality or data integrity. To serve your International HR needs, this HRIS web-based solution configures data fields to reflect the appropriate format based on employee location, as well as providing location-specific home pages delivering relevant communication and corporate standards.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) That Meets Your Business Goals

Epicor provides a robust set of flexible and configurable human resource, payroll, and employee development software that:

  • Offers greater total business value by streamlining the entire employee life-cycle;
  • Manages recruitment and resourcing, training administration, benefits programs, and performance management;
  • Provides a wealth of information and advice to employees and candidates via direct access;
  • Promotes operational efficiency by allowing the entire workforce to focus on key company objectives;
  • Flexibility to deploy Epicor Payroll or connect to third party payroll solutions;
  • Delivers powerful business intelligence to enable strategic analysis of key business trends for better planning and informed decision-making.

Epicor HCM solutions help you maximize the talent within your organization, by providing faster and more efficient people support. With customers in over 150 countries, Epicor understands what it takes to support and manage human resources on a global basis. Their HR management software works with you to meet all of your human capital management needs.

Alma – Transforming K-12 Data into Insight.


How Alma works:

  • United data infrastructure delivers insight.
  • Intuitive user experience and designsaves time
  • Progressive tools support educational best practices

A Unified SIS, LMS, and Modern Core Data Infrastructure for K-12

Replace your disjointed, legacy K-12 system with a single, unified, modern data infrastructure platform
They replace expensive, fragmented school management software with a single, integrated cloud-based platform with no unwieldy software to install or expensive hardware to buy and maintain. In addition, their fast and flexible data migration options get schools up and running in no time.

Enjoy increased visibility to meaningful and understandable student and school-wide information.

Alma creates transparency and awareness around what is occurring at both a student and school-wide level through graphical data visualization and embedded communication tools.

Look forward to a seamless transition into progressive instructional practices.

Alma meets educators where they are today and supports strategic progress towards their goals of tomorrow.

Have more time and save more money by cutting the drag of legacy systems.

Alma saves schools and districts a significant amount of time and money by replacing disjointed, aging K-12 systems with a single, unified, modern data infrastructure and platform.

One Platform, 100s of Features

Alma simplifies school management and empowers K-12 schools and districts to achieve academic excellence and equity by modernizing their entire core information infrastructure: SIS, LMS, Communications, Student Analytics, and Data Visualization.

Most Popular Features

  • Standards-based Gradebook
  • Traditional Gradebook
  • State Reporting
  • Drag/drop Report Card Builder
  • Student Records
  • Emergency Notification
  • In-app Customer Support
  • Student & Parent Portal
  • Setup & Data Migration
  • Common Core Alignment
  • Discipline Tracking
  • Transcripts

Alma simplifies school management by bringing together administrative functions and student and classroom information in one simple, easy to use platform.

Intuitive design and search reduce the time needed to complete common tasks, so administrators can quickly and easily manage courses, classes, generate reports, and monitor the status of teacher and administrative tasks.

By integrating the functions of a traditional student information system (SIS) with the classroom tools of a learning management system (LMS), Alma eliminates duplicate systems and cuts down on the time administrators need to spend navigating multiple systems.

CASE Benchmark Assessments – Pre-made or customized benchmark assessments for ELA & Math


CASE Benchmark Assessments

DA Top Product WinnerIn order to meet the needs of every student and ensure mastery of standards, teachers want and need timely feedback on skills mastered by every student. TE21’s CASE Benchmark Assessments are designed to gauge the academic progress of students and to provide timely feedback that can be used by teachers to guide instruction. These benchmark assessments can be administered as nine-week assessments, mid-year assessments, or final comprehensive tests prior to administration of the state test, and valuable data is available within a 48-hour time frame. The benchmark assessments, which are aligned to College- and Career-Ready Standards/Common Core State Standards (CCSS), provide valuable data regarding all students’ knowledge of the standards.

Questions Align to College- and Career-Ready Standards/Common Core State Standards(CCSS)

Teachers who administer TE21’s CASE Benchmark Assessments like that our benchmark questions are formatted and designed to mirror best practices for assessing standards and that CASE reports provide diagnostic data to target instruction.

CASE Benchmark Assessments for grades kindergarten through high school are available for English Language Arts and Mathematics. CASE Benchmark Assessments provides pre-made or custom benchmarks based on a district’s or school’s needs. Other features include:

60% of questions measure higher order thinking.
Questions are tightly aligned with state standards (College- and Career-Ready Standards/Common Core Standards).
Content vocabulary is appropriate for the subject/level.

TE21 now delivers CASE Benchmark Assessments online and CASE Item Bank (formerly SCORE21) through the MasteryConnect and EADMS platforms, providing educators with even more solutions to measure student progress and facilitate learning. In an effort to deliver the most effective testing experiences, we will collaborate with districts and schools to determine the best platforms to meet their specific needs and system requirements.

PocketLab – Small scientific measurement device that allows students to record data



They believe anyone can be a scientist. PocketLab enables students, educators, and makers to explore the world around them. PocketLab brings science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to life like never before possible.

The PocketLab Maker Kit

Design and build more than a dozen hands-on experiments to explore motion, speed, magnetism, temperature, altitude, and more. Make a car that runs on air pressure and measures velocity and acceleration. Recreate Galileo’s classic pendulum experiments. Detect Earthquakes by making your own seismometer. Design a magnetic field minesweeper game. With the PocketLab Maker Kit and your creativity, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and you’ll learn a few things along the way.

How it Works

PocketLab Sensor

Make experiments like:

  • Earthquake Seismometer
  • Magnetic Minesweeper
  • Soup Can Race
  • Ideal Gas Law

PocketLab App

Measure data with:

  •  iPad, iPhone, iPod
  •  Android phones, tablets
  • Chromebooks
  • Windows PCs, 2-in-1s, tablets

Software Integration

Integrate learning through:

  • Scratch Programming
  •  Google Drive
  •  Microsoft Excel

PocketLab connects with a single button to a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer and instantly streams data that you can see and record. PocketLab measures motion, acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature. Using the PocketLab app, you can easily analyze your data, create graphs, and integrate your data with other software. PocketLab has the same features as lab equipment that costs thousands of dollars but is low cost and intuitive to use.

Community Maker Projects

  • Free fall with the Pocketlab: Science World Canada uses PocketLab with student field trips to teach lessons about Felix Baumgartner’s record free-fall jump.
  • Visualizing Earthquake: Teacher Ryan Hollister uses a homemade Earthquake machine to demonstrate and measure forces associated with different fault lines.
  • Homemade Seismometer: Build your own seismometer to measure ground vibrations using a heavy magnet, a stand, and the PocketLab’s magnetometer.
  • Physics of a Pirouette: Use PocketLab to learn how to turn torque into the spinning of a pirouette with a lesson from a PocketLab user.

A science lab that fits in your pocket

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Barometer
  • Temperature

Sophia – Free crowdsourced tutorial instruction in a range of subjects


Sophia – Welcome to a New World of Learning

Their mission is to help students achieve college success with Sophia PathwaysTM, their affordable, flexible, competency-based online courses. These self-paced courses cost a fraction of traditional college courses, and are accessible anytime, from any device.

As part of their ongoing commitment to learning, they also provide free college readiness resources for students, including test prep and refresher courses, as well as professional development resources for teachers.

Providing an Affordable College Degree

Not only do their online college level courses cost much less than traditional courses, there are also no textbooks to buy and you never have to miss work to take a test or attend class.

Designed to be affordable and accessible to students at every stage of their educational career, their courses make it easy to streamline work, life and education, so you can earn a college degree in a way that works best for you.

Helping Teachers

They know teachers are the heart of a great educational experience. That’s why they offer the tools, technology and inspiration you need to keep both your classes and your career vibrant and exciting.

From creative ways to enhance your online courses and flipped classroom/tablet certification programs to Common Core-aligned content and supportive peer forums, Sophia offers a wealth of free resources to help you stay on top of, and get the most out of, online teaching.

Empowering Students

Whether you’re preparing for college, looking for refresher courses, or ready to enroll in self-paced college level courses, they have everything you need to take the next step on your educational path.

With amazing teachers, supportive coaches and thousands of free tutorials designed to appeal to all kinds of learning styles, they’ve created a vibrant online learning environment that listens to individual needs and values every student’s success.

Class Compete – Cool Learning Games K-8 Math & English



Class Compete – Their team has spent over 15 years providing educational support services to K-12 schools nationwide. In this time, they engaged in after school tutoring and provided services to over 100,000 children in 20 different states. Through this process they know what a school looks like, how they operate and what they even smell like. It is their competitive advantage and asset to understand this effectively to help their educators, students and their parents.

In their experience, standardized testing has become more prevalent over the years, regardless of the educational system your school or state follows. It is a necessary component, however, one that causes anxiety.  They all have experienced testing un-ease and perhaps not performed to the levels we expected when a test was given.

Their founder has suffered from test taking anxiety since 5’th grade and throughout his academic, personal and professional career. Class Compete was conceived on a trek to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro where there was an excessive amount of anxiety! During this process an idea surfaced: could you make a test fun instead?

This challenge around assessments caused us to re-imagine the entire test taking process and think about visual, tactile and auditory learners. The objective became how they could use the power of tests as a learning tool both in and outside the classroom by making it so engaging that students loved it.

Enjoy their learning games and know we have dedicated their lives to improving student scores and hope you will join them in their journey!

Learning Games to Improve Test Taking Skills & Grades

Nearly 40% of students today suffer from testing unease, which can negatively impact their scores more than a full letter grade. Class Compete helps students overcome these hurdles by practicing test questions, learning time, pressure and anxiety management skills, all through the use of learning games.  The goal is to become better test takers and improve scores.

Practice Makes Perfect
How many times a week does your child practice their sport or hobby? Let them practice for tests and master concepts from the classroom.

Kids Love Games
Their cool learning video games are built with the same game engine used by your kid’s favorite apps, like Temple Run and Bad Piggies.

Scores Improve
T’ve leveraged game-based learning theory and science to help pilot study students realize DOUBLE DIGIT improvement in scores.

LessonCast – Web-based software to connect professional learning and classroom practice


The LessonCast Story

In January of 2010 Nicole Tucker Smith designed the LessonCast process to support an innovative professional development practice she invented while serving as an assistant principal in a zero-based school.

She and her engineer/marketer husband Khalid Smith built the first version of a service where teachers could create and collaborate using this new digital communication tool, a lessoncast. What sets LessonCast apart from other lesson plan or teacher sharing sites is that lessoncasts are designed to be easily absorbed, evaluated for quality, reapplied, and modified.

Lessoncasts are modeled after the compact teacher-to-teacher conversations long employed by highly effective educators. The process was designed not just to help teachers get through a particular lesson, but to improve instruction and multiply the effects of great teaching.

Effective Communities Learn in Public

Lessoncast tools accelerate the development of trusting cultures of collaboration.
–  Co-developing shared expectations for effective practices builds trust.
–  Creating concrete actionable resources as part of the professional learning process facilitates sharing of new ideas.
–  Lessoncasts provide a low-risk starting point for peer interactions, including coaching, collaboration, and observation.

Make the Implicit Explicit

The rigorous process of uncovering insights behind quality instruction helps educators see beyond what’s discernable by simply watching model lessons. Lessoncast creation promises new methodologies for acquiring and demonstrating deep understanding.

Creation as Professional Learning

The lessoncast creation process is itself a professional learning experience. As teachers explore and explain how they plan to put new ideas into practice, their learning process produces resources for other educators.

Constraints Create Clarity

Constraints built into the creation process ensure each lessoncast is a concise examination of the essentials for increasing student learning.

–  The storytelling framework structures clear communication.
–  If more than 3 minutes are needed, either the topic is too broad or the explanation is unclear.
–  Fewer design options ensure that visuals enhance communication not decoration.
–  Limiting the target audience to teachers (not students) elevates communication to focus on insights, the “why” behind effective instruction.

Learning Produces Artifacts with Real-World Significance

Lessoncasts are living learning artifacts – sharable as part of an educator’s portfolio, connected to visible improvement in classroom practice, and evidence of a community’s professional learning journey.

How Lessoncast works for teacher preparation

Course Instructors use Lessoncast to craft assignments that involve creatinge-portfolio artifacts to demonstrate mastery of teaching practices.

Assignments feature:

  • Alignment to relevant standards
  • K12 student assessment tasks
  • Video clips demonstrating classroom implementation
  • Samples of student work
  • Analysis of instruction
  • References to research and theory

How Lessoncast works for K12 school PD

Principals & instructional coaches recommend Lessoncast PD modules, aligned to a school or
district’s instructional framework, as part of post-observation feedback.

Modules include high-leverage teaching practices like:

  • Checking for understanding
  • Implementing efficient routines
  • Planning instruction to meet learners’ needs

Teaches share examples of what effective implementation of an instructional practice looks like.

Show artifacts of effective planning and professional growth.

Showbie – Most effective app for assignments and feedback in your iPad classroom.


Showbie is the fastest, easiest, and most effective app for assignments and feedback in your iPad classroom.

Assign a task to your students

Bring materials from another app, add a PDF worksheet from iCloud or Google Drive, or digitize a paper document using your iPad’s camera. Documents and instructions you’ve added to your Shared Folder are instantly distributed to all your students.

Complete and collect assignments

Students can complete assignments using Showbie’s rich annotation tools, or get creative with one of thousands of amazing iPad apps that are compatible with Showbie. Their work is automatically saved and organized in one convenient location, ready to be reviewed.

Review and provide feedback

Quickly provide rich feedback to your students with Showbie’s suite of annotation tools. Mark up their submissions with the pen tool, or pin text comments and voice notes anywhere on the page. When you’re finished marking, add a final comment or grade to the Showbie gradebook.

Your Paperless Classroom Made Simple

No more trips to the copy room, lugging around stacks of classwork, or searching for lost assignments. Showbie gives you all the tools you need to run your paperless classroom.

Take it To Go
Find all of your classwork at your fingertips and access everything you need on your iPad, iPhone or computer.

Integrate with 1000’s of Apps
Create new lessons by app smashing and send everything back into Showbie for storing and grading.

Give Rich Feedback
Use voice notes and annotations to quickly provide detailed, personalized feedback.

A Mighty Pen
Draw and write directly on documents in Showbie using a variety of colors and line thicknesses.

Text Toolkit
Add text anywhere on the page with control over font size, color and alignment.

Vide-oh Yeah
You and your students can seamlessly record and share videos. Lights, camera, action!

Make the Grade
Quickly add number or letter grades to assignments that you can easily track and export to other systems.

Perfect Portfolio
Collect your students’ best work and show evidence of their progress over time by adding to their portfolio.

Showbie for Parents
Keep parents in the loop with assignment notifications and by giving them access to their child’s portfolio.

Novare – Assessment tool to help schools measure student proficiency


Novare’s assessment platform provides teachers, administrators, parents and students a holistic view of learning. They offer a variety of perspectives to view student performance – projects, narratives, portfolios, and learning goals – so that assessments are truly authentic to each student.

Who they are

They help teachers and students organize information so the focus is on the students and deeper learning. Teachers can organize, share and reuse content. Resources are at students fingertips to help them think deeper about topics. They focus on mastery learning. Novare tracks student progress, analyzes and communicates a student’s learning to families in a holistic approach. Capturing evidence of learning and sharing with families, teachers and administrators builds a school’s culture and community.

Their Philosophy

Children are competent and capable.  Connecting criteria to performance-based or formative assessment and providing open-ended opportunities with time to reflect and revise in areas of student interest will deeply engage students. The best learning happens when students are engaged and focused on their learning. The goal is mastery, confidence, perseverance.

Guiding principles

  • Innovate : They support innovative teaching by capturing the complete learning experience. Their portfolios allows educators to focus on the whole child.
  • Educate: They promote learning through reflection and revision. Their learning goals foster improvement and growth over time.
  • Communicate: Their analytics and reports enable seamless communication and collaboration across classrooms, between teachers, administrators, and of course, families.

Product Features

  • Portfolios with Student Insights: Their portfolios do more than aggregate student work.  They facilitate multiple approaches to teaching and learning, from Competency Based Learning to Social Emotional Learning, while assessing students in all environments.
  • Learning Goals: Learning goals provide a common language with an understanding of purpose in order to promote deeper learning.  Schools may customize proficiency levels and share learning goals to facilitate a growth mindset. Their platform helps track growth over time in order to focus on learning.
  • Analytics: Information can reveal itself in different ways when analyzed and charted, which is why they developed a robust analytics and reporting feature that doesn’t just aggregate data but provides a dynamic view based on history, trends, and patterns.
  • Criteria Based Reports and a Growth Mindset: Schools need flexibility to shape their reports in order to meet the needs and expectations of their community. Their reports are customizable with graphs, narratives, tables, and are able to display student work as options to convey student learning to families.
  • Projects & More Library: Their platform helps teachers organize, share and reuse their ideas. With a simple click share your projects or use existing projects or ideas. Projects provided by Novare or shared from outside of your school have been checked for quality.
  • Student & Family Portals: Keeping students and their families connected creates community.  With Novare easily share projects, reports, or updates all in one place and provide opportunities for students to curate their own portfolios, reflect and revise to promote deeper learning.

MOBILE ART ACADEMY – Digital art courses focused in STEAM education


 MOBILE ART ACADEMY – Taking digital art to the streets!

They are passionate about bringing mobile art to the streets of the digital world.

Located in Silicon Valley, the heart of the digital universe, their goal is to empower users from toddlers to seniors, artists to scientists, and everyone in between, to explore the world of digital art using their mobile devices.

Art is fun. It opens the door to new universes. Using your mobile device to create art not only gives you a portable canvas and sketch book, it’s free of mess and the apps cost less than a cup of good coffee.

They provide services to anyone who is ready to explore the world of mobile art.

They provide online and live instructional seminars and workshops, one-on-one instruction and mobile art instruction classes that span the gamut of artistic ability, from the beginning artists taking their first steps, to experienced creators who want to explore the universe of digital art.

Their instructors are master mobile artists with a passion for empowering others to experience the joy of creating art on their mobile device.

Their Services

– Seminars
– Workshops
– Classes (Online & Onsite)
– School Programs
– Camps
– Webinars

Their Programs

  • Mobile Art Workshop

Learn to draw, sketch , paint on tablets using traditional painting skills powered by simple digital techniques. Participants learn about various art apps , styluses, digital tricks to create portraits, landscapes or still-life paintings. This program also covers techniques for enhancing digital artwork using various photo filter apps. This 3 hour action pack program finally talks about professional printing of mobile artwork and ways to publish and sell your piece.
Check out the “ipad artwork gallery”

  • iPad Animation Workshop

This program focuses on creating animations on iPad. The goal is simple – you don’t have to be a programmer, or know coding to create simple animations. All you need is an iPad and few apps. Kids, teen, adults can create simple animations for project work, school programs, practical studies and even for entertainment including personalized greetings for their friends and family. Program includes 2-D animation, Stop-Motion animation and green-screen video morphing. This program also covers professional editing of these animations using Apple’s iMovie app.

  • Art & Animation package
  • Mobile Art 101 Elective or After School Classes
  • Adult Tuition Programs
  • Online Tutoring



BetterLesson – Empowering teachers to drive their own professional learning


BetterLesson Launches PersonalizedPD Platform to Transform Teacher Learning

Their current economic and social challenges require nothing less than exceptional thinkers and creators. They need their students to be truly lit-up, ready to tackle evolving sets of novel challenges. Nothing less will do.

At BetterLesson, they believe that teachers can (and must) be this transformational force, enabling greatness for their students by modeling how to quickly and bravely Learn by Doing.

Unsurprisingly, the key to their model is personalization.

Without true personalization, there’s no way to bring genuine, active learning within reach for every teacher.

With this in mind, PersonalizedPD delivers just the right support for every teacher:

  1. Personal Learning Map: They work with teachers to develop fully individualized learning paths based on their needs and the needs of their students. They consider everything from the teachers’ experiences to their student demographics; from their self-assessed areas for growth to their school’s technology infrastructure.
  1. Just the Right Coach:  Then deliberately match each teacher with a highly-skilled coach who has the experience and content expertise to provide exactly the right support to help teachers achieve their goals. They’re like the eHarmony of teacher development (but without the awkward coffee dates).
  1. Continuous Support – On-Demand: Through the wonder of online video conferencing, teachers and coaches spend the entire school year meeting biweekly. In these meetings, coaches serve as thought partners and sounding boards, cheerleaders and counselors – providing whatever the teacher may need in the moment.
  1. Simple Process for Learning by Doing: Together, they use simple TeachCycle (Teach, Measure, Learn) method of structured experimentation to determine what works for students as quickly as possible.  Each meeting, teachers walk away energized and with specific actions to implement immediately in their classroom. The flexible nature of PersonalizedPD means that the focus of the work is always relevant.
  1. Handpicked Strategies: They’ve developed easy-to-use online tools that support teachers to access thousands of awesome strategies from Master Teachers across the country, measure the efficacy of these strategies in their own classrooms, and collect artifacts of student work. (Watch a quick screencast of the product.)
  1. A Rich, Useful Portfolio: By the end of the year, teachers have a snazzy portfolio detailing their amazing work and the effect each strategy had on student outcomes. What’s more, because each teacher’s PersonalizedPD work is tailored to meet that teacher’s individual needs and can be aligned to school initiatives, their portfolio directly supports their end-of-year evaluation and recertification needs.



Verold – Web-based tool for creating 3D, interactive simulations


Interactive 3D for Everyone

Verold Studio is a powerful online visual editor that lets you turn 3D content into interactive presentations on the web.

  1. Upload a model: Verold supports 3D content in all major transfer formats and provides plugins for many 3D creation packages.
  2. Setup materials, environment, and lighting: Setup lighting and environments. Tweak materials using our material system with physically based rendering.
  3. Add animation and interactivity: Bring your scene to life with cinematics, annotations and more using Verold’s component entity model and built-in components.
  4. Share!Share anywhere on the web using our embeddable player just like a Youtube video.

Create interactive 3D presentations that showcase your product, your artwork, or your brand. Embed the presentation anywhere on the web and view on any device.

Verold Studio Features

  • Verold Studio gives you an easy to use visual editor to create 3D projects that you can view and share across mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Publish Projects InstantlyYour project is continuously saved to the cloud, so you can instantly publish your project to the web. No more waiting weeks for app store approvals.
  • Free Project Hosting: Whether you’re on a Personal, Pro or Business account, they’ll host your projects and all your assets for free.
  • Embed and Share Easily: Post our responsive 3D player on your website, blog and share on social media. It’s just like embedding a YouTube video.

Turn any 3D file into an interactive presentation

Import 3D models and animations into Verold Studio or upload directly using their publisher plugins for Blender, 3ds Max, ZBrush, or Revit.

  • Multiple Models Per Scene: Verold supports FBX, OBJ, Collada, PLY, STL files.
  • Animation for 3D Models: Bring your models to life by importing your animations.
  • Audio and Video Assets: Easily integrate audio and video files into your projects.
  • Compatible Files Across Browsers: We convert your assets to make sure they work in all browsers.

Customize materials, environment and lighting

Right out of the box, Verold Studio makes it easy to customize your scene, while giving you the tools to customize further to get the look you want.

WeVideo – Bring video editing into your digital classroom


WeVideo is a powerful, yet easy-to-use,cloud-based collaborative video creation platform.

Student-Centered Learning for Video Editing and Technology

As a cloud-based collaborative video creation platform, WeVideo encourages student creativity, storytelling, engagement and multimodal learning. Video projects construct deep knowledge about a topic by forming skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Small-Group Collaboration Through Project-Based Learning

Students can work together in teams to develop and finalize a video project that will help them build skills for the workforce. Help encourage students achieve shared goals and grow the professional and technical skills in demand in today’s multimedia organizations.

Keeping student data private.

WeVideo is committed to protecting the privacy of students. Students and teachers share media and video projects with other members of the same multi-user account in a fully COPPA-compliant workspace.

Engage students at any skill level

Enable them to create videos to show off their creativity and imagination. Students have the ability to make creative decisions demonstrating understanding and mastery of concepts. Start with the simplified Storyboard editor and work up to the more advanced Timeline editor with video tutorials to guide you along the way.

Effortless video creation. Easy drag and drop editing mode.

Hit the ground running with the easy-to-use Storyboard editing mode. Find a variety of video themes to bring life to your images and clips. We have everything you need, all in one place.

For all of life’s milestones

Preserve your most precious memories.

Combine all of the photos and video clips from your travels, family gatheringsand special occasions and turn them into a stunning HD videos.

Personalized storytelling
Your story. Your way.Don’t get locked into a templated slideshow. Produce a fully personalized video with beautiful transitions, stylized text, narration and more.Share your best work

Download HD quality videos for free.
Post your video to popular sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or download your video
and burn it to DVD. Your friends and family will love seeing your life in motion.
Video editing wherever you are

Apps for iOS and Android.
Our easy-to-use apps are convenient and free. Don’t wait to get started on your vacation video until after vacation is over.
Get started on the app and finish on the web when you get home.


eCoach Author – Author, collaborate, publish and train, all-in-one place.

eCoach Author + LMS gives you everything you need to author, collaborate, publish and train, all-in-one place.

Powerful and easy.
Craft engaging course content in minutes using eCoach, a cloud-based authoring tool.

You don’t need training to use eCoach. Ready-made templates, an intuitive interface and a strong support base make it easy to create training content, eLearning modules, online Quizzes, or even presentations.

  • Drag and Drop: Intuitive drag-and-drop templates let you build Lessons and Quizzes straight out of the box
  • Works on Mobile Devices: Author once and content will rearrange itself for tablets and mobile devices
  • Cloud-Based Authoring: Means you don’t have to install a thing, whilst multiple authors can work together online.

Our authoring tools have all the bells and whistles you’ll need to create meaningful online content – extensive multimedia options allow you to easily embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo, or find copyright-free images using our Creative Commons search tool.
WCAG 2.0
eCoach features keyboard accessibility for those with learning disabilities. Almost all of our templates meet strict WCAG 2.0 AA adherence. We also prompt Authors to add ALT tags to all of their images!

eCoach includes flexible publishing, URL hosting and downloadable SCORM options.

eCoach Author + LMS
Combine eCoach Author with our state-of-the-art LMS to create, deliver and monitor your learning environment from a single integrated platform. Granular reporting allows you to break down every aspect of your content, from entire Courses, to standalone Lessons, to individual student/staff metrics. Access specific reports or get the key statistics at a glance with easy to interpret visuals.

Both the Author and LMS operate from the same Dashboard, allowing you to switch between content creation and management in seconds, opening the door for unparalleled collaborative opportunities and training delivery.

  • Create your Course: Craft new content with ease using the eCoach Author – no install and no expertise required, just login and start creating.
  • Customise your Campus: Add a personal touch to your online learning space with company logos, custom colour schemes and a unique subdomain.
  • Deliver your Training: Feed new content to students and staff via the integrated eCoach LMS, the smartest form of training delivery.
  • Evaluate your Metrics: Analyse your learning outcomes, check engagement rates and refine your content.

Videolicious – Empower your team to make GREAT VIDEOS automatically


Videolicious – Empower your team to make GREAT VIDEOS automatically


Hundreds of leading media brands use Videolicious to quickly makepremium-quality video productions – using only a mobile device.It’s the easy-to-use video solution for media.

Be first with breaking news and you get a huge competitive advantage. Videolicious gives journalists the automatic editing tools they need to create high-quality video in seconds and automatically upload it to your newsroom, CMS, or video publishing platform. Produce, edit, and publish a complex news package before a TV truck can even set up – so your audience can get the latest information right away.

Videolicious is the video solution for media that any journalist can use. In the field, collect key soundbites and automatically layer supporting footage to create a video accompanying a news article. Grow audience, video streams, and revenue by giving your audience the video coverage they expect. Field reporting becomes even more valuable when journalists can create exclusive multimedia content in their regular reporting workflow.

Combine press footage and photos with an expert report from your team to create a premium video series on the week’s entertainment, reviews, or events. Automatically layer newsroom reporting shots with illustrative shots and your company logos. Media outlets are generating significant revenue from selling sponsorships for this kind of in-house content.

Automatically edited video productions give your journalists a fast, easy way to tease upcoming stories, provide quick summaries, and promote your brand with video posts to Facebook and Twitter. You can also answer audience questions with quick, automatically edited premium video productions, or create compelling behind-the-scenes videos with ease.

Will the future newsroom have five microwave trucks – or 50 journalists armed with iPhones? High-quality mobile phone cameras plus Videolicious let your team create broadcast-quality news packages in seconds, to give your audience the up-to-the-minute reporting they expect. Videolicious doesn’t replace high-end video production – instead, it gives your team the flexibility and efficiency to create more content, more quickly.

Only a few big companies can afford high-end advertising and TV spots. Thousands more want to use video – but don’t have the content creation expertise or publishing outlets they need to reach an audience. With Videolicious, your ad sales team can create premium videos for a whole new tier of advertisers – growing revenue and leveraging your existing audience. – Turn your start page into a personal dashboard


What is offers a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager, support for news feeds and a library with thousands of widgets that help you connect to popular services and custom data sources.

  • A free start portal for your school or class
  • Organize websites, videos, pictures, RSS feeds, notes, to-do’s and course materials in one place.
  • Stored in the cloud. Access your page anywhere.
  • Share with teachers, parents, students or the entire web.

Why Teacher love

  • Organize all your online educational resources in one place.
  • Create pages about specific subjects, courses and classes.
  • Encourage online collaboration between your students.
  • Discover new resources and materials shared by other teachers.

Student love

  • Use as your Personal Learning Environment.
  • One place for your course materials, your social media and your personal favorites.
  • Discover new online resources shared by other students and your teachers.

Transforia – Helps students access technology and software


Transforia helps your business. Transforia delivers the most efficent computer for business.


They use end-point security, data protection, encryption software and ITIL best practices to secure your data. Their PCs minimize exposure to malware and viruses commonly used to attack proprietary software.


Buying, imaging, securing, managing and supporting PCs is complicated and often leaves IT burdened with keeping employees productive. Transforia solves this problem for you by bringing data-center automation and DevOps strategies to PCs with minimal IT setup required.


Backing up employee data is a big challenge and often requires expensive hardware and software solutions. They require you to use a public cloud storage service like Dropbox or One Drive — or ownCloud and SpiderOak — to get the benefits of using cloud storage on your own servers, in your network, and under your control.


With a Transforia PC, moving your business applications to the cloud is easy, saves you time and money, and streamlines IT operations. Use their hardware to run thousands of web-based apps or cloud storage technologies without having to manage complex infrastructure. They ship their hardware with Firefox, Google Chrome and integrate with ownCloud cloud storage, as well as support some of the popular public cloud solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive



  •  Security and Encryption: A highly secure and intelligent operating system with full disk encryption. They protect your data and keep your PC current with the latest patches and security updates.
  •  Management: They automate the updates in the background and IT never has to manage any software. No more expensive IT labor processes or procedures to issue new PCs to your employees.
  • Helpdesk Support: They support the hardware and software that ships with their PCs. If there’s a problem with the software, they can fix it remotely, and if the hardware fails they give extras to keep your employees productive.


  • Transforia PCs are great for employees working in the office, at home or remotely.
  • Use us for high security desktop computing where data protection is a must-have. Have peace of mind when employees travel to at-risk countries with Transforia PCs.
  • Libraries, computer labs and classrooms are a perfect fit. Students and teacherscan use the pre-loaded free open source software or access applications over the web. Transforia enhances the learning experience both in the classroom and at home.
  • Have a need for a custom configuration or need an OEM partner to help deliver your software to a hardware platform? They can help you deliver custom solutions to your customers and automate the software delivery process with ease.
  • Issue our PCs to contractors or temporary employees and scale up or down as needed.

Allclasses – Search engine for both local and online courses


Allclasses makes the pursuit of learning easier, morepersonalized, and more accessible than ever before.

Allclasses is the world’s most comprehesive search engine designed to connect people everywhere to millions of online and local offline classes and experiences. From the workplace to the life-place, it helps people discover and design the best version of themselves. It is the only site that allows users to search, sort, compare, book and share millions of classes covering academics, professional and personal skills. With a focus on life-long learning, Allclasses was built on the premise that in the knowledge economy, opportunities should be open to everyone.

Built by knowledge to empower knowledge

Allclasses was founded in Boston in 2013, to address the need for an objective and intelligent tool that can help people cut through the clutter and easily evaluate classes based on access, cost, and quality.


  • Arts
  • Business & Finance
  • Communication
  • Education & Teaching
  • Health & Fitness
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Life Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Learn to Code
  • Recreation & Hobbies
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Science & Technology

BiblioNasium-Social platform to share and recommend favorite books


BiblioNasium – As a result of direct input from a stellar group of educators, librarians and classroom teachers, the site has now grown tremendously since its original conception. Part kids social network, part parent’s guide, part educator’s tool, BiblioNasium blends technology with personal connection to create a supportive, engaging space for reading success.

They use the metaphor of a gymnasium because they believe in and foster through our website, the importance of Discipline, Practice, Goal Setting, and Rewards in achieving success.

Experts agree that community and consistency can be powerful in helping children become better, more passionate readers. Their mission is to instill good reading habits at a young age; to promote reading as a social activity, and to connect kids, parents and teachers to create a virtual “reading village.” They invite you to explore the site. And hope you’ll join them in a great book.

Take a Tour

Check out our site.

Explore this virtual community for ages K-8.

See how our feature-rich site addresses the needs of this age group and supports independent reading


Raise your kid’s reading bar!

Find books appropriate for your child’s interests and ability.

Check class assignments and see your child’s reading list, at any time!

Their reading network is safe and secure. Your child’s privacy is our top priority


This social network is 100% kid-tested & kid-approved.

Read, Log, Win! A new winner each week.

Connect with friends & see which books are popular.

Recommend your favorites to everyone.

Build your own virtual bookshelf.


Meet your digital students on their turf.

Inspire book discovery and book talk.

Students easily share book reviews and recommendations.

Effortlessly manage & monitor reading lists and reading challenges.

It’s no muss no fuss when your students’ reading logs go digital.

Books to discover & share

Check out our current top picks or search over 1.4 million books for a favorite

Biteslide – The engaging presentation tool for school


Teachers and students use Biteslide to research, create, and present school projects. They create slidebooks – an innovative blend of images, video, and text. The easiest way to get the idea is to try the demo.
They have designed Biteslide especially for teachers, students, and the teaching environment. Biteslide works really well with younger students (because it’s so easy to use), but they’ve got students of all ages using Biteslide. Biteslide is versatile and works well across the curriculum. Biteslide has powerful yet easy-to-use tools to research, create, and present school projects. They strive for simple, elegant design in everything they do.
There’s heaps of reasons to use Biteslide in your classroom, here’s the top three:

  •  Increase student engagement – as you know, engaged students learn better.
  • Improve student outcomes and develop 21st century skills.
  • Save time with seriously easyo to use teacher tools.

Biteslide is safe and secure for your students
They understand that the safety and security of your students is paramount. Everything you and your students create is kept in what is known as a ‘walled garden’. Only students and teachers that you authorise are able to access the walled garden, and content can only be published to the web with your explicit authorisation.

Nothing to install, you’ll be up and running in minutes
You’ll be able to set up everything – it’s that easy. To use Biteslide all you need is a modern web browser with Adobe Flash Player version 10 or greater installed (most computers will have this, although iPad’s don’t). A recent model computer with a good internet connection will give you the best experience.

Engage your students
When students are fully engaged, they learn better. 87% of teachers we surveyed said that Biteslide has increased student engagement in their classrooms.

Develop 21st century skills
21st century skills are increasingly important. Blend digital projects into your classroom to develop student creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

Research, create, and present
Using different tools in your school projects can be confusing for students and difficult to manage. Biteslide makes it a breeze to run your projects from start to finish.

It’s easy to use
Digital tools can often be complex – Biteslide is incredibly easy to use. You can focus on the teaching and your students on the learning.

Flexible school projects
You know the best way to run your school projects. Biteslide gives you the freedom and flexibility to run the projects you want, the way you want them.

Safe and secure
Student safety and security is paramount. Biteslide is a ‘walled garden’ for your students. You are always in total control and can be confident of your students’ safety.

eduBuncee – Multi-media presentation tool suitable for all ages



eduBuncee is your creation and presentation tool, simplified. It’s a fun and easy to use web-based tool that’s been helping students & educators across the world create and learn – both within and outside of the classroom.

Buncee enables you to easily bring together all kinds of content (buncee artwork, photos, videos, drawings, audio, and links) onto one digital canvas, making a cloud-based, shareable creation.

Student’s can use buncee to turn their experiences and lessons into multimedia digital stories, travel scrapbooks, research projects, and more.

Meanwhile, teachers can create interactive lessons and multimedia presentations, flip their classrooms, and send home beautiful newsletters and invitations to parents and the local community.

Teachers can manage their students’ work through a private virtual classroom where they can add students, review and grade their buncee submissions, and see the buncee assignments they have sent out to the class.

  • Just drag and drop pictures, PDF, aminationAdd all kinds of media to your digital canvas to create content that can be shared anywhere.
  • Engage Your Students: Design interactive lessons, flip your class,and easily manage students and assignmentswith the classroom organizer tool.
  • Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy: From teachers to students and students to teachers,buncee’s easy-to-use canvasis great for all grade levels.
  • Create and share from anywhere: iOS apps and a cloud-based website make creating from anywhere a breeze. Download interactive PDFs, print at Walgreens, or scan a QR code of your creation to bring your buncee offline.

Night Zookeeper – Creativity & visual arts activities designed around a magical zoo


Night Zookeeper is a digital learning tool that inspires writing through competition.

Their students were able to make a year’s worth of progress with their writing in one term, as a result of their involvement and enthusiasm for Night Zookeeper. is based around a series of magical story books. These books introduce students to a world of endless possibilities and provide the inspiration for much of the creativity that is produced by students on the website.

Write, assess and compete in a world of endless possibilities

Night Zookeeper is a digital learning tool that inspires children to create their own characters to live in a magical world

Their online world is full of drawing, writing with regular competitions for children and is optimised for use on tablets

How it works?

Students read magical stories and explore a unique, educational world

Motivate your students with a writing competition for your school

Students are inspired to produce thei rbest writing using our classroom activities alongside the online game

Easily assess student work against learning objectives and compare their progress with printable reports


Top Hat – Classroom response system for students


Top Hat – Classroom response system for students to use any mobile device for realtime assessment

Top Hat is a comprehensive teaching platform that helps professors like you easily create an interactive lecture experience.

Create an exciting one-to-one interaction in a lecture hall of many.
Connect with your students by creating your vision of the ultimate lecture experience with interactive slides, questions, customized content, videos, discussions, and polls.

Six Question Types
Top Hat offers six types of questions including multiple choice, rank answer, click on target, word cloud and more. Ask your questions in class and get instant feedback or assign them later for homework.

Top Hat’s Content Concierge Transfer Service
Top Hat will automatically transfer over all of your existing content into our platform. Plus as a Top Hat customer you’ll get access to our instructional design program, an in-house customer support team, and a dedicated account manager.

Automated Grading (finally!).
Everything you create in the platform can be automatically graded based on participation, performance, or both. Grades are tracked by student and can easily be exported into an excel file, and uploaded into your LMS.

No Hardware Needed.
Never make your students buy clickers again. Top Hat’s classroom response system is a web based app that uses computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If an Internet connection is an issue, we also have an offline version to keep your classroom connected.

TurningPoint – Classroom polling solution on multiple platforms.

TurningPoint - Classroom polling solution on multiple platforms.

Whether you’re teaching, training or presenting, TurningPoint improves the success of your learners. The easy-to-use polling software provides enhanced tools to engage with your audience and identify their understanding. TurningPoint gathers detailed reports for meaningful, decision-making data important to you and your organization.

Fulfill Your Every Need

TurningPoint is a desktop application that provides a rich product experience. Access your files online or set an offline password to have full functionality in any environment.

    One dashboard allows you to seamlessly poll in PowerPoint®, over top of any application or deliver self-paced assessments.
    Easily adapt existing content or create new content to encourage in-depth understanding of each and every learning topic.
    Collect valuable, exportable data to decipher individual, group or question understanding during sessions.

The Perfect Interactive Polling Solution
Use TurningPoint to incorporate interactive questions within PowerPoint presentations, poll your
audience on-the-fly, over top of any application or deliver self-paced surveys, evaluations and tests.

    Assess learning in the moment or issue self-paced assessments and evaluate all responses immediately.
    Engage with every participant. Gather feedback and assess understanding from both onsite and remote audiences throughout your presentation.
    Leverage short answer and essay questions that provide a deeper look at understanding and display collected data in useful ways.
    Integrate TurningPoint with existing Learning Management Systems or other learning solutions.
    Allow participants to respond with ResponseCard keypads and any web-enabled device via ResponseWare in the same environment.
    Adapt material in real-time based on participant understanding, learning styles and knowledge. Gather detailed reports to remediate on your materials’ effectiveness and analyze impact.

Decision Making Data
Analyze participant data by demographic, question, individual or aggregated over time and utilize
reports that matter most to you. All data is easily exportable for convenient, further analysis.

Upgrade Your Delivery Strategy
No matter your teaching method, TurningPoint supports a variety of proven learning theories to help enhance the delivery of your material.

Write The Word – Online writing community for high school students


Welcome to Write the World! They offer a range of tools and resources to help you create a vibrant writing community within your classroom. As educators theirselves, they understand the exciting (and challenging) task of engaging young people in the writing process. They also understand how little time teachers have when it comes to finding fresh material, developing resources, and implementing creative writing into an already packed curriculum. We’re here to help.

Create your own model…

They realize that young writers write best when they’re connected with a community and feel supported by a smaller, familiar group. At Write the World you can give your students both. An ideal platform for blended learning or a flipped-classroom, Write the World can be integrated into your classroom in many ways:


Use the Write the World platform to create a private writing group for your class, school, district, or community. By limiting membership and tailoring curriculum, a private group allows you to connect personally with students as you mentor them through the writing process. As the Group Manager, you can create prompts, rubrics, and resources for all types of writing and subject areas. In addition, you can design assignments and assessments, facilitate peer review, and access your students’ work through individual portfolios.


Connect your classroom to a global community of young writers. With members representing over 80 countries, Write the World offers your students the excitement and vibrancy of writing for a “real” audience, beyond the walls of a classroom. As Write the World members, your students can enter monthly competitions, exchange peer reviews with writers from all around the world, and respond to our weekly prompts. Access our suite of resources, and utilize the platform’s publishing and portfolio tools—all while incorporating prompts, competitions, and peer review into your curriculum.

Voki – Create your own speaking characters for education


Voki is a free collection of customizable speaking avatars for teachers and students that enhances classroom instruction, class engagement, and lesson comprehension.

Voki is an educational tool that allows users to create their very own talking character. Voki is created by Oddcast and is located in New York City.

Voki characters can be customized to look like historical figures, cartoons, animals, and even yourself! Give your Voki a voice by recording with a microphone, using our dial-in number, or uploading an audio file. Voki characters can be emailed, shared on social media, and embedded on websites!

Voki Classroom is a student assignment management system for Voki. With Voki Classroom, teachers are able to control their students’ privacy settings. Visit our Products page to see the benefits of upgrading to Voki Classroom.

Simple to Get Started

Join over two million teachers and students all over the world who have discovered the (power) of Voki. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize the look of your avatar with a click of a mouse. Simply, choose your head, clothes, and accessories. Give your Voki a voice, and then add a background. It’s that easy!

Share your Voki

What’s the fun in creating something that others can’t see? We make it easy for you to share your Voki. Send a Voki email message to your friends or post it on Facebook, Twitter or your web site or Blog. Use it for teaching and learning, or just share a whacky message.

PacDV – A small database of free audio clips organised by mood or emotion



PacDV has been producing royalty free sounds for filmmakers, sound designers, music producers, film students, and multimedia developers since 2001, and our sounds have been featured in a variety of independent films and videos, television programs, documentaries, commercials, games, radio shows, and new media projects. On this web site you find sound clips that we have decided to make available free for you to download.

PacDV This is a small database of free audio clips organised by mood or emotion such as: Warm, Loving, Serious or Lonely.

You may use the sound effects and audio clips on this web site free of charge in your video, film, audio and multimedia productions but do not re-sell or re-license the sounds to anyone else, post on a web site for download, or link directly to individual sound files. We hope you enjoy browsing our royalty free sound effects and royalty free music collection!

Sounds that doesn’t fit in the other categories.Music
All free music tracks.People
Human sound effects.

Transportation related sound effects.

Voice drops for your projects.

CamStudio – Record all screen and audio activity on your computer


CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

Here are just a few ways you can use this software:

  • You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software program
  • Or how about creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions?
  • You can create video tutorials for school or college class
  • You can use it to record a recurring problem with your computer so you can show technical support people
  • You can use it to create video-based information products you can sell
  • You can even use it to record new tricks and techniques you discover on your favourite software program, before you forget them

CamStudio can also add high-quality, anti-aliased (no jagged edges) screen captions to your recordings in seconds and with the unique Video Annotation feature you can even personalise your videos by including a webcam movie of yourself “picture-in-picture” over your desktop.

And if all that wasn’t enough, CamStudio also comes with its own Lossless Codec that produces crystal clear results with a much smaller filesize compared with other more popular codecs, like Microsoft Video 1.

You have total control over the output of your video: you can choose to use custom cursors, to record the whole screen or just a section of it and can reduce or increase the quality of the recording depending on if you want smaller videos (for emailing to people, for instance) or you can have “best quality” ones for burning onto CD/DVD.

But all of these features would be worthless if CamStudio wasn’t easy to use … fortunately that’s not the case. CamStudio can be learned in a matter of minutes and comes with a comprehensive built-in helpfile, so if you do manage to get stuck, you can simply hit “Help” and get the answers you need. – creative writing with beautiful images and carefully selected keywords

piclits-com-creative-writing-with-beautiful-images-and-carefully-selected-keywords is an educational e-learning web site that uses words and photographs to inspire users to write, express themselves, and share their work with others. The site provides a forum for creative writing, social interaction, and is an engaging teaching tool for all levels. It is FREE, fun, safe, sticky, proprietary, interactive, global…online edutainment for all.Edutainment is the act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains. In this definition, learning is the key.

They are a small team of educators who are passionate about making teachers’ lives easier while providing tools to help them do their jobs better. They believe that literacy begins with writing and reading and applies to people of all ages across the world. At,their envision a world of opportunity that is enhanced and obtainable via basic literacy skills. They are focused on WRITING, “writing to read” as we say, via the use of photography and words to stimulate learning. Without developing these basic literacy skills, the likelihood of overcoming life’s obstacles is diminished. They are an interactive “edutainment” site that engages users of all ages to help make writing and reading readily attainable skills. They are involved, engaged, and always accessible.

From The Learning Lab in Boise, Idaho…
* Every person should have the opportunity to learn to read and write, because every person matters.
* Literacy empowers people—to believe in themselves, become involved in their children’s schools, become more productive employees and be engaged in our whole community.
* Literacy strengthens resolve and resilience, so people can see brighter futures even in hard times or when living in poverty. Bottom line: Literacy creates opportunities.
* Every child deserves to be ready to succeed in school and the best predictor of that potential is one’s ability to read and write.
* 43% of people with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty.

A “PicLit” is a combination of words placed on an image to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture. It can be a caption, a sentence, a story, a paragraph, a poem, a rap, a quotation, lyrics from a song, and more. You can create a PicLit using Drag-n-Drop keywords or Freestyle.It’s pretty simple. There are two easy ways to create a PicLit. Choose one and start writing!
1. DRAG-N-DROP: Drag words from the provided list and drop them anywhere you’d like onto the image you have chosen. After you drop a word, you can choose to capitalize it or use a different form of it by clicking on the small arrow that appears.
2. FREESTYLE: Type in your own words manually below the image and they will appear on top of the photo. Make sure not to type too many words on one line or they will get cut off. You can play with the space bar to manipulate the placement of the text on the image. If you get stuck, there is a list of keywords there to help.

PicLits safe for kids to use. The site is safe and secure and proprietary. The images have all been chosen by their photo editor to be appropriate for all ages and demographics. They do not share their users’ email addresses with third parties.


PediaPhon – E-learning and m-learning with MP3 players and mobile phones!



Pediaphon is a free service by Andreas Bischoff, which generates MP3 audio files from Wikipedia articles by speech synthesis. The service was developed at the University of Hagen, Germany. These files can be played immediately in the web browser or be downloaded for later use in a MP3-Player. A podcast will be generated for each inquiry.

The Pediaphon can be attained under the address The service was realized by use of FreeSpeech, espeak, MBROLA and the MP3-Encoder LAME. It is a contribution to the WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia.

Pediaphon can be used for E- and M-learning.

  • Pediaphon
  • txt2pho
  • freephone
  • espeak
  • SVOX pico from Android
  • Polish TTS powered by Milena

The content of the generated articles is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Jing – Enhance Online Conversations – Share ideas instantly



Jing® is a computer service that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web.

Capture what you see
Capture an image of what you see on your computer screen with Jing. Simply select any window or region that you want to capture, mark up your screenshot with a text box, arrow, highlight or picture caption, and decide how you want to share it.

Record what you’re doing
Select any window or region that you would like to record, and Jing will capture everything that happens in that area. From simple mouse movements to a fully narrated tutorial, Jing records everything you see and do. Jing videos are limited to five minutes for instant, focused communication.

Send your video or screenshot
Send your screenshots and videos all over the web. As soon as you’re done with your screen capture or screen recording, it’s ready to upload to and share through IM, email, social media, and more.

How to use

Whether you’re a new or existing user, our video and written tutorials are here to help you get the most out of Jing.
Click a column heading to sort the table of tutorials. The table can be sorted by content type, category, or level. Level I tutorials have basic, core concepts while a level III tutorial is likely to be advanced. Select a tutorial below to get started.

Hott Notes – A simple, easy-to-use sticky notes software for Windows


Hott Notes – A simple, easy-to-use sticky notes software for Windows

Using the Hott Notes sticky notes program for desktop, it doesn’t take more than just a few clicks to get your ideas and priorities out onto the screen and in your face. Start using sticky notes now and you’ll wonder how your life functioned without them.

Upon downloading hott notes, you’ll be quick to see how straightforward and simple it is to use the program. Hott Notes has a lot of configuration and customization options.

They’re really easy to use and very efficient. After creating a note (which can be achieved by double clicking the tray icon), that task is also automatically added to your notebook. Your notebook is just a summary of tasks that you’ve completed or need to complete. Using this tool could really help for those of you with bad memories

Place notes on your desktop, reminding you of important events everytime you use the computer.
Create checklists to keep track of what you’ve done and what you have left to do.
Draw crazy pictures to decorate your desktop, or use your Tablet PC to write notes with a stylus. Scribble notes can be any size and stretched to your liking.
hott notes have a simple, yet pleasant interface. Choose any color, font, or translucency level for your notes. Also, create and use themes.
Editing notes is easy and non-obstructive. Just double-click the note body, edit it, and hit “Done” when you’re finished.
Managing a large number of notes is easy. A Note Manager allows you view your desktop, wastebasket, and archived notes and perform batch operations on them.

AppliTrack – Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding

AppliTrack – Find and hire great people faster.
AppliTrack Recruiting gives you control over the entire recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. From online tools that help you attract more qualified candidates to custom automated workflows that streamline communication, AppliTrack Recruiting helps you quickly and efficiently bring the very best talent into your school district


Automate each step of the recruiting process to widen your applicant pool.


Design your own screening questionnaires or integrate assessment tools like Applitrack Fit to identify the best candidates.


Manage interview scheduling, build custom questionnaires and access our library of 1,400 pre-built questions.


Enable multiple interviewers with varying levels of permission to track the hiring status of applicants across all of your district’s vacancies.


Ready to hire? Send hire recommendations through a chain of approvers and give new hires prebuilt forms to fill out online. You can also easily integrate new hire data with your other systems.


Ensure a fair and consistent hiring process and access easy audit trails by generating real-time reports in seconds.


Tableau Server – Share dashboards & data. Collaborate with governance.


Tableau Server – Data to the people. Access interactive insight from anywhere with Tableau Server

Share insight in seconds

Author dashboards in Tableau Desktop, then share them securely using Tableau Server. Let people communicate with data in a whole new way. Enable your business to find answers in minutes, not months.

Enable strong governance

Publish shared data models to the Data Server so your whole team can use them. Define data sources, add metadata, and author new calculations and data fields for everyone to use. Curate a trusted source for data—securely.

Ask new questions from anywhere

When you publish a dashboard to Tableau Server, your team can access it securely from any browser or mobile device. They can drill down and ask new questions by editing a view on the Web or on a tablet. Get answers fast in meetings, in the field and on the go.

Empower everyone to use data

Tableau Server let’s your whole team securely access interactive dashboards. When people across the organization can see and understand their own data, they solve problems and discover opportunities.

Delight IT

The Tableau platform is easy to deploy, scale, and monitor. Manage permissions, data sources and monitor usage visually. Scale up and out when you’re ready—it takes just minutes. Integrate with new and varied data sources then embed analytics throughout your company. Ease of use comes standard with Tableau.

Deploy on premise or in the cloud

Integrate Tableau into your existing data infrastructure and maximize performance. Install Tableau Server on-premise for ultimate control behind your firewall. Deploy on Public Cloud with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform to leverage your cloud investment. Or try Tableau Online for a fully hosted solution.

Doculicious – Easily create embeddable web forms that generate PDF documents


Doculicious – Easily create embeddable web forms that generate PDF documents

Digital Carpenter Pty Ltd was founded by Chris Carpenter and Yun Song, a husband and wife team who reside and work in Sydney, Australia. Previously run as a small business mainly doing consulting and development work, they incorporated in November 2008 to coincide with the launch of

Doculicious is the culmination of over 12 months design and development of an application whose goal was to allow people to create formatted, graphical documents in their browser – and make them as easy to use as filling in a web form. The underlying system was completed in July 2008, and after extensive testing we quickly set about creating solutions for specific areas of concern.

While researching the forms and templates required for another project, they came across many organisations and companies that still use static PDF files, forcing company’s clients to download, print and handwrite on it. They thought that their solution could easily be modified so that anyone could create templates and then embed them on company’s website. Not only making their lives easier, but also their customers.

So was born, and our initial idea has morphed to not only allow people to easily create documents within their site, but to give them the tools to create compelling, interactive and time saving content for themselves, and their clients and site visitors. They hope that it helps you to create a better website experience, and they would love to hear any feedback on your use, or opinions, of Doculicious.

Create a web form in minutes that generates PDF!

  • Doculicious lets you create web forms that generate PDF files.
  • Upload your existing PDF forms and Doculicious will convert them to web forms.
  • Easily design and build your forms using our web based WYSIWYG tool.
  • Get the generated PDF emailed to you or multiple custom address fields.
  • Doculicious will automatically create a web form you can embed on your site.
  • The web form will fill-in and generate a PDF file when submitted.

Here are a few ways Doculicious can help your business …

Get emailed when your forms are submitted

  • Process orders as soon as they are made.
  • Forward completed forms to the people in your company that need them.
  • Attach the PDF file or CSV to notifications for easy import into many systems.

No more handwritten forms – for you or your clients

  • Remove error prone steps in your business processes.
  • Increase sales and decrease client frustration.
  • Make it easy for people to do business with you.

Keep your visitors engaged – place editable PDF style forms within your site

  • Gather client information before they leave your site.
  • A simple copy and paste is all it takes to put forms on your site.
  • Integrate forms into your site with just a couple of easy steps.

Track, manage and process your form entries

  • Access and export all your data in multiple formats.
  • A powerful developer API provides unlimited integration potential.
  • Easily manage your forms through our simple entries search screen.

AnswerGarden – A minimal tool for maximum feedback


AnswerGarden by Richard and Sander from Creative Heroes, an Amsterdam-based creation studio. They create games such as Gluddle and toys such as DiceForChange. They designed and developed AnswerGarden theirselves and use it for creative brainstorms, in their lectures to young designers and to decide upon the name of their next game . Feel free to explore at some of the things they’ve created and say hi and follow them on Twitter for updates on AnswerGarden.

AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic feedback tool. Plant a question and invite participants to your AnswerGarden. Their answers will instantly form a growing word cloud!Feel free to use AnswerGarden for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback.

AnswerGarden has many different users: classroom, conference and corporate audiences, creative teams, online crowds, mindmappers, and more!AnswerGarden fits educational, professional and creative purposes, is standalone and embeddable, and shows thousands of answers in a glance!

Use it in the classroom as an educational tool or at work as a creative brainstorming tool. Post it in a tweet or you can embed it on your website or blog to use it as a poll or guestbook.

AnswerGarden is for anyone interested in using an easy and powerful way to get brief feedback from a group. AnswerGarden is used by teachers to establish the knowledge level of a class on a certain topic. It is used at conferences and workshops to break the ice with the audience in a fun and interactive fashion. AnswerGarden is used by creative teams for digital brainstorming sessions. People who maintain websites and blogs use it to poll their visitors in a brief and to-the-point matter.

AnswerGarden is for anyone interested in using an easy and powerful way to get brief feedback from a group. You might not want to choose AnswerGarden if you intend to do a quiz with many different questions, or if you require long, in-depth answers from your students, or if you want to formulate really long questions.
There are already alternative services for that out there and that is not what AnswerGarden is designed for.

Simply write a topic in field on the Create New AnswerGarden-page and then press the “Create”-button. If you want, you can provide a password for your garden so you can edit it later. Here you can also set your AnswerGarden to a specific mode. You can always change the mode later, as long as you provide a password. Your AnswerGarden is then created and ready for use!


KingKong Capture – Capture onscreen image fast and easy!


KingKong Capture – Capture onscreen image fast and easy!

You’ve been there before. At work, you’ve found yourself stumped at how to explain to your colleagues or boss a big idea. How about that client who is several miles and mindsets away from you? Words don’t seem to work, not even if you match them with web addresses and pictures to get your point across.

If you don’t have the luxury of having a graphics designer whipping up something in a flash or you simply don’t have the time, then King Kong Capture is your next best ally.

King Kong Capture is a free screen capture tool that allows you to capture any image on your screen from the smallest icon to the whole desktop. You can do simple edits, save your screenshots in the format of your choice, print and share.

King Kong Capture has cool and handy features to meet your quick screen capture needs:
  • Several methods to capture images: desktop, whole screen, active window, selection, object, polygon, icon or any specific size selection. Moreover, you can speed capture desktop
  • Special hotkeys for quick image capture
  • Auto save and auto print options
  • Auto saving of image captures in various supported graphic file formats (JPEG bitmap (*.jpg), TiFF bitmap (*.tif), CompuServe bitmap (*.gif), PaintBrush (*.pcx), Windows bitmap (*.bmp), Portable network graphics (*.bmp) and Targa bitmap (*.tga)
  • User-friendly main window with icons for easy access
System Requirements: The powerful King Kong Capture is lightweight on your computer and won’t slow other programs down. Installation is a breeze. The system requirements are:

  • Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Minimum 32 MB RAM
  • Minimum 3 MB Free Space

Tableau Desktop – Answer questions at the speed of thought


Tableau Desktop – Analytics anyone can use. Answer questions at the speed of thought with Tableau Desktop.

Get insight fast

Tableau is 10-100x faster than existing solutions. It’s designed to support how people think. Drag and drop on the canvas. Leverage your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly. Experience an analytics solution built for speed and ease of use.

Connect to all your data

Whether it’s in a spreadsheet, a SQL database, Hadoop, or the cloud, you can connect to any data, anywhere. Access big data with a click. Combine disparate data sources without writing code. Discover what all your data has to say.

Explore and discover

How many opportunities are hiding in your data? Tableau Desktop is a product that everyone can use to ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-guided decisions with confidence.

Tell powerful stories

Create interactive presentations. Control the narrative while allowing your audience to explore. Let your data do the talking.


ClassDojo – The simple way to build an amazing classroom community

ClassDojo - The simple way to build an amazing classroom community


ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, and students safely share wonderful classroom moments. ClassDojo – The simple way to build an amazing classroom community.

ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent classrooms by bringing teachers, students and parents closer together. Teachers use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students, and get parents engaged too. Classrooms become positive places – which means there’s no more ‘classroom management’. Just happier classrooms.

Happier students, happier classrooms!

  • Skill- and culture-building: Create a positive classroom culture by helping students build important skills, like teamwork and persistence
  • Photo and video sharing: Share a timeline of wonderful moments to let parents be a part of your classroom
  • Students love it – and so will you!: Students love how positive classrooms are with ClassDojo – and it saves teachers valuable class time, too!

Easily engage parents

  • Instant messages: Reach parents quickly and privately with direct messages
  • Announcements: Have an important update? Immediately message all parents at once
  • Photos and videos: Worth a thousand words! Parents love seeing these moments from class.
  • Translate: Instantly translate any message in up to 35 languages (parents can, too!

Getting started with ClassDojo is easy! Check out this video to learn how to set up your teacher account, add students, customize Feedback Types, view reports, and much more!

  1. Go to and click on the blue “Sign up” button
  2. Select Teacher as your account type
  3. Enter your name, email, and password
  4. Sign into your new account
  5. Click the “+ Add Your First Class” button (this will read “+ Add a Class” if you already created one class)
  6. Name your class and set the grade level
  7. Click the blue “Create My Class” button
  8. Add your student names and follow the steps to add Feedback Types, and connect parents
  9. You can now click on individual student names (or use the “Award Multiple” function to select multiple students at a time) to award feedback
  10. Click on the “Reports” tab to see Individual and whole class reports for any date range you select

ABE Systems – Track & implement student intervention


ABE Systems – Change your paradigm on behavior education 

The McKenzie Taylor Company, a leading developer of web-based intervention software, targets the need for behavioral education in school systems across the nation with ABE, the Alternative Behavior Educator. Ranging from kindergarten to high school modules, ABE provides students of all ages interactive software that emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior. Their commitment is to empower teachers and administrators with the ability to combat dropout rates, disproportionality, number of referrals, and ISS/ OSS assignments.

Control your District…

ABE collects district-wide data necessary for vertical reporting and grant applications. Automated graphs provide detailed data revealing problematic areas and areas of improvement. Gain more control with the ability to track statistics on individual schools across the district. By using ABE, your district can demonstrate the high priority placed on behavior and social education.

Save School Money…

Their simple and paperless system saves time and money by providing sequential and evidence-based interventions directly to the student. ABE alleviates the need for intensive curriculum training yet provides teachers and administration with an immediate tool for behavior correction. Address positive methods of success and improve school AYP with our organized and detailed data collection.

Engage your Students…

Designed with student success in mind, ABE places focus on behavior and social success by emphasizing its importance. Peer testimonials explain decisions and consequences to demonstrate why positive change is important. This provides at risk students the skills to help them succeed academically while altering their life path towards a brighter future.

Involve your Parents…

Their Parent Portal keeps guardians involved in student behavior at school. Student referrals and reasons for interventions can be reviewed online so reiteration can happen on home. Through data collection, such as detailed infraction records and BAT logs, Parent-Teacher Conferences more informative and successful.

Aesop – Manage teacher absences & place substitutes


Aesop – Don’t let employee absences interrupt student learning.
Studies have consistently shown that when the regular classroom teacher is absent, student learning suffers. Yet most districts continue to struggle with managing employee absences and ensuring a qualified substitute is present when necessary.
Add to that the administrative burden of managing leave requests for all employees, tracking balances, routing approvals and more — and it’s a nightmare.

With Aesop, you can easily manage employee leave and automatically schedule qualified substitutes when needed.

Absence Creation

Teachers can enter their absences over the phone or online at any time. As soon as the absence is approved, Aesop starts searching for an available, qualified substitute.

Substitute Placement

Substitutes can proactively search for available jobs online or by calling a toll-free number. Aesop also notifies qualified, available substitutes through automated phone calls and Jobulator, based on Aesop’s skill-matching tools and district preference lists.

Real-Time Visibility

Always know who’s absent, why they’re out, and who is subbing for them. Plus you can always see the status of all filled and unfilled absences across each building.

Robust Reporting

Aesop gives you instant access to the data you need in the format you need it. With Report Writer, you can drag and drop fields to create your own reports and export them into Excel and other formats.


Cartoonist – Create comic strips consisting of professional tool


With Cartoonist you can create comic strips consisting of professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text. You can also combine all this with your own images. Your comic strips will be organised into a strip with several panels, which can be viewed both on the web and printed out on paper. Cartoonist contains a wide variety of themes, each with its own content. Below you will find a brief description some of them.
When you have chosen a theme or an exercise, you get access to characters, backgrounds, props, as well as your own uploaded images and audio files in the menu on the right.

Above the main frame, you will find all available functions for your cartoon.


  • You can cut, paste, and copy elements from a frame.


  •  You will find functions for the frame.
  • You can give the frame a name or a descriptive text under Properties.  The text can be the name of the frame, or part of your story, and becomes visible when you display or print out your cartoon.
  • If you want to re-use a frame you have made, first, you select the frame you want to copy, then click Copy.
  • You can also delete a frame and create a new frame.


  • Functions for drawing are activated when you select an element to work with.
  • You can choose between several different bubbles, as well as free-hand drawing, ellipses, and squares.
  • You can arrange elements in sequence, meaning that you can add depth to your cartoon by placing elements behind or in front of each other.
  • When you have your characters and other elements in place, it can be a good idea to lock what you have done so far.  When you choose unlock, all elements will be unlocked at the same time.


  • You can work with the appearance of your text, lines, and bubbles.  You can choose thick or thin lines.  Your lines can have different line styles, and your bubbles can be in all kinds of colours andgradients.


  • You can either click on the button for expression or click on the arrow to get an overview of alternative expressions you can choose from.
  • All characters have several moods to choose from.  You can change the angle and colour of houses.  And props can be different shapes and colours.  This lets you give your strip exactly the expression you are looking for.

Tableau Online – Cloud analytics for anyone, anywhere



Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau Server
Now it’s easy for a business of any size to share insights in the cloud. Tableau Online makes business intelligence faster and easier than ever before. Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them with colleagues, partners or customers.

Skip the hardware cost and setup time
Deploy world-class business intelligence with a few clicks. No hardware required. Start with a few users, and add more when you’re ready.

Discover opportunity from anywhere
View dashboards from the office, at home or on the road. Filter and drill down using native mobile apps. Edit any existing view, from the Web or from a tablet. Ask the questions your reports didn’t anticipate.

Stay secure, by design and by default
Keeping your data secure is our top priority. Only your authorized users can interact with your data and dashboards. Use single sign-on to make security easy for your trusted users. Their expert team works around the clock to keep your data secure, while you focus on your business.

Connect to data in the cloud and in the office
Maintain live connections to Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. Connect to other cloud-hosted data sources like Salesforce and Google Analytics with scheduled refreshes. Or push data from inside your company to Tableau Online so it’s easy for your team to access. Refresh data on set schedules. Get alerts when data connections fail.

Piktochart – The most popular online photo editor in the world!


Piktochart is a web application that helps non designers create infographics.
They want to enable people to create infographics without the need of learning softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Piktochart provides the flexibility of customizing the content and look/feel of the infographic.

An editor created for your convenience

Infographics have been riding the waves of the Internet trend for the past years, and it’s not slowing down. Holding its hand is Piktochart, and holding your hand is our easy-to-use editor, created just for you. From background colors and images to inserting texts and banners, the Piktochart editor will empower you to do it within seconds.

Functional innovation

Drag-and-drop, point-and-click. No more frustrations over complicated design softwares, and no more expensive rates on hiring designers. The Piktochart’s editor gives you more room to think about designing and presenting your information.

Design flexibility

Choose over 400 professionally-designed templates from a selection of infographic, banner, report, and presentation formats. Finding a template that suits your needs is a walk in the park.

What else do You get?

  • Icons & Images: Library of over 4000 beautifully designed icons and images, all ready at your disposal.
  • Charts & Maps: Crunch data in style. Import data from a Microsoft Excel file, a Google spreadsheet, or your Survey Monkey account.
  • Ready-to-use Graphics: Editable, ready-made text frames and photo frames that effortlessly combine your text with visuals and photos.
  • High-res DownloadsDownload your infographics in glorious high definition JPEG, PNG or PDF formats.

SymbalooEDU – Manage all your resources in the cloud


SymbalooEDU is the visual resource management tool that helps educators and students organize and share the best of the web. Users save their resources in the cloud and access them from anywhere with any device. But it doesn’t stop there! With features like embedded content, group tiles and sequenced tiles, educators around the world are creating lesson plans, research assignments and personalize learning in many different ways. SymbalooEDU is used in schools to support:

1:1 Classroom

Blended Learning

Flipped Classroom


Create. Share. Discover.

Now Symbaloo has over 8 million users worldwide and offers extensive support in 5 different languages. Team Symbaloo is currently operating from two offices, one in the Netherlands and one in the USA.  The development focus is on making personalized teaching & learning easy to implement, understand and share. The latest feature – sequenced tiles – is a big step into that direction, transforming Symbaloo into a content integration platform. 

Organize & Share

Manage your favorite bookmarks and web resources, then share them with your colleagues or students!

Personal Learning Environment

Customize SymbalooEDU to create a personal learning environment that fits perfectly with your teaching style.

Lesson Plans & More

A multitude of easy-to-use features makes it easy to create tailored lesson plans for your classroom.

Clip2Net – Ultimate sharing tool – the easiest way.



Clip2Net This free service allows you to upload desktop area image or files on the web really fast such as Desktop area capture and upload, Video capture and upload, Upload image from Clipboard, Upload text documents and much more.

Instant screenshot
Upload screenshots instantly or use built-in editor to highlight important details.
Fully customizable tool
Use multiple modification tools, set up hot-keys, customize everything!
Image editor
Highlight your image with marker, arrows, notes or hide personal information with blur tool.
Cloud storagePRO
Upload files to the clip2net cloud storage or use your FTP-server. Store files for unlimited time or set desired expiration term.
Short direct linksPRO
Share an URL (ex, in your favorite Instant Messenger or social network.
Share files of any typePRO
Upload and share files of any type: images, music, video, documents, etc.

STATSILK – Automaking interactive data visualization



StatSilk develops software (desktop, web-based and mobile apps) for creating user-friendly interactive maps and visualizations using your own data and meta data. Its first product, StatPlanet, won the World Bank’s Apps for Development Competition. It automatically visualizes the entire World Bank public database of over 8000 indicators – and helped to “bring World Bank education data into the modern age”. This kick-started the development of a range of visualization products catering to different needs.

StatPlanet automatically transforms spatial data into interactive graphs and maps. You can zoom into map areas, explore different data sets, and visualize trends through both maps and graphs at the same time.

StatTrends automatically transforms any kind of data into interactive graphs. As with StatPlanet, it supports various graph types such as bar charts, time series and scatter plots.

Both products can be used to visualize your database in as little as a few minutes using the Excel-based Data Editor. Users can switch from one visualization to another, or from one data set to another, with the click of button – with many customization options along the way.

Their products can be published online, used offline, and customized on request for mobile devices.

Features for users

  • Choose your visualization
  • Select map areas or regions
  • Animate changes over time
  • Zoom into map regions
  • Hide or reveal details
  • Customize
  • Export

Features for developers

  • Automatically import data
  • Insert or design your own maps
  • Create different map types
  • Customize the appearance
  • Customize the experience

CourseKicker – A learning and collaboration network for teachers

coursekicker-a-learning-and-collaboration-network-for-teachers CourseKicker is a lesson discovery and sharing site for teachers.

Teachers are constantly seeking fresh ideas and materials to engage students. Yet they know that it can be maddeningly time consuming to find just the right lesson or project or video to fit the need. They know, because they’re teachers too.

They decided to create a place where teachers can gather and share great lessons and ideas. A place where you can share your teaching experiences and “best practices.” A place that will help you take your interactions with your students to another level, and give you more time to enjoy your teaching.

With CourseKicker you can:
– Easily and quickly find the best lesson plan for any topic
– Find great videos and other materials to enhance your lessons
-Connect with other imaginative teachers focused on your subjects, anywhere
-Share with other teachers your lessons and your ideas for creating great classroom experiences
– Follow how other teachers are approaching your topics with their students
– CourseKicker was founded with the conviction that teachers are central to a quality education. Teachers are an endless source of ideas that capture the imagination and inspire students. Their mission is to harness that inspiration to help teachers create and share great educational experiences.

21Teach – STEM Mobile Resource Library

21teach-stem-mobile-resource-library21Teach makes it easy for teachers, parents, and students to find FREE educational Apps in iTunes! Apps vetted and curated with love by educators! In a swipe of the finger–find, rate, save, share, K-12 educational apps for your classroom, home, and car. iTunes apps, games, videos, e-books, and assessments that makes it easy to find what you need for the classroom and home. 21Teach’s makes search easy to find and rate FREE apps that include world languages, social studies, arts, maker toolbox, and more, by grade, state standards, tools that help learning in the 21st Century.

Learning should not be boring and non-engaging, teachers and students deserve to enjoy learning, not just sit time! Learning is demonstrated by using mobile devices to find assessments through fun projects that are digital. 21PD makes pedagogical skills of creating classroom lesson that incorporate skills for 21st Century success, like collaboration, critical thinking, creative, and innovation while learning digital technology skills that is right for your abilities and personalized and designed for the 21st Century.

21st Century Education is…

• Teachers becoming students and students becoming teachers
• Student and teachers sharing information
• Students learning more than basic knowledge, understand, and application, they will be able to analyze, evaluate, and create.
• Students reading, writing and math skills will be delivered through the use of technology versus pen and paper
• Students will become global citizen’s that ask and answer daily questions: who, what, where, when, why and how to make decisions
• Skills like math, writing, reading, and science become webs that are interconnected by themes, real-life experiences, and project-based learning environments
• Students think in terms of the past, present, and future
• Students are motivated to learn basic skills fast, in order to master large complex problems
• Students live in the cloud to help organize their lives
• Students will have instead information about their local, digital and global communities
• The student will be part of the digital web
• Students will be prepared to go anywhere in the world and be a productive citizen

Three Ring – The first Student Work Platform purpose-built for education


Three Ring – The first Student Work Platform purpose-built for education

A mobile workflow designed in collaboration with teachers
– Students, teachers, and administrators can all capture evidence live from any mobile device
– Unlimited storage of video, pictures, documents and more saves space on your phone or tablet while respecting student privacy
– Organize as you go so there is never a backlog.

Three Ring puts student work at your fingertips
– Work is organized, accessible from any device, and easy to search.
– View by student, class, date, standard/content or combine fields for powerful insights.
– Zoom in to use examples for instruction, planning, or professional development.
– Give feedback and watch students grow.

Privacy by design
– Teachers and administrators control sharing to protect sensitive data.
– Parents see only what they are supposed to; work is never publicly available.
– Roles and permissions ensure an appropriate experience for every stakeholder.

ClassWallet – Easier for teachers to manage money for the classroom


ClassWallet is a virtual e-wallets platform and an e-commerce marketplace that enables teachers to receive and spend funds in one place, online. ClassWallet (developed by Kleo) was started by Jamie Rosenberg, founder of Adopt-A-Classroom, with the goal to empower teachers to bring more resources into their classrooms without having to pay for them out of their own pocket.

After creating, Jamie Rosenberg discovered a unique insight – getting funding to teachers and schools, and tracking it is much harder than it should be. Teachers don’t have the time to manage cash, checks, receipts and forms. School district and school administrators, education foundations, and PTAs spend a ridiculous amount of time reconciling paperwork and receipts even for the smallest of transactions, and stress about the audit each year.

The understanding and obsession with solving this problem is what makes us tick. They know that if they can simplify the incredibly frustrating process of solving for classroom needs, students will be smarter, and administrators and teachers will all be happier.


Disburse funds with the click of the mouse.


Easily collect funds online-no more cash and checks


No need for receipts & forms


Accurate accounting of every dollar spent

ChartsBin – Create your own interactive map


What is ChartsBin?
ChartsBin is a web-based data visualization tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create rich interactive visualizations with their own data. You can then share your interactive visualizations with others by embedding them in websites, blogs or sharing via Facebook or Twitter. They’re focused on building the most exciting and engaging destination for statisticians, and computer scientists in the world.

Who is ChartsBin for?
This site would find love among those who like stats and graphs; for anyone who wishes to see the boring research data in a refreshing way.

With, you can

  • create interactive maps online instantly! No installation required. No coding needed.
  • embed the map in your own website or blog easily (simply copy & paste HTML code, no FTP)
  • export the map as an image.
  • create choropleth and proportional symbol map.
  • create map: displaying an image inside a tooltip.
  • create map: displaying chart inside a tooltip.
  • specify different zoom levels and position.
  • support for: professional colors from
  • support for: most major map projections (Bonne, Cylindrical Equal Area, Gall-Peters, Mercator, Miller Cylindrical, Mollweide, Robinson, Sinusoidal, Van der Grinten (I), Wagner VII, Winkel Tripel, Albers Equal Area, Azimuthal Equidistant).
  • works in iPad, iPhone and other mobile device (coming soon).

NaturalReader – The Most Powerful Text To Speech Reader

NaturalReader - The Most Powerful Text To Speech Reader

NaturalReader is a text to speech software with natural sounding voices. This easy to use software can convert any written text such as MS Word, Webpages, PDF files, and eBook into spoken words. NaturalReader can also convert any written text into audio files such as MP3 or WAV. NaturalReader has many other functions, such as OCR. OCR function can convert printed characters into digital text and it is up to 99% accurate. This allows you to listen to your printed files or edit it in a word-processing program.

2-6 naturally sounding voices included
Paid Versions have a great selection of natural-sounding voices.

Convert text to speech or audio files
Turn text from Word, PDF, Webpages or eBooks into mp3 or wav files


Optical character recognition (OCR) works with your scanner to convert printed characters into digital text, which allows you to listen to it on your computer or edit it in a word-processing program.

Turn any printed documents or ebooks into speech and audio files.

BrightLoop – Tool for tracking interactions, progress, and lesson ideas for individual learners


Brightloop is a free tool that helps teachers track student comprehension according to the CCSS, add notes and lesson ideas for individual students based on their needs, and organize their planners to actually incorporate those personalized lessons into their classroom. Teachers can access Brightloop in a browser on their computer or tablet for free and immediately start adding notes on their students. As of July 9, 2014, Brightloop has beta tested their product with around five schools in New Orleans.

Simplify Parent Conferences & Report Cards
Simplify this hectic time of year with BrightLoop’s tips and tricks for having a no-stress parent conferences, collaborating with families and simplifying tracking towards report cards.

Conferring with BrightLoop: 
Perhaps you are new to Writers Workshop, or a seasoned veteran. Many of their teachers are using BrightLoop to simplify and enhance their ability to run the Writer’s Workshop in their classroom by using BrightLoop for conferring.

Reading Workshop
Learn how four BrightLoop teachers use the product during reading workshop in order to:
– Set and Track Learning Objectives
– Identify Strategy Groups
– Use Assessment Data
– Document for Conferences and Grades …

Quickly Assess Math Benchmarks
In the words of BrightLoop user Mary, “Math is more cut and dry and BrightLoop helps me to ensure that each of my students are getting what they need.” I walk around the classroom with BrightLoop open. As my students are working on the concept I just taught I open the standard I want to assess and I am able to assess them using the rubric view or writing a note on how they understand the concept.”

Create a Digital Student Portfolio – Ready for Conferences or Any Meeting
Take photos of student work on the fly and say goodbye to filing papers. Document student projects, take a photo of group work and add your comments… the ideas are endless for how you can visually bring to life a student’s day. This notes are printable in PDF form below, or you can pull them up on your tablet ready for meetings.

Teamie – positive representation of the type of learning environment


Teamie brings the power of social networking to education to make learning collaborative and fun. Teamie was founded with the idea of enhancing collaboration & sharing between students themselves, and with other stakeholders in the Education system (Teachers, Parents and Management). Teamie aims to improve the learning process by enabling teams of learners collaborate and learn from each other.

Teamie believes that multiple technologies and systems can be a drain on anyone, and especially teachers who should spend most of their precious time, guiding and coaching students. Teamie brings together the key capabilities required for learning management, social collaboration, analytics and student management into one single platform.

At Teamie, we understand that technology is not core to what an educational institute does, and hence it is unfair to expect an educational institute to spend a lot of its time, resources and money on hardware, software upgrades & maintenance. Teamie is powered by the Cloud, and delivers a safe & secure environment for learning.

Historically, Learning has been limited by the physical presence of the student & the teacher. The internet has changed that significantly, and now the Mobile revolution is changing it another notch. Teamie aims to bring education & learning anytime anywhere and on any device, so you are never too far or too late to learn something new.