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How to Build a Consistent Brand

You might have heard that branding is the key to long-term business success. These are the steps that should be taken to build a consistent brand.

Really Little Things

Longtime reader Jon Swanson has practically given away the template on how to write good life hacks. Over at the Levite Chronicles, he has a post about the

11 Facts About Smiling

Smiling is an important part of life. Check out some fascinating facts you might not know about this common facial expression.

25 Blogging Tips for Fresh Bloggers

You learn something new every day. If you are new to blogging, then check out these blogging tips to make your fresh start a successful one.

Fix Your Android Problems Like A Pro

Android problems like poor application delays and battery life can be handled with simple tricks and tools. Find out how to get your Android buddy in order!

How to Keep Your Car’s Fuel System Clean

The heating and cooling cycles of a vehicle’s engine can leave impurities like residue on the injectors. This will also make cleaning them significantly more time-consuming and difficult.

Use ChipIn to Pay as a Group

In office life, there’s the constant thrum of someone raising money through selling cookies, or collecting a few dollars for a baby shower, or a few more f

How to Find Love That Really Lasts

Being single and learning how to find love that lasts is one of the biggest struggles people have today. Though it’s not easy, there’re 5 things you can do.

Spending Money vs. Time

There are lots of services out there that will do things on your behalf. You can drop your clothes off at the laundromat to get them washed and folded for

10 Essential Hacks For Time Management

Everyone is pressed for time and needs time management hacks. Here’s how to get your work done in half the time, how to set values and goals, and much more.

5 Times When Less Is More At Work

Find out how less is more at work by adopting these simple strategies to make you more productive and allow you to leave work at 5 p.m.

55 Practical Ways To Save Money Efficiently

There are many ways to save money. As you start doing more and more ways to save money, you will find that it becomes easier as the days pass. If you are efficient and wise with your money, you can probably save thousands each year.

iPhone Data Recovery

Lost some important data on your new iPhone 7 and want to get it back? No worries, we will introduce an easy way which helps to recover data.

Secrets of an Organized Person

Appointments, papers, or other details falling through the cracks? Here are 11 ways to stay on top of your daily obligations and save your sanity.