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So, 2008 is going to be your year, right? Fame, success, self-fulfillment, money — this is the year it all comes true. And what will you keep all your mon

15 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

If you have troubles staying focused at work read here are 15 ways to help you to eliminate distraction and boost your productivity.

How To Move A Mountain

Now’s the time of year when we evaluate how we did with the past year’s goals and plan new ones for the coming year.

When Writing Tips, Think Of The User

Tom Johnson at is a technical writer by trade and shares tips for becoming better at it. However this article, like most of his writi

Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going

Quotes can be one of life’s greatest sources of inspiration. They encourage you to live your dreams and become the person you always hoped to be. Here are

5 Values of an Effective Leader

What values does a great leader live by? How can you learn to inspire, support and lead those around you for success. Empower yourself, friends and family.

12 Steps Closer to Your Ideal Work Day

What would an ideal workday look like? While there might not be a single answer across the board, all of us can relate to the fact that many of our workday

Why Productivity Won’t Make You Happy

I’m a sucker for productivity tips, they give me hope. I think it’s a hangover from school days when each September you would see me equipped with a new se

Homecooked Meals for Working Parents

Working a 9 to 5 job and then adding in the time to commute, plus having kids means very little time for parents to do much of anything, especially in hous

Overcome Insomnia in 7 Easy Steps

insomnia affects over half of Americans at least a few nights a week. Poor sleep can have severe health implications. Here are 7 ways to combat insomnia.

How To Use Gmail as your CRM

I am always surprised when I find out people are using Gmail in the browser as their primary email client, so CRM seems to be a bit of a stretch.

What Makes an Exceptional Leader?

In this adapted excerpt from Dennis N.T. Perkins new book, Leading The Edge, he provides insight on what makes an exceptional leader.

5 Ways to Learn Jargon, And Fast

Early on in my writing career, I took on a couple of articles covering project management. To put it mildly, I didn’t know a Gantt chart from a PERT chart.

How to be more productive

There is a good piece of article on how to be productive. Productivity is usually measured by what sort of things one is working on, and it is tightly coup

Is Money Killing Us?

We know money doesn’t buy happiness, but in the economic decline we are seeing more and more financial crisis suicides. Is money killing us?

Who Am I Today? The Importance of Roles

If you’re anything like me, life keeps you pretty busy. Sometimes — more often than I’d like, actually — it’s hard just to keep straight what day it is,

Back to Basics: The Tickler File

A long-time standby in the productivity realm, a tickler file is a reminder system intended to act as an adjunct to your regular calendaring and scheduling