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What Can We Learn From Children?

A lot! Although most of the time they seem like little devils, children are true angels that teach us a lot about how we can better our life. Yes, most of

How to Make Awesome Chalkboard Paint

Think chalkboards only come in handy in classrooms? Think again. You can make awesome chalkboard paint to create wipe-off writing surfaces for home use too.

8 Steps to Self-Confidence

If you’re not a confident person, you shouldn’t be. Confidence is very easy to fake, and the more you do, the easier it is to develop confidence for yourse

10 Ways to Use Infographics

Big data is one of the largest idea trends of 2013, and the biggest question surrounding it has been figuring out the best way to interpret it all.

10 Things Guys Wish All Women Knew

There are numerous pieces of writing available online to help guys understand women. However, a healthy relationship is built on sufficient mutual understa

Why Is Empathy So Important?

Empathy is the ability to understand and be aware of, co-experience the feelings and thoughts of other people, is probably one of the most important skills

The Ups and Downs of Motherhood

There’s a lot to know about motherhood; it’s not an easy job. This infographic explains some facts and challenges pertaining to new moms.

Learn Which Programming Language to Choose With This Infographic

Choosing a programming language takes a lot of consideration: what do you want to do with the language, what platforms you’re working with, and what salary range can you expect in the field, and more. This infographic gives you a ton of information about some of the more popular languages.

Daily Quote: The Way Actually Works

The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.

15 Things To Look Forward To In 2016

Get ready to plenty of sports events, prepare yourself for the astronomic phenomenon, watch your favorite TV shows, and plan to visit London in April.

8 Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Books

When reading non-fiction, the focus is on taking in information. So unlike fiction, where you want to immerse yourself in a story, non-fiction reading tech

Declutter your career

Just as you occasionally need to clean out a closet, you may also need to “clean out” your career to enable a focused and productive mindset, and to create

Get More From Conferences

I’m at BarCamp Boston, an unconference being hosted in’s headquarters. I’m surrounded by really brilliant people, mostly representing themselve

8 Tricks to Writing Quickly

Quality writing done quickly is the goal. This article will help you write quality but also write it efficiently.