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Is Gaming Good For You?

Don’t let people knock you for your gaming habit. It actually can help you think more clearly, treat psychological disorders, build up friendships and more!

How To Think Like A (Good) Lawyer

Do you wish you could think like a good lawyer? We look at ways you can work on your critical thinking and logic to help you to think like a great lawyer.

5 Steps from Idea to Business Concept

Starting a business in a new field, one you’re not currently part of, is no easy task. It can be daunting to act on an idea associated with a new business

The Silent Killers of Your Metabolism

A slow metabolism can lead to an over-weight and unhealthy body. Learn what factors affect it and how you can put your metabolic engine into overdrive.

Can Laughter Cure All Sadness?

If you can laugh, you nurture a positive side of your personality, leading to higher psychological and physical wellbeing.

Motivated Uncluttering, one of our favorites and great resource for organizing and simplifying your material life, have put together an easy motivator post for th

Hardware Hack: The Computer Cart

Okay, time to post another hardware hack demo. Wouldn’t be nice to have a movable computer cart around my house? …The table was a solution to the problem

If You Want Happiness, Do These 4 Simple Things

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.

8 Myths About Feminism Debunked

Feminism is more than the misconceptions we see everywhere, let’s get our facts right by debunking these 8 myths about feminism!

8 Ways To Save Time As The Office

Stuart Levine at MSNBC has some tips on getting more out of your working day. Time burglars beware, some of us are trying to get out at 5. 4. I got it. As

20 Cool Uses for Milk

Have some extra milk in the fridge that you don’t think you’ll finish drinking before it spoils? Try these household uses for milk and take advantage of it.

Gmail Conversation Preview Bubble

Try this! This is a new Greasemonkey script that can change your experience on Gmail. I always thought the normal conversation preview is not too useful as