ASTD Sales Training Virtual Conference Series: Successful Sales with Tracy Tibedo

In this complex world, it seems that every successful sale is complex. What I mean by a successful sale is this: you get the order, the product is delivered, and the bill is paid. For some sales this may mean a long series of demonstrations, a detailed installation, user training, and possibly a trial period. In others, a box arrives and a bill is paid. But in all sales, the sales representative is not the only one involved. Sales representatives are surrounded by team of people that must work together to ensure the entire sales process is completed. Think of the simplest sale, not only is the sales rep involved but so is order entry, shipping, accounts receivable, management, perhaps quality. With more complex sales, like those that occur where I work, there are product and market specialists involved, management, demonstration scientists, and often a dozen or more people. So how does a rep manage this network of resources? There is a real danger of wasting time with some people while not spending enough time with others. What if you are one of the support people, perhaps a product specialist? There will be some sales representatives you need to spend a lot of time with, maybe they are new to the company or unfamiliar with a particular product or market. Other, maybe more seasoned sales professionals, dont need as much help, if any. Product specialists are always in danger of spending time with the wrong person, which minimizes their effectiveness. In my ASTD Sales Training Virtual Conference presentation, I share with you some of the tools and tactics we use at Waters to help both sales professionals and product or market specialists maximize their effectiveness in the field by maximizing the use of their resources. Tracy Tibedo began his sales and marketing career selling radioactive chemicals for New England Nuclear (DuPont) in 1983. Since that time he has held positions in sales, sales management, product management and even regulatory affairs. With over 15 years of direct sales experience and numerous awards Tracy entered the world of sales training in 2003 and was moved to the manager slot in 2007. His group has designed award winning e-courses that help sales representatives translate complex technical details into readily understandable business benefits. Tracy has also developed several sales skills programs and has delivered these programs throughout the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Tracy earned a bachelor degree in Biology at Northeastern University. He lives with his beautiful wife, three wonderful kids and two over friendly Labrador retrieves in central Massachusetts.

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