Applied Performance Solutions: Layoff Survivors and Productivity

From Applied Performance Solutions, March 20, 2009 Contact: Grant Howard 415-945-9812 Layoff Survivors and Productivity A recent survey of workers who have survived corporate layoffs in the past six months finds that 74% feel their productivity has declined. In addition, 64% feel the same about their co-workers. The bottom line: They believe the quality of their company’s products or service has suffered because of layoffs. Diane Valenti, an expert in performance consulting, helps companies maximize their investment in human capital. “There is a whole segment of the population that I call layoff survivors,” she says. A simple process can help improve productivity: 1. Ensure the mission of each job is aligned with the company strategy. 2. Identify tasks that are essential and those that can be eliminated. 3. Confirm or develop specific, measurable quality standards. 4. Identify barriers to performance. 5. Improve morale by acknowledging the difficulties of layoff survivors. Bio: Diane Valenti has more than 20 years of experience as a performance consultant. She is president of Applied Performance Solutions, Inc., and her clients have included Genentech, Nike, and Starbucks Coffee Company. Diane is the author of “Training Budgets Step-by-Step.” She appeared in articles in Training Magazine, TD&J and Learning Circuits. In addition, she wrote a professional booklet for the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD).

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