Topic Teasers Vol. 5: Agile Sales Teams

Question: We are totally committed to agile in our production teams, but is there any way to use the agile philosophy for a sales team?

A. Agile was written by software developers, and any attempt to move it outside of that sweet spot has proven unsuccessful.

B. The agile philosophy is appropriate for any group that needs a flexible approach to providing increased value to the organization through a collaborative approach.

C. Since the Scrum methodology includes software prototyping, testing and rework, salespeople must learn enough code to experience those parts of the agile process to use it.

D. The agile philosophy is appropriate for any group that needs a step-by-step solution that can be replicated by each team in the organization to provide product consistency.

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IT and Sales Force Automation

A major reason for Sales Force Automation system implementation problems is that the two involved communities–IT and sales–view it from vastly differently perspectives. These differences have resulted in SFA systems that are rich in features and capable of doing many functions–but that are also complex and intuitive, which makes them difficult to learn and incorporate in the daily routine.

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