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Topic Teasers Vol. 5: Agile Sales Teams

Question: We are totally committed to agile in our production teams, but is there any way to use the agile philosophy for a sales team?

A. Agile was written by software developers, and any attempt to move it outside of that sweet spot has proven unsuccessful.

B. The agile philosophy is appropriate for any group that needs a flexible approach to providing increased value to the organization through a collaborative approach.

C. Since the Scrum methodology includes software prototyping, testing and rework, salespeople must learn enough code to experience those parts of the agile process to use it.

D. The agile philosophy is appropriate for any group that needs a step-by-step solution that can be replicated by each team in the organization to provide product consistency.

Sales Force Automation–Another Look

One way to push CRM forward is with sales force automation. It’s a big risk–mainly because the statistics are so grim. Here’s how to put yourself on the winning side of the SFA challenge.

IT and Sales Force Automation

A major reason for Sales Force Automation system implementation problems is that the two involved communities–IT and sales–view it from vastly differently perspectives. These differences have resulted in SFA systems that are rich in features and capable of doing many functions–but that are also complex and intuitive, which makes them difficult to learn and incorporate in the daily routine.

Managing a Presales Project: How Different Is It?

We generally talk about managing projects that were sold to our customers. But how about the management of a presales project? Is that just like managing any other project? Do we have the same constraints? Is it less stressful?

Managing Sales Projects

For many organizations, a sales cycle is a project–but virtually no one manages it that way. Why not? The answer of course is that no one views a sales cycle as a project…and that’s a mistake.

Time for Technical Sales

Think you can sell? If you’re a good technical salesperson with an impressive track record, you won’t have difficulty finding a job. This is the time to check out technical sales careers.

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Sales Training: 8 Steps

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Sales Training. Every year, businesses spend thousands of dollars on sales training programs. Whether these training sessions are taking place in-house, lead by your management team, or through outside…

How to Make a Sales Presentation (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Make a Sales Presentation. An effective sales presentation not only educates prospective customers about your product or service, but it also explains how you can meet a customer’s specific needs and help them achieve their goals….

Drive Sales with Content Marketing #Infographic

Done right, content marketing can generate three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. But in the process of planning, writing, editing and distributing our brand content, we lose sight of a very important fact- it should be boosting profits, too.

Top Ten Sneaky Retail Sales Tricks

The retail market is competitive and, at times, deceptive. I’ve worked as a salesperson, and this list of tricks that are used to get you, the customer, to

Social Psychology Sales Techniques – iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Social Psychology Sales Techniques: The findings of social psychology on customer behavior can largely help marketers and especially salesmen to identify, weigh up and convert their prospects to paying customers. Find here the 10 secrets for sales “manipulation”.

Why Introverts Make the Best Sales People

The key to being successful at sales is in understanding what needs drive your customer and how you can help them fulfill those needs. This is where being an introvert is a huge advantage

Confessions Of A Verizon Sales Rep

A former sales rep for phone compaby, Verizon, got in touch with The Consumerist to help deal shoppers get the edge whilst in the store. It’s a handy 8 ste

The Psychology of Sales Marketing and the Human Mind #infographic

Emotions and biases can and do influence our buying decisions (whether we realize it or not). A brand name, special offer, and immediate gratification can make a deal much sweeter. Eight out of 10 buying decisions we make are based on emotion. So with just 20 per cent of these decisions devoted to pure logic, it only makes sense for marketers to know the psychological factors that sway us toward a specific brand or product.