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Project Management – Best Skills

Do you have the critical skills needed to successfully manage projects from beginning to end? Use these management tips and resources to learn how to brainstorm, build a work breakdown structure, and plan and lead all stages of your project.

Project Management Insights and Career Advice – Best Skills

Project management is a growing field in the business world, offering high-paying careers across a wide range of industries. Learn the education and training you need to become a project manager, and the skills you need to be successful at working with teams and completing projects.

Study: Project Management Training Yields Significant Results

(From hr.blr.com) — Firms providing project management training to their employees say that it is a cost-effective investment. In fact, participants in a recent benchmark study reported an average 26% improvement across eight measures of project and business performance. Read more.

New Project Management Benchmark Study Confirms Value of Training Initiatives

(From Business Wire) — A new benchmark study from project management firm PM Solutions, on “The State of Project Management Training,” found that the average firm invests US $2,211 per year per employee for project management training. Multiplied across a department, division, or enterprise and this figure can swell into a major line item. Is it effective? Is it worth the expense? The results of PM Solutions’ study confirm that project management training – particularly courses that are instructor-led – is worth the investment. Firms reported an average 26% improvement across eight measures of project and business performance as a result of training initiatives. PM Solutions surveyed 262 high-level project management employees from 247 large, midsized, and small organizations in various industries including manufacturing, health care, technology, professional services, finance, and government. The primary purpose of the study was to identify factors that may lead firms to make better decisions regarding their project management training initiatives. The results point to the specific training methods used and their effectiveness, the revenue invested and the goals accomplished, and the improved business results demonstrated. “You can’t overestimate the importance that well-trained employees have to an organization – training and experience have as much or more impact as even the best technology or processes,” said Matt Light, Research Vice President at Gartner Inc., the pre-eminent advisory firm to the global information systems industry. “As enterprises grow increasingly ‘projectized,’ studies by Gartner and other industry thought leaders show that training in project management is essential to improving performance.” Read more.

Lifting Leadership and Changing Culture Through Project Management Excellence (TU113)

Project Management Excellence (PMX) is a cultural transformation using leadership development and project management to enhance already formidable skills to deliver projects. It’s more than technical training; it requires aligning leadership mindsets and building leadership skills across organizational levels, from sponsors to project managers. The mix of leadership alignment, a robust technical approach, and customized leadership development are the heart of creating both high performance and…

Designing Meaningful Iterations Using Agile Project Management and LLAMA

In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into the Agile practice of developing in short iterations. From discussing the concept with your sponsors, clients, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to planning the trajectory of your project, you’ll have an opportunity to learn from actual case studies, share ideas with colleagues, and make plans for your own work. Examples will be drawn from projects run using LLAMA, or the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach, an Agile project management process developed…

Agile Project Management for E-Learning

From ATD TechKnowledge 2017: In this session, you will learn about the Agile project management methods adapted specifically for the instructional design and development projects, xAPI and platform projects

Project Management Training

Learn how to create interactive workshops to help participants learn project management best practices that give their organizations a competitive edge.

Project Management for Trainers

Discover how to maintain a clear focus on client goals no matter how many changes they request or how many people get involved.