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TelecommutingOrganizing Your Work Space and Mind Set

So the boss has given you the okay to telecommute. Sure, you have the laptop and a phone line, but what else do you need? Well, for starters the correct mind set is vital to your success. Let’s review not only what tools you should have available to you in your home office, but also what your mind set should be in order to be successful.

Are You Working or Organizing?

Two productivity self-help books, David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” remain in the top 10 o

Organizing RSS Overload

If you feel all those RSS feeds overwhelm you, you should try this method suggested by Stephen Nipper at rethink(ip). Stephen said whenever you have new RS

My 5 Best Organizing Tricks

I’ve been away from Lifehack for a while, first running an unconference, then attending a conference, and I’ll be away a few days more to attend a funeral.

Productivity & Organizing Myths Recap

Since the beginning of the year we have looked at 10 of the top Productivity & Organizing Myths. They have been collected, examined, and refuted so tha

Reorganizing the Federal Government to Meet Today’s Challenges

The need to reduce the federal deficit and improve the efficiency of government programs has increased attention on reorganizing federal agencies and programs as a mechanism to achieve these desired results. Additionally, there is sustained interest both in changing the role and reducing the size of the federal government. The key question of any desire to reorganize government is how to better design the federal government to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Planning and Organizing Training Events

Whatever the format, satisfaction with a training program depends on how well it was conducted. And to be successful, efficient and effective organization behind the scenes is critical. This Infoline focuses on the logistical aspects that go into making a training event run smoothly and describes the knowledge, skills, and tools that organizers need to ensure a successful program. You will be able to:This Infoline also provides a job aid and numerous checklists that can be customized to ensure proper planning, organization, and communication before, during, and after the program.

Concept of Press Kit and Organizing Press Conferences

Press conferences serve the purpose of facilitating the interaction between individuals, institutions and stakeholders and society. The press being the mechanism through which these stakeholders reach out to people, press conferences are needed to bring together the transmitters and the transmission mechanism.

Principles of Organizing

The organizing process can be done efficiently if the managers have certain guidelines so that they can take decisions and can act.

Importance of Organizing Function

Organizing function helps in achieving effective administration by clarifying the authority and responsibility amongst superiors and subordinates.

Organizing Function of Management

Organizing function of management synchronizes and combines the human, physical and financial resources of the organization. All the three resources are important to achieve the desired goals.

Organizing for Innovation | Coursera

Organizing for Innovation from HEC Paris. Hello and welcome to Organizing for Innovation! You’re joining the community of learners currently enrolled in this course. We are excited to have you in the class and look forward to embarking together …

Community Organizing for Social Justice Teach-Out | Coursera

Community Organizing for Social Justice Teach-Out from University of Michigan. This Teach-Out examines core concepts of community organizing for social justice in societies that are becoming more segregated and more diverse. It provides …

How to Lock the Windows 7 Taskbar: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Lock the Windows 7 Taskbar. Locking your Windows 7 taskbar can be helpful in organizing your desktop, especially if you have taken the steps to customize the taskbar based on your preferences. Locking the taskbar will prevent it…

How to Write a Good Plot (with Examples) – BestSkills

How to Write a Good Plot. A good plot is all about organizing ideas in a way that is appealing to the reader. It is also, and more importantly, the guideline that helps the author make sure he doesn’t get lost on all of the ideas and…

Developing Agile Team Maturity

Successful agile project teams make decisions and act on those decisions; plan and schedule their own work; and take full responsibility for getting the work done. But these highly productive teams don’t just happen. They require guidance and support from team leaders, be it project managers or Scrum Masters, who modify their own behaviors as they help the team evolve into a self-organizing, independent force.

Agile Adoption: Changing Behavior by Asking the Right Questions

Successful agile development requires that people collaborate in self-organizing their own work. Being told how to do that is counterproductive, yet waiting for them to discover agile practices that work can take a very long time, perhaps forever. What’s a manager to do?

Organize Thyself

If satisfying work, not money, is the reason more people change jobs, it should be no surprise that individuals who choose their project are more productive. So-called self-organizing teams are not uncommon, but can the benefits of self-selected teams be part of a formal, broader approach to better project management?

The Agile PMO Role

While it’s true that agile teams are cross-functional as well as self-organizing and self-managing, it is not true that there is no role for the PMO in an agile organization.

Agile Leadership

You might call the Agile Project Leadership Network the “anti-organization” organization. When the nonprofit group was born nearly two years ago, its dozen or so founders didn’t want to create a huge, self-organizing central body. And they certainly didn’t want to launch yet another manifesto into the world of project management.

Team Transitions

The evolution (and de-evolution) of project teams is an ongoing process that occurs throughout the life of a project — and an organization. How can project leaders, with an eye toward the self-organizing team model, better drive these transitions to improve execution?

4 Agile Leader Lenses

Agile teams are self-organizing, and sometimes self-managing, but they still need leadership. Agile leaders create space for failure (and learning) while ensuring that individual performance is aligned with organizational goals. Four “lenses” — areas of focus — are helpful: mechanism, culture, process and motivation.

Team Balance

Self-organizing teams are a key Agile principle. Indeed, employing the collective wisdom of a team is a great way to organize around any project work, and encourages ownership. But self-organizing teams shouldn’t be randomly assembled. In part three of our series on structuring and managing Scrum-based teams, here are some factors to consider when selecting or influencing who is on the team.

Demystifying the Myths of Agile…Revisited

On a mission to debunk more agile myths, this writer arrived at the Eternal Triangle…where issues surrounding people, processes and tools awaited to challenge his thinking. Do you agree or disagree? And what are your assumptions about self-organizing and cross-functional teams?

Self Help

Beyond technical skills, success on Agile projects depends on productive self-organizing teams, according to Esther Derby, a respected consultant on teamwork, Scrum implementation and retrospective facilitation. Here, she shares some best practices for developing and supporting self-organizing teams.

The Art of Planning A Sprint

When planning a sprint, many factors will influence what works best, particularly the experience of the team in self-organizing. Here are some guidelines that can help project leaders focus the planning effort — without taking it over — and a few techniques to engage everyone and establish a shared vision.

PPM 101: Understand These 3 Ps

How do projects, programs and portfolios differ? How are they similar? And how do they interrelate in efficiently, effectively organizing and executing work that produces business benefits?

The Four Keys to Task Organization

There are hundreds of different methods to organize your never-ending project management “to do” list–and they are not all created equal. Whether the list is a page long or hundreds of rows in a project schedule, you need to have a good and efficient way of organizing your tasks.

3 Ways to Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption – BestSkills

How to Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption. Being prepared in the event of a volcanic eruption can mean the difference between life and death. More likely, it will help you protect your health and property from volcanic ash. Organizing a plan…

4 Ways to Organize Stuffed Animals – BestSkills

How to Organize Stuffed Animals. Whether displaying a childhood collection, organizing a toddlers playroom, or creating a cute display for a newborn, there are a number of ways to keep stuffed animals organized. You may build an animal…

How to Clean Up a Stream (with Pictures) – BestSkills

How to Clean Up a Stream. Streams are an important part of our ecosystem that can become polluted by garbage, which destroys natural habitat, harms wildlife, and contaminates drinking water. Organizing a stream cleanup is one way to help…

How to Organize Binders on a Shelf: 11 Steps – BestSkills

How to Organize Binders on a Shelf. When used well, binders provide an easy way to sort out the important elements of your work, school, and personal life. In addition to organizing each individual folder, storing your binders using clear,…

3 Ways to Organize Your Room – BestSkills

How to Organize Your Room. Organizing your room will make you feel more calm and in control of your own life. Going about your day will be much easier if you know exactly where everything is. You’ll not have to waste twenty minutes of…

3 Ways to Organize Your Makeup Collection – BestSkills

How to Organize Your Makeup Collection. Makeup collections can quickly get out of hand. When you are getting ready in the morning, the last thing you want is not to be able to find your favorite product among the clutter. Organizing your…

3 Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom – wikiHow

How to Organize a Small Bathroom. With a bit of careful organizing, you can make a small bathroom feel spacious and tidy. Divide your cabinet space with storage containers and baskets. Make use of every inch of wall space by hanging…

3 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom – wikiHow

How to Declutter Your Bedroom. Is your bedroom feeling cluttered, small, and untidy? Reorganizing your space is one of the best options. Once the clutter is removed your bedroom will feel more spacious, open, and become a relaxing place….

3 Ways to Level Books – wikiHow

How to Level Books. Organizing books in your classroom library by reading level can help the kids in your class choose books that are right for them. Nowadays, leveling books is easy thanks to resources like smartphone apps and online…

How to Be a Community Organizer (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Be a Community Organizer. Community organizing can be a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding career. You will have the opportunity to positively affect your community and the people in it. If you think community organizing is for…

How to Make Folders on PS3 (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Make Folders on PS3. Creating folders on your Play Station 3 can be helpful to organizing all of your information on your gaming console such as saved games and cheats. But if you have never done it before, it can be difficult. Here…

3 Ways to Chalk a Baseball Field – wikiHow

How to Chalk a Baseball Field. Whether you’re organizing an informal backyard baseball game with friends or a more serious baseball tournament, plotting out the chalk lines on your field is an important way to ensure the game is fun and…

How to Disconnect Yourself from Electronics (with Pictures)

How to Disconnect Yourself from Electronics. The Internet has absorbed the task of organizing work and social relationships and commitments. However, sometimes your online life can feel like it’s taking a toll on your waking life. If you…

How to Organize Your Home

Organizing your home can be a daunting task when the piles are overflowing, the laundry is scattered, and the office is flooded in papers. Fortunately, the

Motivated Uncluttering

Unclutterer.com, one of our favorites and great resource for organizing and simplifying your material life, have put together an easy motivator post for th

New Gmail Filter Hacks

We can make this a running discussion of uses for Gmail’s Filter feature. It’s a simple tool that makes organizing your emails a breeze, and importantly, a

Free Your Mind with XMind

Mind-mapping is a popular tool for brainstorming ideas, outlining projects, and organizing information. While some people feel most comfortable mind-mappin

Visualize Your Commitments

Taking on a new job is a great time to spot-check the power of your organizing and executing systems. Mine came up severely lacking (as evidenced by how fe

HiTask is My New Favorite Organizer

I have been between organizing systems for a little while. I’ve tried a bunch of things: Google Calendar, Stickies (the built in Mac program that makes lit

Dealing with Interruptions

Interruptions is one of the time killers, a Sith against your time. How do you avoid or fight interruptions? OnlineOrganizing has one tip sheet that can sh

5 Uses for a Wiki at Work

Wikis are very useful for organizing information between groups of people. If you want a really good, quick, “get up to speed” tutorial on wikis, watch thi

6 Steps to a Headache-Free Move

The thought of organizing a move can make you want to run for the hills. Use these 6 simple steps to eliminate the stress of organizing a move.

Wikis and Blogs Transforming Workflow

Sometimes email and standard content management system may decrease your employees productivity because the amount of time on organizing and managing infor

7 Google Calendar Planning Tips

Google Calendar is my choice for organizing my schedule. I don’t like Microsoft Outlook, but only because I loathe client-side applications for non-creativ

6 Steps to Plan Your Week

When it comes to organizing your week, I’m sure it feels like the weeks fly by so quickly that you can’t help but ask yourself, “What did I do last week?”