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26 Amazing B2B Content Marketing Facts and Statistics – 2015 #infographic

Content marketing is going to be more essential for the year 2015. According to a research program by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, it shows some amazing trends, facts and statistics that you need to know before planning your next content marketing strategies for the upcoming year.

Facebook Marketing vs Google Adwords #infographic

This infographic illustrates some important factors such as Pay models, targeting capabilities, ad design, cost to pay, conversion, use for, keywords, likes, demo, Avg cost, demographics, internal/external destination URL, purchase intent and sales cycle.

4 Tricks for Twitter Marketing

Today, Twitter is the best free marketing tool around. Here are 4 simple tricks to utilizing Twitter for your organization and building online audiences.

Infographic: Your Digital Marketing Road-Map

What do your website, your social media accounts and your banner ads all have in common? They are all integral parts of your digital marketing. It’s easy to focus only on each individual part without looking at the bigger picture. To help you avoid getting lost on your way to digital marketing success, Komplete has created this digital marketing road-map to keep you heading in the right direction. The importance of your website can’t be overstated. It’s your home base on the web and sets the tone for the rest of your digital assets. A great website will be user friendly, including mobile users. That means having a responsive ormobile website. It’ doesn’t stop there though, your site should also utilize landing pages to increase conversions on your products and services. These landing pages will funnel visitors in from your other digital marketing tools like social media accounts and email lists. Analytics is also an important element of a website. They will serve as a guide to help you improve your site and let you know what is working and what isn’t. While it’s important to have a mobile friendly website, it’s also important to reach out to your customers where they spend the most of their time: their mobile devices. You can do this throughappsor throughsms/text message marketing. Both allow you to reach your customers (not to mention let your customers reach you) anytime anywhere. Text message marketing also has the advantage of an extremely high open rate, 98%! That’s higher than email! Of course there are more marketing options out there, both outbound and inbound. Outbound marketing through banner ads on both desktop and mobile sites are a great way to reach more customers especially combined with your other marketing efforts. Inbound marketing techniques, including SEO, content marketing and referral marketing will bring the customers directly to you. Last but not least, is social media marketing. No matter your social network they all have the ability to benefit your bottom line. Combining social media with your content marketing and native advertising and you can draw in even more customers. Don’t get lost on the road of digital marketing. There are many stops along the way, but they all will lead you to your final destination: a successful marketing plan that drives new business your way. Infographic: Your Digital Marketing Road-Map

8 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Template #infographic

Having a social media marketing plan isn’t just about creating a Facebook page or Twitter profile and automating your company updates. There’s much more to it if you really want to make the most out of social media when it comes to effectively promoting your products or services.

Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The following infographic from OfferPop features 5 predictions for social media marketing in 2014 complied by their team after reviewing data and upcoming campaigns from the best-of-the-best brands on social media.

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing #infographic

Color has long been understood to be something which appeals greatly to our visual senses, and it is frequently a tool utilized in marketing. Countless studies have found that particular colors have their own effects on consumers, with some colors stimulating areas of the brain in ways which will either promote excitement or tranquility. In this manner, corporations and popular businesses and brands can easily target their market simply by picking the right combination of colors to visualize their marketing campaign, logo, content and website. How are you incorporating color into your website design?

Can’t-Miss Marketing: Just Ask

In the year since I started blogging, I’ve gotten a bunch of freelance writing gigs and regular jobs writing all over the Web. But, initially, no one offer

Email Marketing; Crafting the perfect Email #infographic

Email Marketing is still one of the biggest lead generators when it comes to marketing; It just doesn’t have the appeal that social media marketing has. Though, it is one of the most effective way at delivering information to a customer. This infographic will take you through various tips and techniques to make sure your Email Marketing campaign is run as smoothly as possible.

2015: #ContentMarketing Predictions From The Experts – #infographic

As 2014 comes to a close, many content marketers have been looking ahead to predict the biggest changes and trends in the industry for the coming year. To give you a better idea of what 2015 will look like, the team at Curata has compiled predictions from eight different posts on the topic. See them in below infographic.

Tools You Need For Internet Marketing In 2014 #infographic

To achieve and maintain strong rankings, your site needs to be best in class; it must offer a delightful user experience. There are some great free and paid tools that can help make your Internet marketing easier and more efficient. We have compiled a list of tools that covers most, if not all categories of Internet marketing. These tools will save time while letting you do more. This makes marketing easier, more interesting, and even more fun! Using the software outlined here will give you a competitive edge over your rivals. We hope that this infographic leads you to some new discoveries.

The World Series of Email Marketing

The players are set to hit the field in the 2012 World Series matchup between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants. In honor of the Fall Classic