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Leadership Development: The Cornerstone to Project Success

Recruiting project management talent and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges for any company. Organizations need to develop and nurture leadership traits of their project managers to keep operations running smoothly–and to achieve benefits everyone can appreciate.

Invoking the Ancients to Rescue Leadership Development

In The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership: Classical Wisdom for Modern Leaders, two accomplished professors from Long Island University, M.A. Soupios and Panos Mourdoukoutas, challenge prevailing leadership development models.

Executive Coaching: Leadership Development in the Federal Government

The federal government is suffering from a serious leadership deficit, and that deficit has only grown in recent years given the challenges facing the United States. Thats the major headline to emerge from a recent report published by the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) in conjunction with cons…

The Seven Decades of Leadership Development

The workplace has changed tremendously during the past 70 years, but the need to develop strong, capable leaders to succeed in this fast-paced work environment has remained constant.

Leadership Development: One Size Does Not Fit All

So what’s wrong? Millions of dollars are being spent annually on leadership development programs, but corporate America is in crisis, confidence in leaders is plummeting, and a recent DDI survey finds that more than one-third of all new leaders fail. What’s wrong with leadership development? “Th…

Leadership Development on the Go

James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner have created a mobile app called the Leadership Challenge Mobile Leader Tool, available for your Apple device.

Business and Leadership Development Meet Social Innovation

Launched in October 2010, World Action Teams, an international corporate volunteering firm, creates innovative executive development opportunities within emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Its mission is to develop leaders who create value for society by partnering with corporations to design and deliver discovery experiences …

STUDY: Leadership Development Programs Commonplace but Lack Meaningful Evaluation

Leadership development programs are commonplace in organizations but their effectiveness and value are generally not measured in meaningful ways according to the latest research from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and ICF International, a global professional services firm. The study, The Impact of Leadership Development Programs, derived from findings in previous research that found little credible information on how organizations measure the impact of their executive development programs. The intent of this new study was to determine what “best case” organizations do to evaluate leadership development programs (LDPs), including specific techniques used to link leadership development content to organizational metrics. The research revealed 29 evaluation techniques used by leading companies and then tested the transferability of these techniques to other organizations. Key findings of the research include: The Impact of Leadership Development Programs provides executives and workplace learning and development professionals with much needed insight into what techniques can work for their organizations and the value that can be derived from them. With such insight organizations can make informed decisions on how to tailor leadership development programs to address key organizational needs and desired outcomes and measure the impact of these programs on organizational success. A free executive summary of The Impact of Leadership Development Programs is available; the full report may be purchased from ASTD by visiting www.store.astd.org.

Stop the Insanity in Leadership Development

Leadership development programs seem to be missing the mark. Howard Prager outlines several opportunities to improve leadership development.

Practical Approaches to Leadership Development from 48 Experts

The ASTD Leadership Handbook is an exciting compilation of insights, ideas, and tools that will enable individuals, teams, and organizations to develop their leadership capabilities. This book sets itself apart in a crowded field by emphasizing leadership development and providing practical approaches to this crucial need. Elaine Biech, the trainer’s trainer, edited this substantial – yet practical – collection that contains the wisdom, philosophies, and tools of 48 leadership experts. The ASTD Leadership Handbook presents five major sections: Leadership Competencies, Leadership Development, Attributes of Successful Leaders, Contemporary Leadership Challenge, and a broader view of the leadership discussion. The list of contributing authors reads like a “Who’s Who of Leadership Gurus” and includes such greats as Jim Collins, Len Goodstein, Frances Hesselbein, Jim Kouzes, Cynthia McCauley, Jack Zenger, and many more. The accompanying website provides a wealth of more than 30 ready-to-apply tools like John Kotter’s eight-step process for managing change, Ken Blanchard’s ethics check, and Marshall Goldsmith’s mini-survey for coaching leaders. The ASTD Leadership Handbook gives readers all the insights and applications they need to thoroughly understand and practice its principles, guided by the most respected authorities on the subject. Visit the ASTD store to order your copy. The ASTD Leadership Handbook is co-published by ASTD and Berrett-Koehler Publishers. About Elaine Biech Elaine Biech is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc., an organization development firm that helps business, government, and nongovernment organizations work through large scale change. Known as the trainer’s trainer, she custom designs training programs for managers, leaders, trainers, and consultants. Biech has been in the training and consulting field for 30 years and is the author and editor of more than fifty books. She has been featured in dozens of publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Fortune magazine

New SDI Leadership Development Experience with Dr. Michael Maccoby

Carlsbad, CA – January 25, 2011 – Leadership is a relationship-one that exists in a context. Becoming a Leader We Need with Strategic Intelligence is a new program from Personal Strengths Publishing that focuses on the skills and qualities leaders need to be effective-no matter the context. This leadership development experience for senior leaders (and those who aspire to these positions) is the result of collaboration between world-renown leadership expert Dr. Michael Maccoby and Tim Scudder, President of Personal Strengths Publishing. At the heart of this program is Strategic Intelligence, the distillation of decades of Michael Maccoby’s research and practical experience as a consultant to many of the world’s largest organizations. He identified the things that leaders do to affect sustainable change in organizations. This course condenses and communicates that wisdom while the integration of SDI helps to carry that wisdom into the relationships between leaders and followers. The synergy between the concepts of Strategic Intelligence and Relationship Awareness are rooted in a common foundation; Dr. Maccoby has written or co-authored 13 books including one with Erich Fromm, whose work was a major influence on Elias H. Porter and his development of Relationship Awareness Theory. “Integrating the SDI and other works of Elias Porter into Michael Maccoby’s powerful leadership concepts has been a peak experience for me personally,” said Tim Scudder. “The integration of ideas was facilitated by the discovery of a remarkable common heritage.” Becoming a Leader We Need with Strategic Intelligence takes a systems view of developing the leadership capabilities of leadership teams. Leaders are challenged to clarify and communicate their philosophy of leadership-and of life. The course explores the fundamental relationship of the motives of leaders and followers, the four R’s of motivation and how they are colored by different Motivational Value Systems, and many more important leadership concepts. “This is the best leadership course by far,” said Betsy Chittenden, U.S. National Park Service. “And I think I’ve taken at least one course from every management trend over the last 20 years.” Michael Maccoby will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming Relationship Awareness Conference in Carlsbad, CA. Tim Scudder will present a special workshop at the ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement) conference in April of this year. A pre-print of a related article can be downloaded at http://www.leadersweneed.com/links.html Learn more. Becoming a Leader We Need with Strategic Intelligence Free Informational Webinar February 28, 2011 For more information go to: www.leadersweneed.com Or call 760-602-0086

Leadership Development: A Key Component of OPM’s New SES Office

Last Wednesday, the Director of the United States Office of Personnel Management announced the establishment of a centralized office to serve the Senior Executive Service (SES) program. OPM Director John Berry directed that program functions currently spread across multiple offices will be consolidated in order to increase efficiency and better serve agencies across the Federal government. “The Senior Executive Service fosters a large share of the innovation and talent needed to transform our government into a 21st century resource for the American public,” said OPM Director John Berry. “Fully supporting this dynamic talent pool requires the Office of Personnel Management to implement new mechanisms that maximize the potential of these executives within the Federal workforce. The establishment of a centralized SES office will increase the efficiency of our efforts to better serve Federal agencies and build a world-class workforce. ” The new Senior Executive Service office will provide the framework for Federal agencies to operate the SES program. Duties of the consolidated office will include outreach to stakeholders in the SES program, such as the Senior Executive Association and Executive Resource managers throughout the Federal government. This will include providing executive resource forums for agency executive resources specialists and leading workshops and roundtables on leadership development topics. Visit opm.gov for the full article.

Global Leadership Development? No Easy Task

New research from DDI explores whether multinational companies have the strong leadership pipelines they need to meet their future business challenges.

Global Leadership Development

global leadership, global leaders, leadership development, regional best practices

Creative Leadership Development Strategies in Tough Times

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Talent management and succession planning are more critical during tough times to avoid talent shortages when the economy improves” says Darleen DeRosa, Managing Partner of OnPoint Consulting. Rather than slashing budgets, Dr. DeRosa suggests five strategies: Companies that invest in talent will be better prepared to take advantage of the upturn when tough times are a thing of the past.

Closing the Gap in Leadership Development

(From UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School) — This whitepaper examines the knowledge, skills and abilities business leaders must have to ensure the continued success of their organizations in today’s competitive global marketplace. It will introduce HR and talent management professionals to a four-step process taught at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School to improve leadership skills and to create a leadership culture within organizations. Read the whitepaper.

Four Factors for Flawless Leadership Development

From the ATD 2015 International Conference & EXPO: Leadership remains the top talent challenge around the world. With a looming leadership shortage upon us, developing leaders is our most urgent talent development need.

Leadership Development for Sustainable Growth

In this session the speakers you will hear about Deniz Academy’s success story of adding value to business goals with integrated talent management processes, using examples of onboarding programs, leadership development programs, and others.

Leadership Development in a Cross-Cultural Organization: Case of Hyundai Motor Group China

This session will introduce the case of Hyundai Motor Group China on developing the human resources development (HRD) roadmap and the leadership training system. The HRD roadmap was built upon as a result of the HRD maturity diagnosis. Defining the current HRD state of an organization, the HRD maturity diagnosis tool gives guidance for enhancing HRD capability within an organization. The tool was composed of three dimensions of strategic human resources development: organizational learning,…

How to Fix the Leadership Development Crisis

How do you elevate your leadership development programs to world class? What best practices are needed to ensure that your leadership development initiatives are giving you the return you desire? Why are leadership development programs not effective? Hear what leading consulting firms have discovered about the crisis in leadership development, and learn the steps you can take to ensure that yours don’t meet the same fate. This session shares the five key factors you can take to ensure greater…

Disruptive Design: Leadership Development for Transforming Industries (TU105)

How do you prepare the next generation of senior executives in the midst of radical changes to your industry and your customer preferences? In this session, the panel will discuss how a company faced this challenge when it established a new initiative, called the Contour Leadership Experience, for ‘the Next 100’-key talent identified to become successors to the company’s most critical senior roles. Designed for maximum impact, the initiative prepares this group to shape the future of the…

Change the Culture? Change Leadership Development

There is substantial agreement that the objectives for ideal leadership development include acquiring self-awareness and new skills, accelerating the implementation of these skills, and then following up with long-term sustainment of those behavior changes. During this session, the speaker will take a broad look at leadership development and identify specific content and methodologies that the best organizations use to develop highly effective leaders. He’ll then examine how these combine to…

Leadership Development

Whether you are looking to develop your own leadership skills or those of others, this issue guides you in fostering leadership behaviors and qualities, including: knowledge, strategic thinking, communication skills, self awareness, and developing others. It includes a self-assessment form, leadership assessment diagnostic tool, and guidance on how to communicate more effectively.

Measuring the Success of Leadership Development

In Measuring the Success of Leadership Development by Patti Phillips, Jack Phillips, and Rebecca Ray, you will learn how to evaluate leadership development programs all the way to impact and ROI.

Leadership Development Basics

Leadership Development BasicsAn examination of desirable traits and competencies of leaders for the creation of effective leadership development programs.

Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Leadership Development

Leadership development in successful companies is done by a collaborative effort between the HRM function and the senior management. This article discusses the insights gleaned from recent research into the leadership development efforts of successful companies by the HRM function in partnership with existing leaders.

Leadership Development: Reinventing Management for 21st Century

Because of the compelling challenges that future leaders face, there is a need to reinvent management and transform business. The message for future leaders is that they can reconcile themselves to the fact that the future does not hold any promise or they can help to transform the world of business through proactive and visionary leadership.

Leadership Development and Performance Management

Leadership development process has evolved as a facilitative and a strategic process aiming at improving the organizational and individual performance by identifying and developing the leadership talent in a planned and integrated manner.

Introduction to Leadership Development

Leadership development involves nurturing, encouraging and mentoring prospective leaders. It is a two way process which is beneficial for both the organization and the candidate showing an inclination to be groomed as a leader.

Is Gamification Serious Enough for Leadership Development? – TATA Interactive Systems

Organizations globally grapple with developing their next line of leadership. The challenges of developing tomorrow’s leaders require a truly effective leadership development program that combines comprehensive theoretical knowledge with a practical application of concepts. Read our article on how gamification…