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Business Communications – Best Skills

Do you want to become an effective communicator? Use these small business resources to sharpen your communication and learn how to write good business plans and sales letters.

How to Break Into the Communications World

Interested in PR, marketing, or corporate communications? In the next installment of our “How to Break Into” series, we’re bringing you advice from industry insiders on how to launch your dream communications career.

Social Media Matures into Viable, Valuable Communications Tool

Recent trends in the use of social media and mobile technology have given governments fresh opportunities to engage and educate a diverse array of citizens. Sixty-nine percent of adults in the United States were using social networks as of August 2012, according to the Pew Internet and American Life. Two-thirds of them report using Facebook, 20 percent are on LinkedIn, and 16 percent are on Twitter. Figure 1 on the next page reveals that social networking use has grown among…

Yammer Workplace Communications Impact Survey Highlights Need for Improved Internal Communication

(From marketwire) — According to the first annual Workplace Communications Impact Survey, conducted online in September 2010 by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Yammer, Inc., companies still have a long way to go in improving internal communications and collaboration. This survey of 1,168 adults who are not the only person that works at their company/organization, shows that communication bottlenecks have a direct impact on employee productivity, and that the majority of employees do not feel valued by their company or comfortable sharing ideas or feedback with senior management. The survey found that most employees don’t think their company excels at internal communications. Read more.

Big Skill: Communications

At its core, the moving of information. More broadly, the ability to both express oneself effectively through various and appropriate media (writing, speaking, graphics), including understanding audience requirements, needs/pain points, and knowledge, and also effectively listening to others express themselves. Part of communication is knowing what is “in it” for the audience. All communication has a credibility component. Communication strategies often need to be created. Having a weekly open house to combat a rampant rumor mill might be critical. As organizations and teams become more distributed, ad hoc (so called “water-cooler”) communication becomes less reliable, and so formal communication technique need to be established. Picking the right genre is important. Letters have different requirements than email. In fact, the best way to trash someone’s career is to circulate a colleague’s instant-messaging comments reformatted as a letter. Videoconferencing is more formal; web-cams are more casual. Dynamically customizing the content increases effectiveness. This could be based on audience questions, or for self-paced content, providing alternative paths through the content, such as using hyper-linking. An effective communication strategy might involve having the audience do some exercises to internalize the information. This could be everything from taking notes at a lecture to playing a marketing mini-game around the release of a new soft drink or movie. Emotional associations can also be critical. Politicians use the icon of the United States flag. Computer games might tie into famous athletes or movies. Advertisements shamelessly use idealized models, professions, or roles (showing a mother buckling up her children in a minivan while talking about some new fast food product). Create a verbal label for a complicated idea, and you shape the perception of the idea. There are legal requirements for communications, especially around product recalls and shareholder information. Organizations often have different uses of Public Relations and advertising. Some communication is passive. What we wear to work or how we style our hair broadcasts our affiliations and even aspirations. Corporations choose colors and fonts carefully. Some communication strategies are malicious. Spread a lie through so many channels that it becomes thought of as a truth. An ethically-challenged leader leaks a lie to a newspaper anonymously, and then publicly refers to the article as a source of credibility. In the computer world, there are “denial of service” attacks, where many computers try to communicate with a single site in order to overwhelm and shut down the site. And again, I ask the question that no one will answer. Do you have any formal learning programs around communication? If so, to whom and how? If not, why not: a) it is not important, or b) it is really important, but we don’t do it because _____.

ASTD Communications Team Now on Twitter!

In our continuing efforts to engage with social media — taking a page from Tony Bingham’s ASTD 2009 keynote speech — ASTD’s Communications efforts are also on Twitter. Follow us @ASTDPR!

Tips in Cross Cultural Management and Communications for those Traveling Overseas

In recent decades, there has been a spurt in the instances of professionals travelling to different countries all over the world for business and work related activities. This article discusses how cultural sensitivity and cultural sensitization would go a long way in ensuring that these trips pass off without any hassles and how understanding of the culture and customs of the hosts would help smoothen matters.

Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing Communication is an integral part of any companies overall growth process. Communication is achieved through advertisement, sales promotion, public relation exercise, direct marketing and interactive marketing.

Communications Driven and Group Decision Support System

Geographical boundaries are fast diminishing at least in the business world. Organizations have teams that are geographically dispersed. In order to support fast and efficient decision making, they get custom developed communications-driven and group decision support systems. These types of DSS make it easier for every team member to access information and communicate with others in real time.

Marketing Communications – Meaning and its Process

Marketing communications is essentially a part of the marketing mix. The marketing mix defines the 4Ps of marketing and Promotion is what marketing communications is all about.

Wireless Communications for Everybody | Coursera

Wireless Communications for Everybody from Yonsei University. This course will provide an introduction and history of cellular communication systems that have changed our lives during the recent four decades and will become an essential and …

Introduction to Satellite Communications | Coursera

Introduction to Satellite Communications from Institut Mines-Télécom. How is a satellite built? How do they fly? How do they communicate and how does the network operate? You will get all the answers in this course from teachers and researchers …

Data Communications and Network Services | Coursera

Data Communications and Network Services from Cisco. Welcome to the third of five courses in the Cisco Networking Basics Specialization. Now that you know the basics of what an network is and how the devices on a network communicate with each …

8 Ways to Translate Tasks

Emails. Memos. Project descriptions. It’s not uncommon to have a stack of communications each day that we have to translate into tasks that we can actually

The 4 Types of Employee Communication

This infographic can help you better understand company and employee communications so you can better streamline communication in your own workplace.

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good

I’m a big fan of Twitter, and have been using it heavily since the outset. For those of you not yet using it, Twitter is a communications gateway that asks

Susan Nathan – The Balance – Best Skills

Susan Nathan has been writing about employee benefits for the past couple of years. She works with colleagues and clients to produce benefits pieces aimed at employees, to help them better understand what their companies offer them. Before that, she worked for a health plan, where she wrote material targeting both employers and members. There she learned about managed care. She currently works in communications at an employee benefits firm.

Allena Tapia – The Balance – Best Skills

Freelance marketing and communications consultant in Lansing, Michigan: writer Allena Tapia. Provides professional marketing, communications, editorial, freelance writing, and translation through GardenWall Publications. Specializes in social justice, education writing, Latino audiences, and health/medical subjects.

7 Economical Small Business CRM Tools – Best Skills

What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and why might your business benefit from one? A CRM manages all the various interactions with leads, prospects and customers. Each system is different, but most track various inbound and outbound communications, automate sales actives and manage marketing. The overall goal of these tools is to promote efficiency within an organization and reduce costs. Listed below is a collection of CRM tools well suited for the small business.

Staffing Your Office – Best Skills

The heartbeat of the office is the people: They determine if the office will function efficiently. Learn how to find the best people for the job, as well as the planning and communications you need to ensure that the work is being done efficiently.

10 Jobs to Check Out This Week: Writing & Editorial

Looking for a new job in publishing, journalism, or communications? Or just starting your career and want to browse what’s out there? Check out these writing and editing jobs from Mashable, NPR, and more.

Disaster Recovery: Crisis Communication 101

When a lawsuit, technical glitch, or other crisis strikes your company, your first instinct is to panic. And that’s why you need to be prepared ahead of time. Learn the basics with the first installment of our crisis communications series.

Smartphone Savvy: Communication Etiquette in the Digital Age

The ability to email, surf the Internet, and text 24/7 has revolutionized communications, but it also makes it easy to ignore those in your real-life presence. Our etiquette expert weighs in on how to stay connected and professional at the same time.

The Winter Musings

New Directions Recently, The Public Managers Board of Editors met to help refresh the 2011-2012 editorial calendar. Coupled with feedback from other meetings and through online communications (What would we do without LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, GovLoop, and so forth?), we…

The Government Next Door

A partnership with Nextdoor helps cities and states target communications at the neighborhood level.