26 Basic American Sign Language Words for Beginners

How to communicate with mute or deaf people? Between 250,000 and 500,000 people use ASL (aka American Sign Language) in the US. Let's check how well you know this system of communication! You'll see pictures with different gestures. You'll have 5 seconds after you see each of them to choose the word the sign stands for. After that, you'll find out if your guess was correct! TIMESTAMPS: #1 0:41
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– If you want to say the word “dog” in American Sign Language, you need to tap your hand against your thigh as if you're calling a dog.
– If you want to ask for some milk, open and close your hand as if you're milking a cow. – If you move your hand up, this gesture will turn into the verb “to fly.” – When you want to say that you've finished something, you should twist your hands back and forth.
– If you tap your thumb to your forehead, you'll make a sign that stands for daddy.
– This sign does look like a mountain chain, but, in fact, it stands for “grandfather”! It's almost the same as the sign that means “dad,” but you need to make a double motion with your hand instead of tapping your forehead just once.
– When you want to show that you're angry, form “claws” with your hands, and position your fingertips next to your stomach. After that, pull your hands up and outward.
– The word “week” has several variations in ASL, the basic one is this: Move the index finger of your dominant hand along the palm of your nondominant hand.
– When you want to ask for candy with the use of ASL, twist the tip of your index finger near your cheek. – When you want to say that something is yellow, make the letter “Y” with your hand, and move your hand several times by twisting it at the wrist.
– When you want to say something about shoes in ASL, close your hands into fists, and then bump them together a couple of times.
– If you close your hands into fists and use your dominant hand to tap the wrist of your nondominant one a couple of times, you'll show the sign for “work.”
– If you want to show the word “sleep,” you need to flatten your palm and position it in front of your face. After that, you move it downward in the direction of your chin.
– To show the sign for a baby, you need to place your arms together as if you're cradling a little one. After that, you need to rock your arms a bit.
– When you make the letter “C” with the help of your right hand and place it on your left palm, you make the sign for “cup.”
– To say “please,” flatten your right hand, and move it in a circle over the center of your chest a couple of times. Use clockwise motions.
– To show your gratitude, place the palm of your dominant hand near your lips. Then move it forward and down in the direction of the person you want to thank.
– To say hello, you need to position your flat hand, palm facing away from you, next to your head. Then move it away to the side as if you're waving at someone. – Make a fist with your right hand, and rotate it on your chest. Make several clockwise motions. The same sign can be used for “apologize” and “regret.”
– To say “no,” you should bring your index and middle fingers together and tap them with your thumb. At the same time, you can move your head from side to side. – To say “yes,” form a fist from your hand. It should be placed at approximately shoulder height. Bob your fist back and forth while nodding your head. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz —————————————————————————————-
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