QUICK AND PERFECT EGG RECIPES Did you know that you can make a lot of tasty things in an ice cube tray? Ice cube trays could be also used in an unexpected way – to cook sushi at home. You don’t need to buy special tools to cook sushi. Check out our video and you won’t spend a lot of time and effort preparing sushi!
Firstly, boil the rice and set it aside. Cover an ice cube tray with plastic wrap. Cut slices of avocado and make the first layer, after that add shrimps, fish or any topping you like! Spread rice on top of fish and put into the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Flip tray onto a cutting board and remove plastic wrap. Share this lifehack with your friends! Eggs are one of the simplest and popular ingredients because it’s packaged in single portions, quick to cook and easy to eat at any time of day. Moreover, eggs contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that make them so healthy! Check out super easy egg recipes:
– Check out a super-fast way to make an egg sandwich in a plastic bag
– Cook egg roll for breakfast in 5 minutes
– Use a dental floss for perfect egg decoration
– Freeze eggs to keep them always on hand to bake
– The easiest way how to separate egg whites or yolks. Separate egg whites or yolks using a plastic bottle
– Cook omelet in a plastic bag. Just mix all the ingredients in plastic bag and boil
– Use grill rack to cut eggs the quickest way possible
Remember that if you want to choose the sweetest bell pepper for a salad, choose the with 4 bumps. Male bell peppers have only 3 bumps and it better to use them for cooking.
Watch our video and learn how to pomegranate, how to cut bell peppers, how to peel kiwi using glass and the best way to cut a lemon! Don’t forget to subscribe and share our awesome kitchen hacks with your friends! TIMESTAMPS:
00:09 Quick sushi recipe
04:05 Clever way to cut a lemon
05:45 How to choose bell pepper
06:50 Egg roll for breakfast
07:41 Dental floss hack
11:44 Omelet in heat resistant plastic bag —————————————————————————————-
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