Children’s Progress Academic Assessment – Provides a personalized assessment experience


Measure early childhood learning with CPAA

Help your youngest learners leap ahead—track early childhood learning with CPAA
Prekindergarten and early primary students aren’t just small versions of bigger kids—that’s why Children’s Progress Academic Assessment™ (CPAA™) provides a personalized assessment experience that supports your youngest learners’ unique developmental needs. Designed by Columbia University and MIT researchers, our adaptive skills assessment offers educators a reliable tool to guide targeted instruction for early childhood learning. In addition, CPAA offers easy-to-understand parent reports and instructional activities for the home.

  • Set skill acquisition on the right path from day one
  • Quickly identify fully and partially developed skills
  • Identify skills under development with responses to scaffolding (targeted support)
  • Benchmark against end-of-year grade level expectations
  • Dig into skill level data for native English speakers and Spanish-speaking English language learners
  • Move directly from assessment to instruction with recommended activities for the classroom
  • Extend classroom learning via parent reports and at-home activities

Discover how CPAA helps accelerate academic success

  • Mirrors 1:1 student-teacher interactions through targeted support for struggling students
  • Aligns to state and Common Core Standards, allowing you to pinpoint intervention needs
  • Provides skill-specific next steps for each child and classroom
  • Includes built-in parent reports and activities to extend classroom learning
  • Supports English Language Learners via Spanish-language version

Identify students’ needs and support their success by using CPAA as an RTI screening tool

Looking for an RTI screener for your early learners? Choose from CPAA or MAP® for Primary Grades interim assessment, a universal screener that provides the added benefit of stable growth measurement. Use CPAA up to once per month to help you target instruction for all your students.

  • Offers a unique approach to progress monitoring with built-in instructional next steps
  • Supports a highly responsive approach, even in Tier 1
  • Provides criterion-referenced performance classifications
  • 3 seasonal item banks increase in difficulty; repeated administrations use same form within season

Boost early learners’ achievement even more: pair CPAA with MPG

Amplify efforts to get all your pre-K – 3 students on the right track for third grade and beyond by pairing our two early learning assessments. MAP for Primary Grades (MPG), our interim assessment for kindergarten – grade 2 students, helps you measure growth, personalize instruction, inform your programmatic decisions, and more.


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