BRIM – Report and track bullying incidents throughout a school


From Reporting Through to Resolution and Prevention

BRIM helps you manage and track the entire process at each of your schools.

Their mission is to bring about a world where everyone can go to school without fear of being bullied.

BRIM truly can help schools better handle cases of bullying which can only lead to more happy kids.

The hardest thing for victims of bullying to do is report it.

No kid wants to be labeled a “tattle tale”, and so most victims of bullying stay silent. When they finally come forward to get help, the physical or psychological damage is already done.

Kids need to report bullying sooner, and so this is why it’s critical that reporting bullying be made as simple and confidential as possible and that both victims and bullies receive consistent, timely help.

BRIM is designed to do exactly those things: enable students to confidentially report bullying online and help schools keep track of incidents once reported.

What Happens Too Often …

  • the situation is dealt with once but little or no follow-up is done in the following weeks or months;
  • school policies for handling cases of bullying are not consistently followed;
  • immediate consequences for aggressive behaviors are not enforced;
  • all the staff needed to address the situation aren’t notified and so future incidents go unnoticed.

But with BRIM …

  • Incidents are recorded and the appropriate staff instantly notified.
  • Follow-up reminders and weekly summary emails ensure consistent, timely interventions.
  • School discipline policies can be loaded into BRIM and checked off for each reported incident ensuring consistent treatment of all incidents (checklists aren’t just for pilots and doctors anymore!)
  • Staff and teachers can login and collaborate on incidents, and BRIM keeps everybody in the loop.

How BRIM works?

  1. Reporting with BRIM
  2. Investigating with BRIM
  3. Communicate with BRIM
  4. Resolve with BRIM
  5. Prevent with BRIM
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