Remind – The end of unread printouts, sticky notes, and emails.


At Remind, teachers are the heart and soul of what they do. That’s because they believe that by making teachers’ lives easier, they empower them to personally connect with students and bring communities together to improve education.

Their vision is to connect every teacher, student, and parent in the world to improve education.

  • Teacher obsessed

Understand, empower, and delight teachers; our work starts with them.

  • Simplicity wins

Make things easy to understand and useful.

  • Find a way

Take ownership and focus on impact.

  • Be direct, considerate, and receptive

Challenge each other to be our best selves.

The end of unread printouts, sticky notes, and emails.

  • Flexible messaging

Personalize communication for all classes, small groups, and individuals.

  • Accessible communication

Send messages to any device, including SMS-only phones.

  • Safety controls

Keep contact information private and access your message history any time.

  • Simple, rich messages

Attach photos, videos, voice clips, and other files to any message.

  • Language support

Translate messages into more than 70 languages to reach every family.

  • Collaborative tools
Share class management with your colleagues.

How it work?

  • Scheduled announcements

Set reminders in advance—they’ll send automatically.

  • File attachments

Send home class photos, homework handouts, and other files.

  • Office hours

Show students and parents the best times to reach you.

  • Co-teacher support

Add other owners to your class to send announcements and manage settings.

  • Read receipts

See who’s received and read each message you send.

  • Activity planning

Coordinate field trips, t-shirt sales, and fundraisers—and collect funds online.

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