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Why school leaders choose PlayPosit

Among the changes in education, there are two particularly pressing forces: Blended learning and Common Core testing.

The Blended model–individualized, differentiated video instruction to complement in-person learning opportunities–has never had more game-changing potential with the ubiquity of tablets and computers, but it is not standardized in implementation, efficacy, and alignment to school needs.

The Common Core State Standards–computer-based summative assessment designed to standardize learning progress across states–are rolling out in most US states this year. They are rigorous and require teachers to deliver new content and students to master a new assessment environment.

Existing Challenges

It’s no surprise that implementing a whole-school, Common Core solution is hard:

  1. 1. School leaders spend a disproportionate amount of time and resources aligning whole-school blended learning approaches with new demanding Common Core criteria.
  2. 2. Teachers have varying degrees of technical comfort and necessitate access to powerful and high-quality resources for building and delivering blended content.
  3. 3. Students require a differentiated learning path with tailored feedback and preparation for Common Core testing.

PlayPosit’s Impact

They support school leaders in adopting a cost-effective, impactful blended learning model:

  1. School leaders saved time and money using PlayPosit to serve as a quick-win and accelerate whole-school alignment of blended learning with Common Core.
  2.  Teachers receive development training within and throughout PlayPosit, making our platform accessible to all technical levels. PlayPosit empowers teachers to improve their instruction and assessment skills, build on existing Common Core-aligned resources, and further save time with actionable student insights.
  3.  Students benefit from an engaging and differentiated, computer-based experience, more meaningful time with their teachers, and informed, personalized feedback.

End-to-end blended learning platform

They support school leaders in implementing a cost-effective, impactful blended learning solution.

Reporting & Support

School leaders receive monthly reports digesting teacher usage, measuring student engagement, and monitoring blended efficacy. Staff receives professional development training on Blended Learning and Common Core as well as benefit from on-call support. All of their human effort is aligned with accelerating whole-school alignment.

Create & Collaborate

The creation process is straight-forward and familiar, designed to mirror a teacher’s existing workflow. Either customize one of 30,000 existing plug-n-play PlayPosit lessons or build your own aligned to Common Core. Learn more about the creation process

Assess & Plan

Teachers monitor progress in real-time so that they can quickly identify next steps for each students’ learning path: what concepts need reteaching? how will I group students in the next active learning experience? who was confused and who needs remediation?

Training & Development

PlayPosit is committed to providing teacher support. They help teachers effectively utilize PlayPosit to fit within their existing workflow and focus their energy more efficiently toward student interactions. PlayPosit provides this support via an initial webinar, a unique PlayPosit contact email, and on-going availability in the form of video conferencing or in-person/onsight collaboration.

Engage & Differentiate

Students prepare for the Common Core computer-based environment through their highly interactive learning environment.

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