Akindi – Grade multiple choice assessments using regular paper and any scanner

Akindi - Grade multiple choice assessments using regular paper and any scanner

What they do

Akindi is a web based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple choice examinations for K-12 teachers and college/university instructors. Unlike Scantron’s system that uses proprietary scanners and paper, Akindi allows users to use any scanner and any sheet of paper. This saves educators and educational institutions thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually currently spent on Scantron scanners, sheets, and maintenance.

Transforming the current system to a web based platform is the first step towards enabling further innovation in the field of class assessments.

Their Philosophy

To help build tools for educators that will help facilitate a better understanding of their students’ performance and mastery level. They believe that an incremental change in an educators performance yields exponential benefit to the students.

They also believe that the best tools are those that are simple to use and require the least amount of effort to learn. That’s why they have focused on creating tools that don’t fall too far from the existing workflow their users are used to.

Your assessment, your sheets

Select a template and customize it including pre-filling student information.

Actionable data

Pinpoint student gaps in understanding and what concepts need to be readdressed.

Immediate Feedback

Provide your students with corrected sheets to show them where they can improve.
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