Screencastify – Screen video recording for Chrome, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.


Record videos directly in Chrome

Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome. Just press record and the content of your tab, webcam or desktop is recorded. Easily create screencasts for video tutorials, record presentations etc.
Screencastify does not depend on any plugins (like Java, Flash or others), so runs on all platforms that run Chrome (Linux, Windows, OS X) or ChromeOS (Chromebooks and Chromeboxes).

Integrates with Google Drive

Screencastify can store your recordings on Google Drive, so you can access them from anywhere. This also helps to save local storage, especially on Chromebooks.
Prefer to keep your files locally? No problem! Recording happens completely locally. And at your choice, Screencastify will store your files locally.

Easy Sharing

Sharing your recordings on Youtube or Google Drive is very easy with Screencastify. Just hit upload and you will get a link to your recording on Youtube.
If your recording is already stored on Drive, publishing it to Youtube happens directly within Google’s datacenters. So it’s almost instant, even for large files.

And more

Add a webcam feed to give your recordings a personal touch. Connect an external camera or microphone. Configure keyboard shortcuts to start recording with a single keystroke.
Do you miss a feature? They are always open for suggestions.

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