VizZle – Web-Based Special Education Software For the Diverse Needs of All Learners


VizZle provides a Library of more than 15,000 lessons and the tools and media to customize them or create your own. The lessons can be tailored to any grade level, assigned to any student, and played on iPad or Android tablets, laptop or desktop computers. Data is tracked automatically. This award-winning Special Education Software is developed collaboratively with educators.

VizZle’s Library is full of ready-to-use lessons

More than 15,000 lessons, to be more specific. They are peer-reviewed, interactive, and include partner-created content including Unique Learning Systems and Star Autism Support. They also give you the tools to edit and customize their lessons, and to create your own! VizZle is perfect for all your classroom settings; group, individual, and even inclusion settings can benefit.

Use their Library to:

  • Functionally increate teacher-student ratio by engaging students and allowing for more individual attention during group work time
  • Find the ideal support for any subject or state standard and assign it to any student
  • Search for scaffolded lessons for every stage of academics including transitioning out of the classroom

Automatic Data tracking is the key!

VizZle will automatically track useful data on each lesson play: date and time the lesson was played, time it took to complete the lesson, number of questions right, and more. Add notes to any data point if more information is needed!

  • Free up teacher’s time by tracking data automatically
  • Filter data by IEP goals and objectives, dates or times, and/or username
  • Export in PDF or CSV for inclusion in IEP reports

VizZle’s Data is securely stored online so you can access from any computer. Reports on teacher usage are also available to administrators.

Based on visual learning research

VizZle was designed in collaboration with educators at The Monarch Center for Autism in Shaker Heights, Ohio and researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. The continued dedication of the Monarch Center staff as well as contributions from countless educators across the country allows ongoing growth of VizZle’s content and a broader solution for special education.

  • VizZle is founded on solid, research based principles
  • VizZle addresses 19 of the 24 evidence-based approaches that have shown to be effective through scientific research
  • Compelling research shows the benefits of visual learning for those with autism and other special needs



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