The Answer Pad – Formative & Summative Assessment for the 1:1 & B.Y.O.D. Classroom


The Answer Pad – Multi-platform BYOD student dialogue system that focuses on real-time assessments.


Interactive engages your students like never before, gathering data to pivot instruction. Feedback is the number one factor in increasing student learning.

It’s all about student engagement and timely feedback. Interactive gives you the spontaneity to engage with  your students at the time of instruction, giving them an opportunity to show what they know.

Use any of our select response polling type questions for fast feedback or polling. Use the slider response for self evaluation. Use images from the Template Gallery to take interactivity to a whole new level. Prepare ahead or use this tool spontaneously! Can’t find what you need? Then upload your own. Teachers can pre-draw on images before sending them out to students. The Portfolio tool allows teachers to capture student responses, building up digital portfolios of student work, showing growth over time.


Use your paper quizzes that you know and love but don’t spend time typing your quizzes online. Create answer keys and use The Answer Pad’s time saving solution!

The Answer Pad helps you transition from paper to digital assessment. Save yourself lots of time by using your existing quizzes, but set up The Answer Pad to grade them for you!


Immediate, cloud-based results for teachers, immediate feedback for students. Pre-loaded with Common Core Standards, but can be customized!

As soon as the students turn in their quizzes, you have access to a great selection of instant, standards-based online reports, and students get immediate feedback on their answers.

Results, item analysis, proficiency and the ability to see student work. Data at your fingertips to drive instruction. The Answer Pad reports by Common Core Standards by default, but standards can be customized to meet your needs. Class and individual student reports are available for teachers. The school version also includes school-wide and grade level reports. All reports are easy to export to your LMS.
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