AspirEDU – Uses LMS system data to track performance of individual instructors


AspirEDU’s Mission

AspirEDU helps schools help more students graduate. They analyze the data that schools already have. This allows their solutions to identify students that are most at risk of dropping out of or failing courses, and to identify the best practices that instructors use to maximize the performance of their students. Retaining more students is good for schools and even better for the students themselves.

Dropout Detective™ & Instructor Insight™

Your learning management system already contains a great deal of data that you could use to improve your school’s retention and graduation rates. AspirEDU’s solutions retrieve data on a daily basis and help you to identify your at-risk students and your best instructors. They are in the dropout prevention business and we are here to help you!

About Dropout Detective

What if you could increase your retention rate by 5%? Dropout Detective identifies students that are at risk of dropping out of or failing courses – before it’s too late to save them. They tell you which students need immediate outreach and they tell you why they are struggling.

Identify At-Risk Students

Dropout Detective looks into your LMS every night and analyzes data on every student’s performance. They do it automatically – no manual flagging necessary – and they do it every day. Grades, missing assignments, course access dates and other data allow Dropout Detective to calculate a Risk Index Score for each student across ALL courses that student is taking. This gives your advisors and instructors an easy way to find those struggling students and help them succeed.

Pro-active Retention Tools

Most schools have no way to identify struggling students until they fail or withdraw. By then, it’s too late. You need to be ahead of the game. Dropout Detective’s daily dashboards prioritize your at-risk students with red, yellow and green color-coding. Click on a student’s name and they’ll show you exactly why this student is at risk. Low grades? Missing assignments? Lack of course participation? You’ll know immediately. And they provide tools like automated emails and text messages to make you more efficient in your outreach. Instructors, advisors and others can coordinate support efforts using our Call Notes feature.

Reach Institutional Goals & Support Student Success

Strong retention rates help schools increase graduation rates, maintain tuition dollars and support accreditation. And it all starts with the success of your students. Dropout Detective gives school personnel a crystal ball to predict the success of students; today, most schools are managing retention by looking into the rear view mirror. And with more states providing public funding based on graduation rates – not enrollments – institutional success and student success are tied together like never before. Dropout Detective is the right tool to help you achieve success for your school and your students.

Custom Reports

It’s really easy to get data into your LMS – but it can be really hard to get your data out. AspirEDU understands this and can help create the right reports to keep you and your school’s senior leadership well-informed. Their solutions retrieve information every night from your LMS, so they already have most of the data you need. They’ll collaborate with you to build custom reports that give your school the content you want, in a format that works for your team. And you can access them directly from the Reports panel within Dropout Detective.  Get the right data at the right time!

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