Studyo – Students prioritize their work, submit assignments, keep track of schedule

Studyo - Students prioritize their work, submit assignments and keep track of their schedule

Studyo – Let’s prepare students for the world.

They all want students to succeed and Studyo was created with that vision in mind. In addition to being an easy to use student planner, it provides tools to help students learn to prioritize, self-manage and simply get things done.

No more dogs eating homework.

Studyo is the central hub for tasks, assignments and exams across all subjects, based on your school’s specific schedule, days and courses. It uses colors and icons to make it easy for students to know exactly what to focus on each day, week or month. And with Studyo’s unique timeline view, students can see tasks over time and plan their work accordingly. No more missed group projects. No More miscommunications with parents.

It’s time to provide students with modern tools.

The world is going digital, but classrooms still rely on existing materials and students must learn to manage both. Whether a task is on the blackboard or textbook or available via a link, Studyo can handle it and display it on it’s unique timeline, making student workload visible.

Studyo for Schools

Studyo shines when teachers use it to publish tasks, projects and exam dates directly to all their students’ planners. All with notes, photos and links to resources to support the work.

Imagine… exams, projects, due dates and more all in one place. Using Studyo for Schools, staying in the loop is much easier for everyone.

Studyo connects teachers to students and parents to their child’s school day: No more missed assignments, dates or deadlines!

How it works

  1.  Contact them: Contact them for a quote based on the number of students, and teachers who will be using Studyo.
  2. Export your data: Send them data from your school’s administrative systems (they’ll help). They will build a custom configuration for your school.
  3. Receive your code: Students enter this code and select the courses they are enrolled in. Teachers are automatically enrolled.
  4. Ask away! All your students and teachers can enjoy using the great planning tools together in the context of your school’s exact calendar and timetables, effortlessly.
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