ClassTag – Coordinate class activities & events with parents


How ClassTag Empowers

  • It’s Beautifully Simple
    ClassTag is easy-to-use and streamlines all of your parent communications and scheduling.
  • Gets Parents Motivated
    Connect with parents personally and create rewarding opportunities they can’t refuse.
  • Provides Guidance
    Effortlessly share homework, assignment dates and learning best practices with parents.

Teachers: You’re Awesome

You’re passionate, dedicated, committed.You can’t possibly give every child one-on-one support.But with parents as partners it becomes possible.

ClassTag Changes The Game

  • Family Support Is The Key To Success
  • Decades of research say it.
  • Teachers say it.
  • Users say it.

ClassTag Survey Shows Parent/Teacher Disconnect

Recently, the ClassTag team conducted research on the state of parental engagement in classrooms. This research showed that teachers understand the importance of parental engagement, but are often discouraged to encourage it. They complied the full results of our survey, and they are available for you here!

  • A supportive family was noted as more important than teacher skill and school supplies/resources in determining student success.
  • Only 25% of teachers have reported taking significant steps toward improving parental engagement in the past year.
  • Teachers estimated that more than half of their students’ parents were not fully engaged in classroom activities and progress.
  • 70% of responding teachers reported that the biggest factor in their expectations of parent support is experience with parents over the years.
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