Alma – Transforming K-12 Data into Insight.


How Alma works:

  • United data infrastructure delivers insight.
  • Intuitive user experience and designsaves time
  • Progressive tools support educational best practices

A Unified SIS, LMS, and Modern Core Data Infrastructure for K-12

Replace your disjointed, legacy K-12 system with a single, unified, modern data infrastructure platform
They replace expensive, fragmented school management software with a single, integrated cloud-based platform with no unwieldy software to install or expensive hardware to buy and maintain. In addition, their fast and flexible data migration options get schools up and running in no time.

Enjoy increased visibility to meaningful and understandable student and school-wide information.

Alma creates transparency and awareness around what is occurring at both a student and school-wide level through graphical data visualization and embedded communication tools.

Look forward to a seamless transition into progressive instructional practices.

Alma meets educators where they are today and supports strategic progress towards their goals of tomorrow.

Have more time and save more money by cutting the drag of legacy systems.

Alma saves schools and districts a significant amount of time and money by replacing disjointed, aging K-12 systems with a single, unified, modern data infrastructure and platform.

One Platform, 100s of Features

Alma simplifies school management and empowers K-12 schools and districts to achieve academic excellence and equity by modernizing their entire core information infrastructure: SIS, LMS, Communications, Student Analytics, and Data Visualization.

Most Popular Features

  • Standards-based Gradebook
  • Traditional Gradebook
  • State Reporting
  • Drag/drop Report Card Builder
  • Student Records
  • Emergency Notification
  • In-app Customer Support
  • Student & Parent Portal
  • Setup & Data Migration
  • Common Core Alignment
  • Discipline Tracking
  • Transcripts

Alma simplifies school management by bringing together administrative functions and student and classroom information in one simple, easy to use platform.

Intuitive design and search reduce the time needed to complete common tasks, so administrators can quickly and easily manage courses, classes, generate reports, and monitor the status of teacher and administrative tasks.

By integrating the functions of a traditional student information system (SIS) with the classroom tools of a learning management system (LMS), Alma eliminates duplicate systems and cuts down on the time administrators need to spend navigating multiple systems.

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