MOBILE ART ACADEMY – Digital art courses focused in STEAM education


 MOBILE ART ACADEMY – Taking digital art to the streets!

They are passionate about bringing mobile art to the streets of the digital world.

Located in Silicon Valley, the heart of the digital universe, their goal is to empower users from toddlers to seniors, artists to scientists, and everyone in between, to explore the world of digital art using their mobile devices.

Art is fun. It opens the door to new universes. Using your mobile device to create art not only gives you a portable canvas and sketch book, it’s free of mess and the apps cost less than a cup of good coffee.

They provide services to anyone who is ready to explore the world of mobile art.

They provide online and live instructional seminars and workshops, one-on-one instruction and mobile art instruction classes that span the gamut of artistic ability, from the beginning artists taking their first steps, to experienced creators who want to explore the universe of digital art.

Their instructors are master mobile artists with a passion for empowering others to experience the joy of creating art on their mobile device.

Their Services

– Seminars
– Workshops
– Classes (Online & Onsite)
– School Programs
– Camps
– Webinars

Their Programs

  • Mobile Art Workshop

Learn to draw, sketch , paint on tablets using traditional painting skills powered by simple digital techniques. Participants learn about various art apps , styluses, digital tricks to create portraits, landscapes or still-life paintings. This program also covers techniques for enhancing digital artwork using various photo filter apps. This 3 hour action pack program finally talks about professional printing of mobile artwork and ways to publish and sell your piece.
Check out the “ipad artwork gallery”

  • iPad Animation Workshop

This program focuses on creating animations on iPad. The goal is simple – you don’t have to be a programmer, or know coding to create simple animations. All you need is an iPad and few apps. Kids, teen, adults can create simple animations for project work, school programs, practical studies and even for entertainment including personalized greetings for their friends and family. Program includes 2-D animation, Stop-Motion animation and green-screen video morphing. This program also covers professional editing of these animations using Apple’s iMovie app.

  • Art & Animation package
  • Mobile Art 101 Elective or After School Classes
  • Adult Tuition Programs
  • Online Tutoring



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